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The National Museum Prague | A Proof of Czech History, Antiquity & Relics

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Prague is a beautiful European city. This medieval city gracefully interweaves fascinating architecture and phenomenal history with a large number of elegant chateaus and museums. As you explore the city of a hundred spires, make sure you don’t miss out on the Czech’s grandeur and pride, the National Museum Prague. Before visiting the museum, here's all you need to know about the museum to get your brain cells buzzing with some information!

Prague’s Historical Relic: The Národní Muzeum

Prague National Museum

This beautiful museum building in addition to the St. Wenceslas’s Statue, make up the two most exceptional features amidst the picturesque hillocks of Wenceslas Square in Prague. One of the oldest Bohemian institutes, the National Museum Prague was founded in 1818 by Kašpar Maria Šternberk, as a museum to display patriotism. It was later opened in 1890, during the Czech National Revival Movement, as a grandiose representation of Czech nationalism and history. Though the building has been through a lot of adversities over the years, it revels from the ill effects of filth, roars and vibrations from the underlying soil on which it rests.

At present, the National Museum acts as a crib for almost 14 million items ranging between the areas of history, music, arts, mineralogy, petrology, palaeontology, zoology and anthropology, located in several buildings not only in Prague but also elsewhere in the Czech Republic. Beautifully designed inside & out, it holds the 20th century’s collection of Czech history and displays eclectic illustrations from the museum's archive. All the exhibits have been clearly labelled in English, making it easy for visitors from around the world.

Why Should You Visit the National Museum Prague?

The collection exhibits a broad category which consists of different kinds of historical artefacts and natural science. The appeal and exclusivity of the museum can be witnessed in the fanciful and impressive building interiors. There is also a Zoology section in the National Museum, which can provide an educational experience for the little ones.

Certain spaces housed in the museum might be closed, so the museum enthusiasts planning to visit should keep themselves updated by referring to the official National Museum website.

Must See Spots At The Prague National Museum

Main Historical Building

National Museum

The most important exhibits are located in the Main Historical Building. This building astonishes its visitors with its architecture designed by various renowned Czech artists, sculptors and painters. There are nearly 72 names from the Czech history which are written in gold on the building’s façade.

National Museum’s New Building

American Museum of Natural History

The National Museum’s New Building notably marks another very important feature under the National Museum institutions. It hosts among other things, a long-term exhibition, Noah’s Ark which centralises on animals that exist or used to exist on our planet.

Antonín Dvořák Museum

Prague - Vila Amerika, Antonin Dvorak Museum

Image Courtesy: Prague Ticket Office

The Antonín Dvořák Museum showcases the life and work of one of the world-renowned Czech composers while the Bedřich Smetana Museum, honours another famous Czech master of music, Bedřich Smetana. There is also the Lapidary which is the permanent site of an exhibition called “The monuments of stone carving in Bohemia from the 11th to the 19th century”.

Czech Museum of Music

guitars in Czech museum of music

Image Courtesy: AvantGarde-Prague

Czech Museum of Music consists of a long-term exhibition which is referred to as the ‘Man – Instrument – Music’ which showcases the musical instruments as astonishing testimonies of artistry and craftsmanship. In addition to the long term one, this part of the museum also focuses on many music-related temporary exhibitions.

Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures

National Museum

The Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures, is a venue of long-term exhibitions like the Vojta Náprstek and the Cultures Of Australia and Oceania. The Vojta Náprstek targets on showcasing about the founder of the museum.

National Museum Library

National Museum

Image Courtesy: Národní Muzeum Official Website

Another part of the Czech National Museum, which should not be missed is the National Museum Library, located in the New building. The second biggest library in the Czech Republic is the public scientific library found at this venue.

National Museum Location

The museum can be found centrally located in the heart of the New Town amidst the hustle and bustle of Wenceslas Square.

Address : Václavské nám. 68, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

How To Get There

  • Ride the metro red line A or C to reach the museum metro station.
  • Hop on the Tram number 11 or 13 to get to the Muzeum station.
  • Walk from the Wenceslas Square and when you can gaze upon the largest building located at the top, your eyes would have spotted the National Museum.
  • Uber cab works perfectly in Prague and you can opt for this option as well.

Practical Information

National Museum Prague Hours:
Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM to 8 PM
Closed on Mondays and every first Tuesday of the month.

Historical Building Admission Fee: $11.00 USD.

Historical and New Building Admission Fee: $16.00 USD.

Insider Tips

  • Every month’s first Monday makes it accessible for the visitors to enter the museum for free. This might result in finding yourself amidst a crowded museum. So set your priorities accordingly.
  • Instead of wasting hours looking at sections of exhibits which showcase the Czech history that might not interest many, one can make the most out of the museum simply by lauding appraisal from the outdoor spaces, taking a stroll around the front door and gawking at the spectacular main hall with its royal staircases and enchanting ceilings.
  • The best museums in Prague can be explored for free during the Prague museum night. This striking event grants participants free access to over 50 museums in Prague and falls during the month of June, once every year!
  • To escape the New Town’s crowds, you can explore the lanes of the Old Town which offer a variety of options among shops, cafes and restaurants.
  • You can enjoy the free experience of a virtual tour and take a look at all the exhibits on your computer.

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FAQs: National Museum Prague

Is National Museum Prague worth visiting?

Housing a very broad collection of natural science and historical artefacts, its exhibitions can be compared to other museums in Europe. However, its charm and uniqueness, in our opinion, is found in the fantastic and surprising interior of the building, making this visit definitely worthwhile.

What is the largest museum in the Czech Republic?

Prague National Museum is the largest museum in the Czech Republic. It was built at the end of the 19th century, but as an institution, it is much older than that.

What are Prague National Museum opening hours?

Every first Monday of the month Prague National Museum is opened for free, and every first Tuesday of the month it is closed completely.

Where can I get a ticket for Prague National Museum?

You can get a ticket in a box office or online, on the Prague National Museum official website. The electronic ticket allows you to skip the line. Yay!

How much does Prague National Museum cost?

The ticket to Prague National Museum costs 250 CZK and includes 9 museum buildings that you can visit in 5 days