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Your guide to the School of Rock Broadway theatre show

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This show is now closed. Check more Broadway show tickets.

School of Rock Tickets

Apart from getting discounted broadway tickets online, you can also get cheap Broadway tickets via TKTS booths or Broadway Digital Lottery. You can also try your luck with RUSH or Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets, which are also sold at reduced rates!

How to get $15  discount on School of Rock tickets?

School of Rock Tickets on TKTS

TKTS NYC Discount Booths offer a variety of Broadway and Off Broadway tickets at 20% to 50% off regular prices. Tickets can only be purchased in person - on the day of the performance for evening shows, or the day prior for matinee performances. Seats are assigned at the discretion of the TKTS booth attendant and may be partial view.

TKTS obtains its inventory directly from theaters, based upon how a particular show’s tickets are selling at full-price. “School of Rock” TKTS tickets are available from time to time. For additional information on how TKTS works, see this in-depth guide to the four TKTS booths.

School of Rock Lottery Tickets

For those willing to try their luck, entering a lottery can be a great way to score discount Broadway tickets. A handful of theaters host live same-day ticket drawings a couple hours before performance time. These require your presence and a bit patience; but, to many, the reward is well worth it. Nowadays, quite a few digital lotteries are also available. You can simply enter the draw via your smartphone, making it much more convenient to participate.

Currently, “School of Rock” lottery tickets are available for each performance day.

Type: Digital Lottery
Price: $39
How: Online form
When: Entries open at midnight and close at 10 AM on the day of performances for matinee shows, and at 3:00 pm for evening performances.
Payment Method: Credit card. Selected winners have 60 minutes to claim and purchase tickets. Tickets must be retrieved at the box office starting 30 minutes before curtain time.
ID: A valid photo ID is required to pick up tickets.
Tickets Per Person: Limit of 2
Seat Locations: Seats will be assigned at random, at the discretion of the box office. It is possible that you will receive partial view seats.
Special Policies: Entrants must register for SocialToaster via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to enter. Entries must be submitted on the day of the performance and the winners will be notified via email.

School of Rock Rush Tickets

RUSH tickets are same-day tickets, usually sold at a highly discounted price. Broadway general RUSH tickets can be purchased by anyone, while student RUSH tickets are restricted for students only. All RUSH tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They are sold in limited quantities, usually only for performances that do not sell out on their own at regular price. RUSH tickets are subject to any other constraints determined by the provider.

“School of Rock rush tickets” are sold daily when the box office opens. Timings are 10 AM Monday to Saturday and 11 AM on Sunday. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability. Tickets are $39 with a limit of two per person; a valid photo ID is required for pick up. Payment can be made via cash or credit card.

School of Rock Standing Room Tickets

Standing Room tickets for “School of Rock” will be sold on the day of the show, only after it has completely sold out. Patrons can line up outside the theater on performance days, when the box office opens. Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, as they become available throughout the day. Tickets are priced at $27, with a limit of two per person. Payment can be made via cash or credit card.


Q: Can I purchase school of rock discounted tickets using the TKTS app, instead of waiting in line at the TKTS booths?
A: Unfortunately, no. The only way to purchase tickets is in person at one of the four booth locations.

Q: Is the Winter Garden Theater accessible by wheelchair?
A: The theater is accessible by wheelchair.

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: “School of Rock” is recommended for ages 12 and above. Children under the age of four will not be permitted inside the theatre.

Q: Is the ticket price for children different than the adult price?
A: No, children require a full-priced ticket as well.

Q: What time should I arrive at the theatre?
A: Doors open 45 minutes before show time. We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before curtain.

Q: Can I take photographs of the show?
A: Absolutely NO recording devices are allowed in the theatre, including still cameras.

Q: Are there concession stands inside the theatre?
A: Yes. Soft drinks, water, cocktails, candy and show merchandise are available. No outside food is allowed into the theatre.

Q: What do I wear to the show?
A: There is no specific dress code. Semi formal or smart casual is recommended.

Q: Is there a possibility that I will get partial view seating if I purchase "School of Rock" discounted tickets?
A: When booking with Headout, you will get to select your specific seats, thus, ensuring you do not get stuck with partial view. However, if you opt to try and win lottery tickets, your seats will be allocated at the discretion of the box office, which can potentially mean partial view seating or split seats.