Things to do in Rome

Where to Stay in Rome – First Time Tourist’s Guide

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When planning a trip to Rome, the first of the many questions that needs an answer is where to stay. Whether you want to live like a local or soak in la dolce vita (the sweet life), eat to your heart's content, or lose yourself in the history of the eternal city - there is a neighborhood in Rome to suit every pocket and preference. Take your pick!

Where to Stay in Rome - An Overview

  • For Sightseeing

  • Your First Time

  • On a Budget

  • For Nightlife

  • For Shopping

  • With Family

Where to Stay in Rome for Sightseeing - Monti 

Monti is a bustling and historical neighborhood in Rome, Italy, located between Termini Station and the Colosseum. It is close to most of the historic landmarks in Rome and is one of the oldest areas of the city with its cobblestone streets winding through ancient ruins and modern shops. The area has seen many different cultures influence it over time, making it an eclectic mix of the old and new! This vibrant area is known for its lively nightlife spot, with plenty of bars and restaurants that stay open until late into the night. 

The Best Place to Stay in Rome - Monti

Where to Stay in Rome

Monti is located in the center of the city, only a few minutes on foot from the iconic Colosseum. One of the oldest neighborhoods of Rome, Monti is a treat for the eyes, soul, and of course, the stomach. It's the perfect place to get an alfresco coffee, savour local street food, and shop for alternative fashion!

Why is Monti the Best Place to Stay in Rome?

Its central location, charming streets, great restaurants and bars, and abundance of hotels make it a great choice for any traveler. Whether you're looking for a stylish and central place to stay or a budget-friendly option, you'll be able to find it in Monti. Even if you're a tourist visiting Rome for the first time, Monti is a great neighbourhood to go explore the the city's major landmarks.

Where to Stay in Monti

Due to being close to so many of the important landmarks in Rome, this neighborhood has plenty of options to stay. Homestays, hotels, hostels for backpackers and solo travellers, you're sure to find a place suited to your needs in this lively neighborhood.

Where to Eat in Monti

When it comes to dining, Monti has no shortage of great options. For a casual meal, try one of the many pizzerias or trattorias in the neighborhood. If you're looking for something a bit more special, there are also several excellent restaurants, like La Pergola and La Carbonara for a taste of authentic Italian meals.

Nightlife in Monti

Monti also has a vibrant nightlife, set amidst the humdrum of Rome. The neighborhood is home to some of Rome's best bars and clubs, like Bar del Fico and La Maison. Whether you're looking to dance the night away or just have a few drinks with friends, you'll be able to find a great spot in Monti.

Top Attractions in Rome near Monti

With its location, Monti allows you to see the top attractions of Rome with ease! Here are some of the must-see sites of Rome that are close to Monti.


700M from Monti

The Colosseum is one of Rome's most famous landmarks and is a must-see for any first-time visitor. This huge amphitheatre was built over 2000 years ago and was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles. It is an incredible feat of engineering and is a symbol of the power and influence of the Roman Empire. The amphitheatre is huge, measuring over 160m in length and over 50m in height, and is estimated to hold up to 80,000 spectators! Today, the Colosseum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome, with over 6 million visitors each year.

Where to Stay in Rome

2Trevi Fountain

1 KM from Monti

The Trevi Fountain is one of Rome's most iconic landmarks, and the area around it is also a great place to stay if you want to be close to all the action in Rome. This beautiful baroque fountain was designed by Nicola Salvi and completed in 1762. The fountain is quite large, measuring almost 26 meters tall and 49 meters wide. Located in the heart of Rome, it is a stone's throw away from many of the city's most popular attractions, including the Colosseum, the Vatican, and the Spanish Steps.

Where to Stay in Rome

3Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore

800M from Monti

The Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore is one of the four major basilicas in Rome and is considered to be the largest Catholic church in the world. The church is located on the summit of the Esquiline Hill, which is the highest point in Rome. The basilica was built in 326 AD by Pope Silvester I, and is one of the oldest churches in Rome. It has been renovated several times over the centuries, and its exterior still retains its original 4th century appearance. Home to a number of important artworks, it also houses a 12th century mosaic of the Virgin Mary, one of the finest examples of Italian Renaissance art. The basilica is also the resting place of Pope Pius IX, who was the longest serving pope in history.

