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A Visitor’s Guide to Dubai Mall: 15 Things You Must Do

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The Emirati city of UAE, Dubai is popular for its opulent experience. The city is all about ultramodern architecture, with the best hotels in the world, and magnificent malls. With hundreds of places to visit and many things to do, not visiting the Dubai Mall while in the city would be a wasted trip. There are so many things to do in Dubai Mall, including those where you wouldn’t have to shell out a dirham!

Dubai Mall is the second largest mall in the world with more than 1200 shops spread over 4 floors. The mall is visited by more than 54 million visitors each year! The best part is that this mall is not just a place to shop and enjoy excellent food. There are attractions that you can visit such as Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, VR Park, Hysteria, Rainforest Cafe, Creek Tower Replica, KidZania, etc.

Dubai Mall

dubai mall guide

About the size of 200 soccer pitches, the Dubai Mall is an architectural marvel with everything under its roof. From an aquarium as high as 11 meters to the Olympic size Ice rink perfect for international events.

Interestingly, the Dubai Mall is situated right next to the Burj Khalifa, located right on Financial Center Street. The mega mall is a part of the Dubai $20 billion Downtown Dubai complex. Surrounding the Dubai Mall is some of the world-renowned premium luxury hotels including The Address Dubai.

Visitors get to explore and shop from Fashion avenue - the lifestyle precinct which has every high-end brand in the world. Besides that, there are plenty of things that you can do at the Dubai Mall for free such as the Dubai Dino Exhibit with a view of the monumental exhibit of 155 million years old dinosaur skeletons at the Souk, a view of Dubai Burj Khalifa, the Fountain lake, the largest Aquarium in the world, VR park entrance, the Breathtaking site Human Waterfalls, and more.

Why should you visit Dubai Mall?

  • If you are with your family or friends, or on a bachelor party tour or honeymoon, Dubai Mall is the ultimate entertainment spot for you. It has something for all age groups.
  • Shop to your heart’s content from brands like Gucci, Bloomingdale’s, Ralph Lauren, Jo Malone London, etc., among the 1200+ retail stores.
  • Its prime location ensures that if you are short on time you can easily visit major highlights of Dubai including Burj Khalifa. Spend the day shopping and simply exploring the extravagance of Dubai Mall, and move on to the evening view of the magnificent Dubai Fountain. If there is something happening in the world worth knowing about, you will catch the highlights at the Burj Khalifa.
  • The food scene at the Dubai Mall is the most extensive experience you will have in your lifetime. There are 200+ food outlets here with American, European, Indian, Mediterranean, Asian, Middle Eastern, and other cuisines.
  • If you have your kids with you, then they’re in for a delightful treat! Places like KidZania, Ice Rink, Trampo Extreme, Carousel Kids play, Ekart Zabeel, Dino Display, VR park and more are going to present you with the challenge of steering your kids away!

Top 15 things to do inside the Dubai Mall

1Burj Khalifa- At the top

dubai mall guide

Offering a 360-degree view of Dubai, Burj Khalifa is the world’s longest skyscraper. The magnificent architectural marvel has 163 floors. The 124th floors combined together are the highest outdoor observatory. The experience of looking down at the majestic city of Dubai from the 124th and 125th floors is mindblowing.
Enjoying immersive virtual realities, and clicking pictures against greenscreens to later edit them as per your choice are just a few of the activities that you can participate in here. The view you get from one of the many telescopes available here is the highlight. The way to get into Burj Khalifa- At the Top is through the ground floor of the Dubai Mall. It takes you across the entire floor up to the entrance.

Daily: 8:30 am to 11 pm
1.5 to 2 Hours

2Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

dubai mall guide

Home to marine animals of more than 14 species, including the most number of tiger sharks in the world, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is genuinely spellbinding. The 11-meter-tall aquarium holds 33000 liters of water and is the largest hanging aquarium in the world.
There is a 48 meters long tunnel that you can walk through while looking at the base of the aquarium, filled with underwater marine life. There is a lot of scope for great photography here.

