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This guide on the Music Box Theatre Seating Chart will help you find the best seats in the house. Get real-time seat availability and pricing, insider tips on the best seats and more.

Navigating the Music Box Theatre Seating Chart

The Music Box Theater has a total seat count of 1025 across 2 sections - Orchestra (538 seats) and Mezzanine (455 seats) and 16 Box seats and space for 16 standing viewers. Check out real-time availability and recommended seats on our Music Box Theatre Seating Chart.

Music Box Theatre Seating Chart

Music Box Theatre - Dear Evan Hansen Ticket Prices

Orchestra - $159 - $199
Mezzanine - $119 - $199

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Music Box Theatre - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Center Orchestra - seats in the middle rows (K to O)
Mezzanine - seats in the middle sections in Rows G, H and J
If money were no matter
Center Orchestra - seats in row AA to B
Best views of the stage
Center Orchestra - rows E to L in the centre part of the Orchestra Mezzanine - All seats above row G
Best Legroom
Row A in Orchestra and Row A in front and rear Mezzanine.

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Music Box Theatre Orchestra

With 538 Seats, the Orchestra is the largest section at Music Box Theatre and is divided into three sections- left, centre, and right. The seats in the centre are known to be the most ideal in the house, with rows E to L offering the best view of the stage. Though most seats in the left and right sections offer a good view of the stage, seats on the far left and far right offer a partially obstructed view of the stage. But since the whole play is acted out in the centre of the stage, you will not miss out on anything, no matter where you sit.

Music Box Theatre Mezzanine

The Mezzanine section of the theatre has 455 seats, all of which offer a good view of the stage. As is the case with Orchestra section, the seats on the far right and far left on the Mezzanine level have an obstructed view of the stage but not the play. Since the theatre is comparatively small, even the last row of Mezzanine gives a good view of the stage, and these seats are cheaper than the rest in the house.


Which Seats Offer the Best View?

Music Box Theatre is known to have no bad seats in the house, but as is the case with all theatres, there are some seats better than the rest. If you are on a budget, then any seat in the centre section of the Mezzanine should be good, even the last row offers good and unobstructed view of the stage. All seats above row G in Mezzanine section offer good view of the stage. If you are a little relaxed with the budget, then go for seats in rows E to L in the centre part of the Orchestra section, as they are at a perfect angle from the stage and also have a decent legroom.

Which Seats/Section Offer the Best Value for Money?

While both the premium orchestra and front mezzanine seats are amongst the most expensive in the theatre, there are some value for money options available for people who aren’t willing to spend too much on their Broadway experience.

In the orchestra section, seats in the middle rows (K to O) are relatively cheaper than the premium orchestra seats while offering a good look at the stage. When it comes to the mezzanine section, seats in the middle sections in Rows G, H and J are the best value for money seats.

How Far in Advance Should you Book Dear Evan Hansen?

Dear Evan Hansen is a much praised and loved play among critics and theatre lovers, and if you are one of them or are just curious to watch this powerfully delivered contemporary play, it would be a good idea to book your tickets well in advance. It may be possible that you get tickets of a show two-three months from now

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Music Box Theatre : 30-Second Takeaway

  • Music Box Theatre has 1025 seats in all and is known to have no bad seats in the house.
  • The theatre has 35 seats in Orchestra pit, 11 aisle transfer arm seats, and 5 wheelchair accessible seats.
  • Wheelchair seating is available only in the Orchestra section and the rest of the theatre is wheelchair inaccessible.
  • There are no elevators or escalators in the theatre.
  • Seats closer to the aisle have more legroom.
  • Though the seats are small, they are flexible and therefore offer a good view of the stage.
  • Since the whole play is carried out in the centre of the stage, even the far left and far right seats offer an unobstructed view.
  • Front Mezzanine Row A overhangs row J of the Orchestra Section.
  • All the seats in the Orchestra section are accessible without stairs.
  • The Mezzanine level is located two flights up (38 steps) and the entrance to this section is behind row L.
  • Seats in the last row of Mezzanine level offer a good view of the stage and are cheaper than the other seats in the house.
  • There are restrooms on the main floor, in the lower lounge and on mezzanine level.
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