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Rustic cobblestoned streets, historical monuments with domed structures and a sky dotted with tall spires welcome you to the beautiful holiday destination that is Prague. Known to be amongst the most well-preserved European cities owing to its rich cultural heritage and quaint charm, Prague has made it to UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage site and is home to plenty of historic architecture filled with romantic river-side bridges. Renowned for Beer and Czech food, the city boasts of exciting nightlife, picturesque Gothic buildings, and old-school cafes. If you’re looking to visit Prague in September, here’s everything to help you plan the perfect getaway!

Why is Prague in September a must-visit?

Prague in September

Prague comes alive in September with a riot of freshness and color as it coincides with the end of summer. The serene weather conditions combined with lesser tourists inflow helps one to experience the authentic charm of the city in a relaxed and leisurely manner. Whether you want to explore the hustle and bustle of the streets, shop in crowded squares, or eat at the many chic diners, there's a lot you can do in Prague in September.

Given that the tourists are far and fewer in September, the hotel and airfare rates are much lower so you can save a lot on stay and instead indulge in different experiences!

The pleasant weather conditions give you a chance to witness the many marvels of the city on foot. You can undertake long walks through different alleys, or ride a bicycle - whatever the mode of transport, clearer roads and lesser crowds at public places can make your trip far more enjoyable.

Prague Weather in September

After the humidifying heat of summer, September in Prague sees an average temperature of 19°C in the day that can reach as low of 9°C in the nights. The weather is mostly sunny with about 12 hours of sunlight in a day and it's a great time to be outdoors and revel in the warmth of the city.

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Prague in September : Things to Do


Prague Castle

Prague in September

Emblematic of the very culture of the Czech Republic, the sprawling Prague Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and houses a treasure trove of paintings, weapons and medieval artifacts. If you're an avid historian or art lover, you’ll be thrilled to explore the largest ancient castle complex in the world.

September Timings
Prague Castle Complex: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Historical Buildings: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


119 08 Prague 1, Czechia
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Lobkowicz Palace

Prague in September

Lobkowicz Palace, a historical gem in Prague, Czech Republic, exudes rich heritage and artistry. As part of Prague Castle, it houses the Lobkowicz Collections, featuring remarkable artworks, musical manuscripts, and rare artifacts that span centuries. Visitors can immerse themselves in European history while enjoying breathtaking views of the city. The palace stands as a testament to culture and time.


Jiřská 3, 119 00 Praha 1-Hradčany, Czechia
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Old Town and Jewish Quarter

Prague in September

Embark on a walking tour of the Old Town & Jewish Quarter while visiting Prague in September and explore the hidden secrets in alleyways of the past: a medieval astronomical clock, the Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, and the Old Jewish Cemetery. You can also learn about the revered author Franz Kafka who resided here.


Staroměstské nám, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia
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A Day Trip to Terezin Concentration Camp

Prague in September

If you’re keen to understand the dark history of Europe under Nazi rule, embark on a day trip to Terezin Concentration Camp. An educational experience, visiting the memorials, monuments and the museum is reminiscent of unimaginable humiliation and gruesome horrors that may leave you feeling vulnerable.

September Timings
Tours go on daily from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM


G578+G3 Terezín, Czechia
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Prague National Museum

Prague in September

Perched atop Wenceslas Square, the Prague National Museum is a cultural beacon in the heart of the Czech capital. This architectural marvel houses an extensive collection of artifacts, artworks, and historical objects that narrate the nation's past. With its grandeur and significance, the museum offers a captivating window into Czech history, art, and culture, inviting visitors to explore its diverse exhibits.


267 18 Karlštejn, Czechia
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Devil’s Channel Cruise

Prague in September

A luxurious cruise on River Vlata, the Devil’s Channel is an enchanting experience, which allows you to explore the romantic side of Prague. Enjoy the picturesque beauty of the iconic Charles Bridge and the imposing Prague Castle while gliding through the serene waters.


Hop On Hop Off Prague

Prague in September

An ultimate experience and a package deal for the true traveler, the Hop On Hop Off pass provides access to sightseeing buses and boats, a guided walking tour of the Prague Castle, and multilingual commentary on the vehicle as you explore all the famous landmarks of this breath-taking city.


Beer Spa

Prague in September

Indulging in a beer spa experience in Prague is a unique blend of relaxation and culture. Submerge yourself in warm baths of hops, malt, and herbs, believed to have rejuvenating properties. Sip on local brews as you soak, immersing in Czech beer traditions. This spa ritual offers an unconventional, yet thoroughly enjoyable, way to unwind while embracing the city's famous beer culture.


Prague Pub Crawl

Prague in September

Get a taste of the dazzling nightlife and party like there's no tomorrow at three of Prague's best clubs, including Karlovy Lazne - Central Europe's largest club! Skip the queues, enjoy a complimentary welcome shot and groove to the beat of the music. It's the perfect end to a beautiful stay in Prague!

September Timings
Daily: 7:45 PM & 8:45 PM


Discover Prague Tour Office, Celetná 12, Prague
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After Dark Guided Tour

Prague in September

Witness the spectacular beauty of Prague after sunset with a professional tour guide and take back more memories than the classic tourist. You can visit classics such as Old Town Square, the Manes Bridge, the Summer Palace, the Strahov Monastery, the Cernin Palace, the Loreto, the New World, and the Powder Tower.