On the second level, above the Aquarium, there is the Underwater Zoo which is a thrilling part of this attraction. experience. Experience the Rainforest, Living Ocean, and Rocky Shore here all at once.
Being a major highlight of Dubai Mall, this place can get pretty crowded, so it’s best to visit the Aquarium early in the morning or late evening. Additionally, 5-6 pm is the busiest hour here at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Weekdays: 10am to 10pm (last entry 9.30pm)
Weekends: 10am to 12am (last entry 11.30pm)
1 to 3 hours

3Dubai Fountain

dubai mall guide

The Dubai fountain is the world’s most popular site which attracts large-scale tourists every day. The experience is extra special when visited during the evening because of the 6600 lights and 50 colored projectors building effects that become more apparent at that time. Nevertheless, you can catch the 5-minute show during the afternoon at 1 and then 1:30 pm every day. In the evening, the frequency increases as a 5-minute show happens every 30 minutes until 12 am.
The shows are a combination of music including Arabic and contemporary, with lights and colors that convey peculiar messages.

Daily from 6 pm to 11 pm ( 1 show every 30 minutes)
15 minutes

4Infinity Des Lumieres

dubai mall guide

Visit the immersive dynamic art museum which is the first of its kind in the UAE. The gallery contains digital copies of extraordinary artists including Van Gogh, Dreamed Japan, and Verse. The experience is so rich and unique that you will be taken to a different world. Look at the world-famous arts in a new light. Explore their details as you walk through them. The exhibits currently on display at the Infinity Des Lumieres are: The Imagination Architect, Gaudi, The Abstraction Odyssey, Kandinsky, The Music Painter, Klee, Feel the Infinite, Cosmos, Dubai Data.

Daily from 10 am to 10 pm
1.5 hour


dubai mall guide

Heaven for thrill seekers, VR Park is the world’s largest indoor virtual reality zone. Now known as the Play DXB, this is one of the best experiences for techies out there. Any amount of time spent here is insufficient. Bringing together the old-school arcade games, trampolines, inflatable playgrounds, and ultramodern high-end VR games under one roof there is something for both kids and adults alike.
Indulge in multiplayer activities with your family or friends or treat yourself to single-player games. The adventure games with mind-boggling virtual reality concepts can be played using Oculus gaming headsets. Most activities of this experience are all accessible except for a few which have age and height restrictions based on the intensity.

Weekends: 10am to 10pm (last entry 9.30pm)
Weekdays: 10am to 12am (last entry 11.30pm)
1.5 hours to 3 hours

6Ice Skating Rink

dubai mall guide

Escape the sweltering hot weather of Dubai at the Olympics-sized Ice Skating Rink at Dubai Mall. This is the world’s largest indoor snow park which can host international-level competitions. This offers a wide range of fun-filled thrilling activities including tobogganing, plunging down a twin track bobsled, penguin shows, a human hamster ball slide, skiing, and a large number of rides that can be thrilling or romantic based on who you are with. The place also offers skating lessons for kids.
An experience best enjoyed with family and kids or friends can be customized to your comfort instantly. In fact, you don’t have to be dressed for it, as the entry tickets include the apt attire simplifying things further. Some of the activities are not recommended for people with pre-existing health issues or pregnancy. Taking proper precautions and wearing protective headgear is highly recommended at all times.

Weekdays: 12 pm to 10 pm
Weekends: 10 am to 10 pm
1 hour

7KidZania Dubai

dubai mall guide

The ultimate edutainment experience for your child between the ages of 4 to 16 awaits you at KidZania. A highly recommended Dubai Mall activity for parents and kids who want to try role-playing simulations as they venture into different career opportunities together. Teach your child or motivate and inspire them by allowing them to take the seat of an adult professional and do their job. Let them become a surgeon or a train driver for a day.
The University is a section that gives the children a chance to graduate with their favorite degree, then take on various roles at the Al Alan Tv studio, Radio Station, or Metropolitan Stage Theater including stage manager, cameraman, hosts, etc. Discover the world of Food and Beverages in various degrees of professional cooking from a factory to McDonald’s kitchen. Or allow the young minds to gain interest in the field of Science at the Microsafe Antimicrobial Lab by working alongside real scientists.

