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Palace Theatre Seating Chart

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Palace Theatre is currently closed for renovation and is expected to re-open in 2021.

Palace Theater, opened in 1913, is one of the most famous theatres in the Broadway district. During the period from 1913 to 1929, the Palace Theater attained legendary status among vaudeville performers as the flagship of the Keith–Albee organization. In 1965 the Nederlanders Organisation turned the Palace into a legitimate theatre for the production of Neil Simon, Cy Coleman, and Dorothy Fields’s Sweet Charity featuring Gwen Verdon. Post that the theatre has gone on to host a bunch of iconic shows like Goodbye Charley, An Evening With Diana Ross, Beauty and the Beast, West Side Story, Annie, and recently the smash hit Sunset Boulevard. Also, here’s a handy link to the seat availability and real time prices for different seats/dates for Spongebob Squarepanst on Headout.

Here’s a quick recap of everything you need to know about the Palace Theatre seating chart:

Navigating the Palace Theatre Seating Chart

The Palace Theater has three primary seating section namely, orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony, along with some box seats and standing row seats. The orchestra section is by far the biggest section in the theatre with a total seat count of 830, followed by the mezzanine section with 568, and the balcony bringing up the rear with 301 seats.

Palace Theatre Seating Chart Map
Palace Theatre Seating Chart Key

Palace Theatre

Orchestra - $125 - $225
Mezzanine - $75 - $150
Balcony - $49

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Palace Theatre Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Center Orchestra - Any seats in Row N to W. Great view of the stage wihtout paying a hefty price. These seats are also the most popular and tend to sell out soon.
Center Mezzanine - Any seats in Row C to F.
If money were no matter
Center Orchestra - Any seats in Row C to M. Rows B and C are too close to the stage and you may miss out on a few acts that happen at the sides.
Mezzanine - Row AA and A
Best views of the stage
Center Orchestra - Any seats in Row D to M.
Center Mezzanine - Rows A to Row D.
Best Legroom
Row A & N in Orchestra, Row A & K(few seats) in Mezzanine and Row A in the Balcony.

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Palace Theater Orchestra

The orchestra section has 27 rows in total starting from AA and ending with ZZ. This seating section is divided into two large sections in the middle with two smaller section on each side.

The middle two sections hold a majority of the seats with the left subsection seats being odd numbered and falling in the range of 101 to 127. The right subsection has even numbered seats falling in the range of 102 to 128. The corner two sections are much smaller with only 12 rows each with varying seat counts. The left outer section is odd numbered (1-9) and the right outer section is even numbered (2-10).

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Orchestra section in the Palace Theatre.

Palace Theater Mezzanine

The mezzanine section, one of the two elevated sections in the theatre, has two major subsections, the front mezzanine and the rear mezzanine.

The front mezzanine has three parts, namely left front mezzanine with odd numbered seats (1-27), center front mezzanine with consecutively numbered seats (101-114), and right front mezzanine with even numbered seats (2-28). The rear mezzanine, on the other hand, has two subsections. The left rear mezzanine is odd numbered with seats falling in the range of 101 to 127 while the right rear mezzanine subsection has even numbered seats in the range of 102 to 128.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Mezzanine section in the Palace Theatre.

Palace Theater Balcony

The balcony section, with only 301 seats, is the smallest in the theatre and the farthest from the stage. It’s divided into three subsections, left balcony, center balcony, and right balcony and has 8 rows in total from A to H.

The left balcony subsection is odd numbered from 1 to 27, the center balcony has consecutively numbered seats falling in the range of 101 to 114, and the right balcony subsection has even numbered seats in the range of 2 to 28.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Balcony section in the Palace Theatre.

Which Seats Offer the Best View?

Given its size, Palace Theater has a lot of great seating options. The best view can be had from the middle seats in first couple of rows (AA-B) of the orchestra section. The seats in this section are closest to the stage and offer an unobstructed view with pitch perfect sound.

Next we have the front rows (AA-B) of the mezzanine. Some people prefer the mezzanine seats over orchestra due to mezzanine seats being elevated and hence offering a slightly better look at the stage. The price for both these sections are pretty much the same (and most expensive), so you can take your pick depending on how much you like heights.

Which Seats/Section Offer the Best Value for Money?

