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Bridge Theatre seating plan | Best seats & views at the best prices

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Our Bridge Theatre seating plan guide offers real-time availability, pricing, and tips for choosing seats with the best view and value for your Guys & Dolls show experience.

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Navigating Bridge Theatre Seating Plan

Bridge Theatre - Recommended Seats

💸Value for money seats: Stalls - Seats 61-64 and 2-5

🎟️If money were no matter: Stalls - Rows E-G

🎭Best views of the stage: Gallery 1 (Central seats)

Bridge Theatre - The Adaptable Seats

The Bridge is a modern auditorium with a seating capacity of 900 that has been designed to meet the requirements of both audiences and theatre professionals. It is equipped to accommodate shows with various formats, such as end-stage, thrust-stage, and promenade, making it highly adaptable.

Bridge Theatre Stalls

The Stalls section is located on the ground floor, nearest to the stage. It is divided into four blocks, A to D. The seats in the Stalls are comfortable with ample legroom, and offer a good view of the stage. The first few rows in block A are premium seats, providing the best view of the stage. The seats towards the back of the Stalls are slightly elevated, giving a clear view of the stage. The rear seats are further from the stage, so may not be suitable for those who prefer to see the details of the performance up close.

Bridge Theatre Gallery 1

Gallery 1 is located on the first level, above the Stalls. It is divided into three blocks, A to C. The seats in Gallery 1 are comfortable, and offer a bird's eye view of the stage. The central seats in block B provide the best view of the stage, but the seats towards the sides may have a restricted view.

Bridge Theatre Gallery 2

Gallery 2 is located on the second level, above Gallery 1. It is divided into three blocks, A, B, and C. The seats in Gallery 2 are the furthest from the stage, but still offer a good view. They are less expensive than seats in the Stalls or Gallery 1, making them a good option for those on a budget. However, they may not be suitable for people with limited mobility as they require climbing stairs.

Where Can I Get Discounted Bridge Theatre Tickets?

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Which Seats Would Offer me the Best Views?

The best seating choices at the Bridge Theatre in London would be rows E-G located in the middle of the Stalls. These seats are ideal for theatre-goers who want an unobstructed view of the stage, as they are well elevated above the rows in front and offer a direct view of the performance. In Gallery 1, the central rows and slightly curved middle sections are also highly recommended, providing theatre-goers with the best overhead views of the stage. These seats allow for a bird's eye view of the performance, ensuring that no aspect of the production is missed.

Which Seats Would Offer me the Best Value for Money?

For theatre-goers looking for the best value for money seats at the Bridge Theatre in London, it is recommended to choose side-view or high seats. While Gallery 2 may be a bit distant from the stage, it still provides a good view of the performance. In the Stalls section, seats in the front side rows (seats 2-5 and 61-64) are relatively cheap and offer an intimate view of the performance. These seats are an excellent option for those on a budget who still want to enjoy the show.

Bridge Theatre Reviews

Cannot believe that I have only just found this absolute TREASURE!! Quite the best theatre space in London, beautifully located by the river and Tower Bridge and opposite The Tower, with such a gorgeous walk along the river from London Bridge tube to reach it. Unlike West End theatres, space and luxurious facilities abound. It's really well staffed, so with only 9 minutes to spare, I still got a delicious coffee and a FRESH bag of madeleines (how's that for a mark-maker!) to take into the really well-designed auditorium - full of the psychological warmth of a small locally-based theatre - a very clever design. To top it all, I got to see the ever-amazing Simon Russell-Beale (with Claire Higgins) in a splendid production of Ibsen's John Gabriel Borkman - every single second worth every single penny. In a haze of joy I wandered very slowly back along our river to the tube, just so grateful to be in London. A night to remember for ever.

- AOliphant, Tripadvisor, November 2022

The Tower Bridge area is very vibrant and attractive with a big choice of bars and restaurants. The Bridge Theatre is lovely, with good visibility from all parts of the auditorium. The entrance area is spacious with room to sit or linger with a drink. All the staff we met were very friendly and helpful. Unlike many theatres, the bar was well organised with sufficient servers and there was no wait to be served, despite the number of people milling around. The play we saw, The Southbury Child, was excellent. Altogether a great evening out. Can’t wait to go again.

- JohnEdLondon, Tripadvisor, July 2022

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