Daily: 10 am to 10 pm
3 hours

8Ekart Zabeel

dubai mall guide

Test your skills against the latest super-speed electric go-kart engines by Emaarat, the indoor Go-karting courses at the Dubai Mall. The best thing about this thrilling adventure is that you do not need any prior experience. It is easy and challenging enough at the same time for people to enjoy it irrespective of their skill level.
This adventure is meant for you if you are traveling with your friends or family. Challenge them for a race and simply have the best time. The three laps are timed for clear competitive events that can be enjoyed by groups of people including corporate events.
The course is extremely challenging yet safe, You get the helmets and jumpsuits to put on as a strict safety precaution. This karting zone is designed to maintain world-class standards and safety, hence it is extremely sturdy to tackle the speed and force of the ultra-modern go-karts zooming away.

Weekends: 1 pm to 10 pm
1 hour

9Address Sky View

dubai mall guide

The 5-star luxury hotel close to Burj Khalifa is an excellent way to make your tour prince-like. If you visit Dubai, especially with shopping in your mind, Address Sky View is the perfect place to stay. It is situated in Downtown Dubai close to the Dubai Mall and has a bus and metro station nearby. The hotel is also close to the airport.
The 5-star luxury hotel offers a poolside bar, a terrace to get a panoramic view of Dubai, a sauna and steam room, a Spa and massage services. The luxurious hotel has some excellent nearby places to visit as an option including Emaar Square, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Opera, and Dubai Fountain, all the highlights at a maximum of 10 minutes distance from the Dubai mall.

Open all day
1 day minimum

10Dubai Dino

dubai mall guide

Check out this spectacular display of 150 million years old skeletons of the Diplodocus Longus Dinosaur. It is 24 meters long and 4 meters high in structure with magnificent grace. The Diplodocus Longus Dinosaur has an elongated neck and tail which makes this display a breathtaking site.

Open 24 hours from Tuesday to Sunday.
Monday: 10 am to 12 am.
15 minutes

11The Human Waterfall

dubai mall guide

The majestic site of the cascading waterfall and the striking image of human forms hanging is a site that no one can overlook. It is the drama of the Human Waterfall that enunciates the level of architecture and artistry which defines the futuristic city of Dubai at one glance. The surreal beauty of the diving human forms is so realistic and out of this world at the same time.
The fun fact about these diving human forms is that it has been crafted using fiberglass. With the effect of water streaming down, the human structures frozen mid-dive come alive under the beautiful skylight illuminating the site. This is a replica of an oasis in the desert and succeeds in creating a serene vibe of one. The palm trees surrounding the attraction further make the picture real.

After 6pm everyday
15 minutes

12Emirates A380 experience

dubai mall guide

How many times do you get to pilot a plane? Have you ever wondered what the pilot’s job entails? Here at the Emirates A380 experience, grab the chance to look at the city of Dubai from the pilot’s perspective. The stimulator brings you the experience to pilot the world's biggest passenger plane with realistic controls and situations. Simply choose a location among thousands of airports across the globe and choose a perfect path for a safe journey ahead! Compete against your family and friends or simply absorb the unique feeling as you go. You get to choose the flight type, weather, and other challenges. Watch your flight fly above the world’s beautiful gems including the Eiffel tower. You can choose the timing for the experience between the three options which is 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

Daily from 12 pm to 10 pm
15 - 60 minutes


dubai mall guide

A haunted house experience for really strong-hearted and fearless people that is one of its kind. Walk through the stuff out of the scariest of nightmares and horror movies all placed in one place. Hysteria is defined as the extreme fear experience.
Be ready to walk through the doors of a haunted mansion with dim lights full of scary elements that might freeze you with fear. Brave your way through the petrifying and gruesome sites displayed across 15 rooms. If you are a thrill seeker and happy to scream at the top of your lungs and enjoy a shot of adrenaline rush in your blood, do not miss out on Hysteria.