For obvious reasons, the seats offering the best view of the theatre are always the most expensive too. Since spending $200+ on one ticket is not an option for everyone, we have the next best thing; seats which offer the fine mix of being value for money.

The middle pack of rows in the orchestra section (F-O) offer a consistently good look at the stage while being priced considerably lesser than the premium orchestra seats. Similarly, the middle rows (C-F) in the front mezzanine section offer a good look at the stage without costing as much as the premium mezzanine seats.

The front balcony rows A to B are also not considered too shabby when it comes to value for money seats in the Palace Theater.

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30-Second Takeaway: Palace Theatre

  • The Palace Theater falls bang in the middle when it comes to number of seats of all Broadway theatres with a total seat count of 1743.
  • The seats in Palace Theatre are divided into three sections. The first is orchestra, followed by mezzanine, with the balcony section bringing up the rear.
  • The Palace Theater orchestra is the biggest section in the theatre with a total seat count of 830. The orchestra section is also the only seating section which is not elevated, making it ideal for handicapable individuals.
  • Next is the mezzanine section which falls in the middle, both in terms of the number of seats it holds and its position in the theatre. This section has a total seat count of 568.
  • The last section in the Palace Theater is balcony. With 301 seats, this is the smallest section in the theater and offers a moderate view at best.
  • There are an additional 41 box seats in the mezzanine and balcony seats for patrons who are looking for a relatively private theatre viewing experience.
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  • Next, let’s look at some of your more pressing questions with our handy Palace Theater seating chart guide:

How to get to the Palace Theatre?

The Palace Theatre is located at 1564 between 46th Street and 47th Street, which is a prime New York City location in proximity to Times Square. This opens up a lot of accessibility options.

There are many buses and metro trains you can take to reach Palace Theater. Buses plying to Theatre District are M104, M42, M6, M10, and M27/50. If travelling by subway is more your thing, you can take the 1, 9, C or E train to 50th Street or the N or R train to 49th Street.

If you’re travelling by your car, there are numerous paid parking spots close to the theatre too. Some of them include LAZ Parking, Edison ParkFest, Bright Management, and Impark. Make your pick!

Address: 1564 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, USA
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What are the Best Restaurants near the Palace Theatre?

If you're looking for a quick bite before or after the show, our Broadway theatre district restaurants guide will come in handy. For more specific suggestions, here are some of our favorite restaurants around Palace Theater:

1. Bubba Gump Shrimp: Ever wondered what dining in a fishing boat themed-setting would feel like? Bubba Gump Shrimp in 1501, Broadway is where you should head to post a show.

2. Blue Fin: An upscale seafood and sushi restaurant in 1567 Broadway, Blue Fin has all the makings of a pre-theatre pitstop.

3. John's Pizzeria: Serving their trademark thin-crust pizzas since 1929, John’s Pizzeria in 260, West 44th Street, is a classic NYC eatery.

4. Planet Hollywood: Get your fix of Hollywood memorabilia and good ol’ American fare in 1540, Broadway.

5. Joe Allen: Broadway stars (if you’re lucky), fellow theatre enthusiasts, and scrumptious delicacies come together in Jo Ellen, a premier broadway eatery in 326, West 46th Street.

6. Orso: A theatre district classic, Orso in 322, West 46th Street, brings gourmet Tuscan cuisine to New York with ample aplomb.

What Do You Need To Know Before You Go To The Palace Theatre?

  • Sitting on the side orchestra seats will give you a slightly different view. Note that some parts of the stage on the side closest to you could be blocked from view by the theater wall. This doesn’t happen often, and certainly not for most of the show, so side orchestra seats are still an excellent option for seeing live theater.
  • Wheelchair accessible seating is available through the Box Office only. The theatre is equipped with an elevator that goes to the rear mezzanine and balcony.
  • Smoking inside the theatre is prohibited. You can go outside during intermission for a smoke break.
  • Please note that no recording devices are allowed in the theatre, including still cameras.
  • If you’re late, note that you’ll be seated at an appropriate time during the show at the theatres discretion.
  • There are bars located on all levels of the theatre serving mixed drinks, sodas, and candy can be purchased. The bars begin serving patrons one hour before the performance begins and no outside food is allowed inside the theatre.
  • Male and female restrooms are located in the Basement, Front Mezzanine and Balcony levels of the theatre.

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