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The capital city of Czech Republic, Prague (pronounced Praha) is a fairytale city that is nestled in grace with its storied history and embraces its antiquity without consuming it. Popularly dubbed ‘The City of a Hundred Spires’ , this bohemian city in its cobbled pathways, walled courtyards and magical brew of beauty, culture, history and of course beer is bound to reward every curious explorer. Prague is often likened to Pairs, except that Prague happens to be a much cheaper version, hence a favourite amongst backpackers and budget travelers. With $2 beers and best last-minute bargains for flights from anywhere in the world, Prague definitely ticks all the checkboxes for a great travel destination

European architecture textbook
The city is drowning in a diversity of individual artistic architectural styles and it takes no expert to realise that in a blink. Over its 1100 years of existence, Cubist architecture, Gothic palaces, Baroque cathedrals, Romanesque chapels and cellars and Art Nouveau buildings have made this city an assortment of architectural delights that are a charm to walk by. Some of the notable ones being - Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Jewish Quarter, Municipal House - amongst the plethora that will leave a long lasting impression. Many of these structures have even withstood the 20th-century Europe destruction and ever since 1992, the Historic Centre of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Bang for Buck Beer
In Czech Republic, beer happens to be cheaper than water, so it comes as no surprise that the country consumes more beer (pivo) per capita than any other country in the world. Czech Republic is full of appreciative drinkers who consider drinking beer as an actual pastime and is a much accepted way of life. The very first beer in the country was brewed in the Břevnov district of Prague way back in the 10th century and ever since, the Czechs have been brewing some of the finest brews in the world. Pilsner Urquell, a bitter golden beer that gives name to a whole beer family is of Czech origin and is the most famous brand from the country. Make sure you perfect your beer etiquette before going to a pub in Prague as they take their beer very seriously around here!

Art, Gardens & all things Aesthetic
Set on the banks of Vltava River, Prague is an idyllic townscape of burgher houses punctuated by towers, hidden courtyards, unexpected gardens, snug cafes and a cornucopia of bohemian art in magnificent art galleries spread all across the city. This city is an aimless wanderer’s dream, seducing them to walk the extra mile and explore a little more. In the luscious collection of 20th-century surrealists, cubists and constructivists ; Prague is a dreamy city with a whiff of romance in its entirety

Musical paradise
No matter what your taste in music is, Prague has something soothing for everyone. Be it classical music, rock, pop, jazz or indie. A great place to sample the sonatas, Czechs have made a great contribution to the world of music and this reverberates in every lane around the city. You can enjoy your fill of music in the Rudolfinum and the Municipal House and dose of groove worthy music at Roxy, Akropolis, Cross Club or MeetFactory. There is a certain club called Karlovy Lazně in Prague which has each of the 4 storeys dedicated to a different musical genre.For music festival lovers, Prague comes alive with multi-genre music festival during spring and summer.

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