Saturday to Wednesday: 10 am to 12 am
Thursday and Friday: 10 am to 1 am
20 minutes

14Reel Cinemas

dubai mall guide

Experience Cinema with ultimate luxury at the Dubai mall with Reel Cinemas. Choose your movie and watch it exactly the way you like it. Reel Cinemas promise the experience to be most comfortable and convenient for their guests no matter what. As you watch movies dine in with 5-star delicacies served to you by a personal butler on call.
Sit back or lie down with pillows and warm blankets on ultra-luxurious reclining leather seats to enjoy your movie. The seat offers three levels of reclining to balance optimal comfort and angle.
The A la Carte menu style option serves you all that you can desire from the movie trend food to gourmet lunch or dinner from major brands.

From 12 pm to 3.30 am
2 Hours


dubai mall guide

Enjoy the finest shopping experience in Dubai: Shopping at the Dubai Mall. In this ultimate shopping experience, you can find pretty much everything. Fashion, footwear, perfumes, furnishings, electronics, etc. The mall contains some exclusive options as well, which cannot be found anywhere else in the city. These include Bloomingdale's, Galeries Lafayette, Missguided, Moncler, Candylicious, etc.
There are 1200+ outlets to explore which can easily overwhelm you. Have a clear idea in your mind as to what you want and then select the store you want to hit in order to have your personal best experience at the Dubai Mall.

Daily from 8 am to 12 am
As much as you want!

Plan your visit

Dubai Mall Opening Hours

Dubai Mall is open on all days of the week. Here’s what you should know about hours:

1. Dubai Mall Entrance:
- Saturday- Monday: 10:00 am to 12:00 am
- Tuesday to Friday: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

2. Food and Beverages:
- Saturday- Monday: 10:00 am to 01:00 am
- Tuesday to Friday: 10:00 am to 12:00 am
- On weekends, by 9 am, you can find a few cafes and restaurants open for breakfast.
- Waterfront Promenade Restaurants are open on all days between 10:00 am to 01:00 am.

3. Metro Link Bridge Outlets:
- All days, 10:00 am to 12:00 am

The best time to visit Dubai Mall

  • If you enjoy crowds and a happening environment, visit the Dubai mall during the evening hours during the weekdays.
  • For a quiet experience, visit in the morning at 10 am or so when a very little crowd can be observed.
  • For shopping purposes visit in the month of January during the Dubai Shopping Festival or mid-July for the 45 days long Dubai Summer Surprises to enjoy insane discounts.
  • If you prefer a cooler season to enjoy your visit choose either the start of the summer period that is May, which is beautifully warm at 23-36 degrees Celsius.
  • Months between November to April are super busy due to the winter season making it a bit crowded but still a great time to visit.
  • The period between June to August is not very convenient due to the sweltering heat but the crowd is really on the low side.

How to reach Dubai Mall

By Metro
The nearest Dubai Metro station to the mall is the Burj Khalifa/ The Dubai Mall station. It is within a walking distance of the mall entrance. In fact, the walk is an experience in itself as you get to cross the famous Metro Link Bridge which is a complete air-conditioned glass tunnel between the metro station and the mall.

By Bus
Choose one of the two buses available 16 minutes apart with service routes 27 from the Deira Gold Souk and 29 from the Ghubaiba bus station. Both the buses drop off at the Lower Ground floor of the Dubai Mall every day.

By Car
If you are driving to the Dubai Mall, consider this route from the center of Dubai, then start by taking the first interchange and move along the Financial Center Road/ Doha Street. On the right side, you will see the approach road to the mall. Considering that you are coming from Abu Dhabi, exit the Financial Center Road from the first interchange.

By Taxi
The most comfortable way to reach the Dubai Mall, is via taxi. The available options include Careem and Uber. Simply download the app of your choice and enter the Dubai Mall as the drop-off location.