September Timings
Daily: 7 PM


Prague Trips and Tickets, Tynska 7, Prague 1,
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Prague in September : Events to Look Out For

Prague in September events

Blink 182 - World Tour

19 September 2023
On September 19th, the iconic band Blink 182 will rock Prague's O2 Arena. Fans can anticipate an electrifying performance featuring their hit tracks and high-energy stage presence. This concert promises an unforgettable night of music and excitement as Blink 182 takes the stage in the heart of the Czech Republic.

Prague in September events

Lunchmeat Festival 2023

25 - 30 September 2023
The yearly Lunchmeat Festival, situated in Prague, Czech Republic, celebrates avant-garde electronic music and new media art. Since its inception in 2010, it unites diverse artists from various creative realms on a single stage, crafting an immersive and synesthetic encounter that transcends boundaries.

Prague in September events

Prague Quiet Music Festival

9 - 10 September 2023
The upcoming Prague Quiet Music Festival revisits the enchanting Fortna Monastery, showcasing numerous concerts and world premieres featuring delicate, intricately detailed soundscapes. Attendees can delve into the realm of tranquility via reflective workshops, a tea bar, and a reading room, amplifying the experience of gentle music within this serene setting.

Prague in September events

Prague Oktoberfest

20 - 23 September 2023
The Prague Oktoberfest is scheduled for September 20 to 23, 2023. The event promises a celebration brimming with exuberance, featuring a selection of premium Bavarian beers and delightful culinary offerings. Attendees can savor specially brewed German beers and relish traditional Bavarian treats like pretzels, radishes, Obatzda spread, and Bavarian sausages.

Prague in September : 3-day Itinerary

Prague Essentials




Time zoneGMT+2


Country Code+420


Socket Type E


CurrencyCzech Koruna(Kč)

Prague Weather in September

With a daily average of 19°C in the day, September is an excellent time to visit the capital of the Czech Republic. Being at the end of summer, the weather is usually sunny and warm in the day while the temperature can reach around 9°C in the night.

Where to Stay in Prague in September

Prague is home to multiple hotels that provide accommodation for an array of budgets.

What to Pack for Prague in September

If you're traveling to Prague in September, it's a good idea to layer up your clothes as the morning starts off with a chill, but soon the sun comes up and warms the surroundings. This is usually followed by pleasant cool evenings. It's a good idea to keep jackets, scarves, and ponchos which match your other clothes. Also, pack some sunscreen and shades if you plan on getting around in the daytime frequently.

Getting Around in Prague in September

Prague encourages tourists to travel the length and breadth of the city in the many public transport options available to them. Besides being rated among the best transportation systems in Europe, it's also affordable and convenient for travelers. You can get around to most of the scenic hotspots in the relatively well-connected metro line. In addition to the efficacy of the metro line, it's a good idea to hop onto trams and buses, especially because this will give you a peek into many different neighborhoods of Prague. What's more, you can easily find buses to anywhere right near the subway stations.

Prague in September - Must Try Delicacies

Czech Cuisine is a brilliant blend of soups and sauces, making even the simplest of dishes quite flavorful. Its influence on European cuisine as a whole is astounding. Here are a few expert-recommended delicacies if you’re touring Prague:

Prague in September

The traditional Kulajda can be savored in any season and features a creamy potato soup garnished with the most-loved Czech ingredient: mushrooms. Other elements like dill, vinegar, and poached eggs are also used in its preparation.
Where to eat: Cafe Imperial

Prague in September

A local favorite, the schnitzel is usually made of pounded, tenderised meat such as pork, chicken or veal that is coated with a batter of flour, eggs and bread crumbs, and oil fried. Served with mayonnaise or tartar sauce, you’ll find many street-stalls of schnitzel.
Where to eat: Schnitzel King

Prague in September

The Vepřo-knedlo-zelo is a hearty combination of roast pork and bread dumplings - two ingredients unique to Czech dishes. What sets it apart from others is the addition of stewed cabbage, which adds a distinct sweetness to the plate.
Where to eat: Dlouhaaa Lokál

Prague in September

Among the most popular street side desserts, the Trdelník is made by baking wrapping pastry dough around a wooden stick. The cake is then sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon, or hazelnut sauce and served warm.
Where to eat: Good Food Coffee Bakery

Prague in September

A beer-friendly nation that consumes the highest beer per capita than any other nation in the world, you have to experience the beer culture to really appreciate it at the many pubs here. Opt for an open-air beer garden, or a modern pub with live music, and enjoy the slow rush of the craft beer giving you a pleasant high!

Tips for Visiting Prague in September

  • If you're visiting Prague in the warm month of September, it would be wise to remember that the 28th of September is celebrated as Patron Saint Wenceslas' Day, or Statehood Day of Prague. You can participate in the many concerts or events that are held in honor of Saint Wenceslas.
  • Head over to the Palladium, a popular shopping mall in Prague, and visit the Mediterranean market - a gala of food, fun and cheer, in September.
  • Lesser tourists in September means that you have a lot more time to admire the vintage architecture of Prague and visit places of historic interest without having to rush your visits.
  • Wine harvesting is a significant activity in September - so keep a lookout for local wine sampling sessions in the nearby towns or the city square.
  • The warm weather allows you to enjoy a scenic meal at one of the al fresco cafes at the historic squares or tidy courtyards.
  • Indulge in heritage walks with smaller groups or step out on your own to explore the important landmarks on foot - the good weather makes it a pleasant experience!

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