Where to Stay in Rome

4Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

700M from Monti

The Roman Forum, also known by its Latin name as the Forum Romanum, was the central area around which ancient Rome developed. It is located in the western half of the city and is bounded by the Capitoline Hill to the west, the Palatine Hill - one of the most ancient parts of the city - to the north, and the Caelian Hill to the east. The Forum served as a marketplace, a court of law, and a meeting place for the Roman Senate. In later centuries it was largely abandoned, but has since been excavated and is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome.

Where to Stay in Rome

5Borghese Gallery

3 KM from Monti

The Borghese Gallery is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rome. Located in the heart of the city, this art museum houses a large collection of works by some of the most famous artists in history. A wide variety of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, and tapestries are up for display in this museum. Some of the most famous pieces in the collection include the Apollo Belvedere and the Laocoön Group.

Where to Stay in Rome

Other Recommended Neighbourhoods to Stay in Rome

1 Trevi

Perfect for Sightseeing


Distance from Centre
Where to Stay in Rome
Family First TimersSightseeingTrevi Fountain

Trevi is one of Rome's most iconic neighborhoods – and for good reason. This central area is home to some of the city's most famous landmarks, including the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and the Pantheon. It's also a great place to stay if you want to be close to all the action.

  1. Take a walk to the iconic Trevi Fountain and Piazza Barberini.
  2. Explore the infamous cobbled streets of Rome - in Trevi, they're known to to be winding in nature and open into beautiful squares!
  3. Have traditional pizza at Il Piccolo Buco.
  4. Top Attractions in Trevi: Villa Fabri, Madonna of Tears Church, Basilica of St. Mary of Angels, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Barberini, Fontana del Tritone.
  • The closest metro station is Barberini
  • Buses to Via del Tritone or Via Veneto will help you get closer to the neighbourhood.
  • The taxi stands are located on Via del Tritone and on the Piazza S. Silvestro square.

Trevi's location allows you to be close to some of the most popular attractions in Rome! Read more about them here:

🇮🇹 Local's Tip 🇮🇹

With as much history as Rome has seen, there's something to do in every corner of the city! Take a tour of the Trevi district with the Trevi District Underground: Small Aqueduct Domus and explore the ruins hidden beneath the charm of Trevi!

Trevi Fountain Tour Tickets

2 Tridente

The Best Neighborhood for Shopping in Rome

1.7 km

Distance from Centre
Where to Stay in Rome
Shopping Exploring Rome on Foot

Say hello to Rome's most glamorous neighborhood, where you will get to tick off two major items on your must-see list - Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. Not very far away from the neighbourhood Trevi, Tridente is a meeting point to three of Rome's most famous streets - via Condotti, via Borgognona, via Frattina, and all the places close to piazza di Spagna. A shopper's paradise, the area is dotted with Italian, French, and international designers, all lined up one after another.

  1. Start your exploration of the neighbourhood at the Piazza del Popolo, and if you're limited on time, Via del Ripetta is the road you'll want to explore!
  2. Go shopping in Via del Condotti, Via de Borgognona, Via Frattini. Make sure to visit Andrea Fabiani's shoe store. Via del Groche has some excellent chocolatier shops, as well as Vertecchi, an iconic paperstore. And this is not even half of it!
  3. Eat gelato at Gelateria dei Gracchi.
  4. Top Attractions on the Tridente: Piazza Barberini, Sister Churches of Basilica di Santa Maria in Montesanto & Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Piazza di Spagna, Villa Medici, Mausoleum of Augustus.
  • There are multiple bus stops that lead you into the Tridente - Piazza Popolo, Ripetta & Spagna
  • The taxi stand is located on the Piazza del Popolo.

🇮🇹 Local's Tip 🇮🇹

Tridente is formed by the intersection of three straight streets of Rome, departing from Piazza del Popolo and diverging southward. It's one of the most popular locales in Rome and passes through the busiest roads of the city. Staying here will allow you to be a stone's throw away from some of the most popular attractions in Rome, including the Piazza Barberini, Villa Borghese and the Spanish Steps.

3 Trastevere

Perfect for First Time Visitors to Rome

5 km

Distance from the Centre
Where to Stay in Rome
Family SightseeingFirst Timers

When in Rome, live as the locals do. No better place to do that than Trastevere. A charming medieval neighborhood with an unmissable Bohemian vibe. With its old-world cobbled lanes, ocher palaces*,* ivy-laden facades, and heady nightlife, a trip across the Tiber River to Trastevere is a must on your itinerary.