Best Restaurants inside Dubai Mall

There are 200+ eateries ranging from casual to high-end available in the Dubai Mall. Here is a combination of the top must-visit places to try:

dubai mall guide
Angelina, Paris depuis 1903

Experience the French way of life at this prestigious brand which has been called the little Paris in Dubai for its authentic cuisines and culture. The Angelina scales the simple tearoom experience, offering breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. It caters to vegan, halal, gluten-free, vegetarian, and other preferences. Angelica is the best spot To sample French pastries and other baked goods with coffee and hot chocolate.
Level: Ground Floor

dubai mall guide
Eataly, alti cibi

Eat, shop, and learn at this Italian restaurant. With an international presence across the globe, the chain offers high-quality Italian food at reasonable prices. The restaurant intends to create a place that is natural, simple, and informal for people to eat in peace. Eataly has acquired 8+ awards and recognitions in different countries.
Level: Lower Ground Floor

dubai mall guide
Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet

“A temple to gastronomy and gourmandize”, the restaurant is the ultimate gourmet luxury spot for you. Here you can find cuisines from all over the world under one roof by award-winning chefs. The casual sitting environment is all about food and fun with comfort. The combinations include Izu Baker and Brasserie, Wok Tales, Sushi Bar, Tandoonari, etc. The all-day food hall has everything in terms of services along with the unique blend of flavors and textures for you brought by culinary masters.
Level: Second Floor

dubai mall guide
The Cheesecake Factory

The restaurant has 250+ items on their menu, and they've been delivering freshness since 1972. Their menu is so extensive that you might end up being confused about what to eat from the array of options including Appetizers, Salads, Pastas, Steaks, Desserts, and of course Cheesecakes.
Level: Ground Floor

Things to do around Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall - Accessibility, Facilities and Services

dubai mall guide
  • With the complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi stay connected with the Dubai Mall app to navigate and explore the mall conveniently.
  • If you shop worth AED 500 at least, your bags will can be delivered to your home or hotel safely, within the same day, or by the next day across the UAE.
  • There are Interactive digital maps located Throughout the mall, from where you can look for a specific place or simply check out what’s on all four levels of the mall including amenities like washrooms.
  • Book a buggy service at the Guest service desk and get driven to all the stores of your choice without getting too tired to shop.
  • Prayer rooms are available on all floors for men and women with distinct markings for convenient recognition.
  • Loan power banks from the Guest Services desk for free in exchange for a refundable security deposit and a valid ID.
  • At the Cinema Car Park, P3 you can get your Car Windows Tinted as you spend your day shopping and enjoying inside the mall.
  • The mall is wheelchair accessible and guests can also loan them conveniently at the mall from the Guest Services desk, free of cost.
  • Hire exceptional babysitters and childcare professionals from Malaak at the Dubai mall. The cost for the service is 100 AED per hour.
  • Things you should know!
    - Pets are not allowed in the mall.
    - No smoking on the premises.
    - No dangerous activities like rollerblading are allowed inside.
    - No kissing or overtly physical display of affection is allowed.

Insider tips to know before visiting Dubai Mall

  • The best season to expect sales is during the month of January during the Dubai Shopping Festival.
  • Your dress should cover your shoulders and knees irrespective of gender during the visit to avoid any hassles later on.
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable as you are visiting the world’s biggest mall, there is a lot of walking to do.
  • You are allowed to take pictures almost everywhere in the mall. Only a few places do not allow photo ops so seek permission before you click pictures just to be sure.
  • - Avoid visiting on a Friday, when the place is absolutely packed.
  • - Avoid visiting during the month of Ramadan as one cannot be seen eating or drinking in public due to the tradition of fasting for an entire month. In Fact, you will find most of the eateries closed during the day.
  • Be respectful towards the local culture and religion during the time of your visit.


How many stores are there in the Dubai Mall?

There are over 1,200 stores in the Dubai Mall! You could spend days exploring them all.

How big is the Dubai Mall?

The mall covers an area of over 12 million square feet! It's one of the largest malls in the world.

What is there to do in the Dubai Mall?

In addition to shopping, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in the mall. There is an aquarium, a cinema complex, and a theme park, among other attractions.

Where is the Dubai Mall located?

The Dubai Mall is located in the heart of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Can I buy tickets to the attractions in the Dubai Mall online?

Yes, you can purchase tickets to the attractions in the mall online.