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Cirque Du Soleil: Alegría review | A spectacular circus show that will dazzle and delight you

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If you are looking for a show that will wow you with its stunning visuals, amazing performers, and hilarious comedy, look no further than Cirque du Soleil: Alegría at the Royal Albert Hall. This is a revamped version of one of the most popular shows from the world-renowned Canadian circus company, celebrating its 30th anniversary. Alegría, which means joy in Spanish, is a feast for the senses that will make you laugh, gasp, and cheer.

Cirque Du Soleil: Alegría reimagined in a new light

Cirque Du Soleil: Alegría cast and creatives

Alegría features a talented cast of over 50 artists from 15 countries, who showcase their incredible skills in a variety of circus disciplines. Some of the highlights include the acro poles sequence by the Russian and Ukrainian troupe, the fire knife dance by Falaniko Solomona Penesa, the aerial straps duet by Yulia Makeeva and Alexey Turchenko, and the balancing and contortion act by Daria Kalinina and Halina Starevich. The performers also bring to life a fantastical story of a kingdom in transition, where the old and the new clash and coexist. The show is directed by Jean-Guy Legault, who has refreshed the original vision of Franco Dragone, and choreographed by Geneviève Dorion-Coupal, who has created some stunning movements for the artists.

Set and costumes

The show is set in a magnificent stage that resembles a medieval castle, with golden spikes, a giant throne, and a huge chandelier. The set design by Anne-Séguin Poirier creates a striking contrast between the dark and the bright, the rich and the poor, the powerful and the oppressed. The costumes by Dominique Lemieux are equally impressive, with elaborate details and vibrant colours. The costumes reflect the personalities and roles of the characters, such as the Fool, the King, the Bronx, the Angels, the Nymphs, and the Clowns. The costumes also enhance the beauty and the drama of the circus acts, making them more captivating and expressive.


The music of Alegría is composed by René Dupéré, who has created a memorable score that blends different genres and influences, such as pop, rock, opera, and world music. The music is performed live by a band of six musicians and four singers, who add to the energy and the emotion of the show. The music also supports the narrative and the themes of the show, such as the struggle between the old and the new, the joy and the sorrow, the hope and the despair. The music of Alegría is one of the most recognizable and beloved aspects of the show, and has won several awards and accolades.

Cirque Du Soleil: Alegría review | What the critics think

“The sheer spectacle of one of Cirque's oldest shows will knock your socks off.”
Bruce Dessau, The Evening Standard

“The clowns – Spanish duo Pablo Bermejo and Pablo Gomis Lopez – are a delight. It’s unusual for the light relief to be the highlight of a circus, but the story of their odd-couple friendship really is the heart of this one.”
Caroline McGinn, Time Out

“Everyone is beautifully garbed, and all of it is wrapped up in a live remix of René Dupéré’s original, Grammy-nominated score, led by a brace of powerhouse yet soothing-voiced singers. Wow.”
Donald Hutera, The Times

“Masters of circus return in 30th anniversary production.”
Olivia Rook, London Theatre

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