  1. Take a stroll along the cobbled streets of Trastevere.
  2. Explore the lesser known underground Santa Cecilia in Trastevere Basilica
  3. Take a food tour with a local for a taste of Italy
  4. Enjoy the nightlife of Trastevere and check out the street-bar Freni e Frizioni (Via del Politeama 4) near Piazza Trilussa for a drink or an aperitif outside.
  5. Top sights in Trastevere: Basilica of Our Lady in Trastavere, Ponte Sisto, Basilica Santa Cecilia, Villa Farnesina, Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore.
  • The bus stop is located on Via Nazionale, and the bus number is 870
  • The tram stop is located on Piazza di San Giovanni in Laterano, and the tram number is 3
  • The taxi stand is located on Via di Porta Cavalleggeri, and the taxi fare will be around 10 euros

🇮🇹 Local's Tip 🇮🇹

Trastevere is a beautiful neighbourhood, and leaves much to be explored! So whether or not you stay here, experience the best of Trastevere with these recommended guided tours of Trastevere.

4 Testaccio

Best Neighborhood to Experience Nightlife in Rome

3 km

Distance from Centre
Where to Stay in Rome
For ExplorersNightlifeStreet Art

Bounded by the busy Via Marmorata on one side, the ancient city wall on the other, and the deep curve of the Tiber river, Testaccio’s shape resembles a large wedge of cheese. Apt for a neighborhood that apparently has the best traditional pizza in Rome. A former slaughterhouse, this district is now packed with rich history and good food. Don't go expecting any Instagram-worthy architecture, but you can 100% expect Instagram-worthy street-art!

  1. Walk about the neighborhood on foot and take in the street art in Testaccio.
  2. Shop the Volpetti Salumeria, a deli with some of Italy’s best meats, sandwiches and cheeses!
  3. La Città dell'Altra Economia is a farmer’s market complex where all the produce is organic, fair-trade product. Here, you can get an understanding of Roman food up close.
  4. Visit Da Remo, Il Grottino or CasaManco for some of Rome’s best pizza!
  5. Top Attractions in Testaccio: Pyramid of Cestius, Mattatoio Modern Art Museum, the Testaccio Market
  • Short walk from the train station - Roma Porta S Paolo.
  • Get off the tram at the Ostiense stop to be able to walk into Testaccio.
  • The bus stop name to get to Testaccio is Ostiense/Mercati Generali, Galvani or Zabaglia.

🇮🇹 Local's Tips 🇮🇹

  • Testaccio is an old neighbourhood in Rome, and while there might not be many picturesque things to do there, do rent a motorbike to explore the streets of Testaccio. You are sure to be surprised!
  • The Colosseum complex is the nearest historic landmark to Testaccio, only 2 KM away. You can catch a bus from the Mamorata/Vanvitelli bus stop, and hop off at S. Gregorio, which is only a 100m walk away from the Colosseum.

Recommended Colosseum Tickets

5 San Lorenzo

The Neighborhood for Budget Travellers

5 km

Distance from Centre
Where to Stay in Rome
Industrial HistoryStreet Art Bar HoppingAffordable Stays

Set along the train tracks leading up to Rome’s Termini Station, San Lorenzo was bombed heavily during World War II and was never rebuilt quite as well as the other neighborhoods. That said, what San Lorenzo lacks in Insta-worthiness, it makes up for with fun, because this is where all the young guns are. Students from the nearby Sapienza University have transformed this former industrial area, with converted warehouses and factories being turned into hip studios, restaurants, and craft beer pubs.

  1. Walk around the streets in San Lorenzo to admire wall murals and street art, particularly on the wall along Via dei Sardi.
  2. Explore Villa Mercede, a small green garden-park that hosts a library within its premises.
  3. Hop from one entertainment venue, to another! In San Lorenzo, you’ll find a vibrant lifestyle of unique restaurants & spaces like Soho House.
  4. Take a walk through the Cimitero del Verano, Rome’s biggest cemetery; it’s a beautiful cemetery and is the resting place of many famous Italian figures.
  5. Attend a burlesque show at the Micca Club!
  6. Top Attractions in San Lorenzo: Porta Tiburtina, Basilica di San Lorenzo Fuori Le Mura, Cimitero del Verano, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma.
  • You can pick from a number of buses - 150F, 19NAV, 3BUS, 3L, 492, 71, C2. Board any of these to get to San Lorenzo!
  • Tram Stop - Porta Maggiore

Owing to San Lorenzo's distance from the city's centre and its predominantly student population, it's potentially one of the most affordable neighbhorhoods in Rome to live in.

