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15 Instagram Worthy Places In Rome – Best Places to Take Pictures in Rome

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If you're the first out of your friends to start posing for pictures no matter where you go, and you spend about 90% of your day Instagram (because same) - you're 110% at the right place. Brownie points if travelling for the gram is your jam.

This blog is for when your travels lead you to Rome - and you find yourself looking for the most Instagram worthy places in town. This city truly has it all - it's simple but charming, appeals to your love of vintage and modernity, and of course, has a bucket-load of history for you to deep-dive into!

This blog right here is a list of everything you need to know before visiting these aforementioned Instagrammable places in Rome (in no particular order, we promise)

What's more, is that we're equipping you with the exact google map coordinates with a side of Headout insider tips, of course!

#1 Colosseum, duh

Did you really go to Rome if you didn't visit the Colosseum? A Roman icon, the Colosseum is essentially an engineering marvel that is guarenteed to make you swoon. With a structure that makes for an amazing backdrop - one that people recognize immediately, it doesn't help that the landmark looks beautiful through the day - come sunrise or sunset!

Pro tip: Grab these skip-the-line tickets for the Colosseum to beat the crowds and get your perfect picture!

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#2 Trevi Fountain

With stunning architecture and a fountain that's literally world-famous, Trevi Fountain is a famous instagrammable spot in Rome. What's more, is that the fountain looks good irrespective of what time of day it is. Talk about all-time beauty.

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#3 Spanish Steps

If you've always wanted a picture of you standing royally on a flight of stairs with gorgeous, gorgeous views in the backgroud - you're exactly in the right place, my friend! The Spanish Steps are a famous attraction in Rome (with views like that, why wouldn't they be?!), and are perfect for a mid-day causally curated photo-op.

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#4 Roman Pantheon

This best-preserved Roman monument, is everything you'd expect a classic Roman monument to be - an architectural + engineering marvel, absolutely stunning and one that leaves you in awe, and JUST the place for a photoshoot. TheRoman Pantheon is not only an extremely popular tourist spot, but it also offers some of the best views in the city. What other requirement is there to be an Instagrammable spot? 😛

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#5 Villa Borghese

A beautiful landscape garden that makes for the perfect backdrop for your sun-kissed and golden hour pictures, Villa Borghese is a classic spot. Located in an equally beautiful neighbourgood, this location is also ideal for your 'chilling-casually-and-not-posing-at-all' picture.

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#6 Castel Sant'Angelo

The most famous castle in Rome, one with a secret passage to the Vatican (shhh), Castel Sant'Angelo is a must-visit. Not only for the multiple picture-spots it provides (bang opposite it, and on the roof) but for the sheer history it carries. But also for the pictures. 😛

P.S. you can actually go up to the roof for a great view of the city.

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#7 Trastevere

A neighbourhood that puts all others to shame (we're kidding), Trastevere is the place to walk around and take in the city. It's like they say, any city is best pictured on foot - get into all the nooks and the crannies, and get good pictures while you're at it!

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#8 Campo de' Fiori

A market of flowers is the answer to every question in life, we think. After all, who doesn't love a beautiful bouqet of flowers - to pose with or gift. Add these colourful flowers to your pictures, and stand out on an anotherwise bland feed. 😛

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#9 Arch of Constantine

The largest surviving Roman triumphal arch, and the last great monument of Imperial Rome, is worth taking a picture with, don't you think? In fact, it doesn't help that it's awe-inducing too!

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#10 Forum Romanum

The Roman Forum, also known as Forum Romanum is a rectangular forum surrounded by the ruins of ancient government buildings in the heart of Rome. Did you know that these ruins actually pose as a good photo-op once you're done learning more about them? We bet you didn't.

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#11 St Peter's Basilica

A place where there's beauty in every nook and corner, is automatically a great spot to get pictures for the 'gram. St Peter's Basilica is a spot that is certain to leave you gobsmacked, and at a loss of words, so you better take some pictures while you're at it!

P.S. it's one of those places that's beautiful inside and out. That means more pictures.

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#12 Altare della Patria

A monument that was built to honour of the first king of Unified Rome, you know it's going to be drop-dead amazing. With structures that could put anyone at shame, and a sunset that'll leave you wanting for more - head out to Altare della Patria for amazing pictures.

P.S. this is also a great spot to wear your best outfits and flaunt them.

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#13 Ponte Umberto I

If postcard pictures are your favourite genre of pictures, get to Ponte Umberto now. Like now now.

Definition of a postcard picture: the sun, the water, and you.

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#14 Campidoglio

One of the seven hills in Rome, Campidoglio, The Capitolium, or Capitoline Hill, it contains some ancient ground-level ruins, so, get exploring! It's aesthetic, is surrounded by cafes and provides a great Instagram photo-opportunity. Let's go!

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#15 Via Dei Coronari

If you're in Rome, we know that your outfits are going to be all kinds of fabulous and on point. And is there a better way to show these outfits off in than in the middle of Via Dei Coronari? We think not. Get ready to flaunt your poses and your best smiles, in this charming area of town!

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