🇮🇹 Local's Tips 🇮🇹

The nearest historical landmarks to San Lorenzo are the Colosseum ( 3 KM ) and the Villa Borghese ( 4 KM ).

  • You can reach the Colosseum Piazza from San Lorenzo by taking Bus 3B at Reti and disembarking at S. Gregorio. You can also take bus 71 from Tiburtina and get off at Milano. To go by metro, board the metro at 
  • You can take the metro from Termini to Barberini to reach the historical centre of Rome; all major attractions are within walkable distance from here.

Recommended Borghese Gallery Tickets

Rome Neighbourhoods & Distances from Major Attractions

Still struggling to decide where to stay in Rome? Here's a comprehensive table with all the best of neighborhoods in Rome, marked against the iconic landmarks of Rome you absolutely do not want to miss!

Where to Stay in Rome Where to Stay in Rome Where to Stay in Rome Where to Stay in Rome
Colosseum, Roman Forum, Capitol Hill
Book Now
The Vatican City
Book Now
Borghese Gallery
Book Now
The Pantheon & Piazza Navona
Book Now
Castel Sant'Angelo
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Monti 700 m 6 KM 3 KM 1.5 KM 3 KM
Trastevere 6 KM 8 KM 9 KM 6 KM 7 KM
Trevi 3 KM 4 KM 3 KM 1.5 KM 3 KM
Tridente 4 KM 4 KM 3.5 KM 2 KM 3 KM
Testaccio 3.5 KM 6.5 KM 6.5 KM 3.5 KM 5.5 KM
San Lorenzo 3.5 KM 8 KM 4.5 KM 5.5 KM 8 KM

Public Transportation in Rome

Wherever it is you decide to stay in the city, it's pretty important to understand how the public transportation in Rome works. No matter where you stay in Rome, there will always be a handful (or more!) of attractions that are simply not within walking distance from where you. What's more, knowing how the public transportation in Rome works, not only will you be able to save money, but possible time as well, as you hop from one attraction to another!

Recommended Hop-On Hop-Off Tours in Rome

A great way to explore Rome is hopping aboard the numerous Hop-On Hop-Off Tours in Rome. With multiple routes and dozens of stops, the open-top buses make it easy to hop on and off at some of the city’s most popular attractions. You can marvel at the city as you sit back, relax, and the best of Rome!

Airport Transfers in Rome

The city of Rome also offers many options on airport transfers. If you're concerned about navigating the public transport from the moment you arrive, or if this is your first time in Rome, rest assured, you can book an airport transfer for yourself.

Check out the Airport Transfers in Rome starting at €7

Where to Stay in Rome
Rome Public Transportation

Everything You Need To Know About Public Transportation In Rome

Read in further detail about the public transportation in Rome to make exploring the city much, much easier! From the metro in Rome, to cabs & the network of trams in Rome, there is much to be read about the extensive network of public commute in this city!

FAQs: Where to Stay in Rome

What are the best areas to stay in Rome?

The best areas to stay in Rome depend on what type of experience you’re looking for. For those looking to be close to the city center, consider staying in the Tridente, Campo de Fiori or Piazza Navona. Those interested in nightlife should stay in Testaccio, while those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere should consider the Trevi or Trastevere 

What is the cheapest accommodation in Rome?

The cheapest accommodation options in Rome include hostels and budget hotels such as Hotel San Anselmo and Hotel Bijou. These establishments typically offer basic but comfortable rooms at very affordable prices.

What is the best area to explore in Rome?

The best area to explore in Rome depends on what kind of experience you're looking for. For those seeking a cultural and historical experience, consider visiting the Tridente or Pantheon district. If you’re looking to stay near nightlife, Testaccio is your best bet. For a more relaxed atmosphere, Trastevere or the Trevi is an excellent choice!

What are some of the popular attractions in Rome?

Some of the most popular attractions in Rome include the Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica and Vatican City, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona and the Trevi Fountain. Additionally, there are a number of museums, galleries and churches to explore throughout the city 

What is the best way to get around Rome?

The easiest way to get around Rome is by using its public transportation system, which consists of buses and metro lines. Taxis are also available, but can be expensive. Additionally, it is possible to rent a bike or walk to many of the popular attractions in Rome.

What is the safest area to stay in Rome?

The safest areas to stay in Rome are those located within the city center, such as the Tridente or Pantheon. These neighborhoods tend to be well lit and patrolled by police throughout the day, making them ideal for traveler safety.

Where to Stay in Rome - The Neighborhood Guide