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Why you should make it a point to climb to the Duomo Milan rooftop!

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The Duomo Milan is a spectacular Gothic-Renaissance cathedral in Milan. A symbol of the art in Milan, Duomo Milan’s rooftop is at par with the cathedral’s façade in excellence. Known for offering its visitors one of the most magical views of Milan, it is a must-visit in the city. From the heights of the Cathedral Terraces, one can catch a glimpse of the city's beautiful vistas, rich history, and fascinating tales.

Duomo Milan in a Nutshell

Know Before You Go

⏰ Suggested Duration: 2 Hours
☀️ Best Time to Visit:Early morning
? Must See:Statue of Saint Bartholomew Flayed
?️ Duomo Milan All Access Ticket:€20
? Duomo Milan Fast Track Guided Tour:€29
? Duomo Milan All Access Audio Guided Ticket:€24
? Closest Subway: Duomo M1 M3

Opening Hours

9 am to 7 pm, everyday (last admission is at 6:10 pm)

Address del Duomo, 20122 Milano MI, Italy
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Why Visit the Duomo Milan Rooftop - The View

The breathtaking view of the expanse of the city of Milan from the Duomo Milan’s rooftop is beautiful. From there, Milan’s beauty can be witnessed, and it is at its best when the sun sets. Not only will you be able to view the busy piazza, but going onto the rooftop allows you to observe the intricate art of the Duomo up close. Besides, it is rather unusual to be able to access the rooftops of landmarks as famous as the Duomo Milan. Many gargoyles, statues, pillars, and other exquisite stone carvings can be found throughout the cathedral. The Duomo is decorated with well over three thousand sculptures and spires in total!

Duomo Milan Rooftop

The Duomo Rooftop Highlights

Duomo Milan is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. A stunning example of Gothic architecture, the construction of the Duomo began in 1358, with modifications going on till the 20th century. The Duomo is Italy’s largest church, with more than 80 architects and engineers contributing towards this tall-standing structure that has witnessed centuries. Planning a trip to Milan anytime soon? Don’t miss these highlights of Duomo Milan.

1The View of Milan

Walk up to the rooftop and see Milan’s skyline from the Duomo Cathedral. There are 256 stairs that lead to the rooftop, but there are also two elevators to the rooftop; people with medical conditions or women in the terminal stages of their pregnancy can use these.

Duomo Milan Rooftop

2Admire the Architecture Closely

The Duomo Milan is built in the Gothic architectural style. It took more than six centuries to make, including the rooftop. It is decorated with intricately designed stone pinnacles and marble sculptures lined up for visitors. The Duomo Milan has spires that rest on open flying buttresses visible from the roof, that are accessible to those who get to the rooftop.

Duomo Milan Rooftop

3Bird's Eye View of the Premises & Piazza

Get a view of the massive cathedral from the rooftop, which is just as spectacular from below. The Duomo is supported by 40 pillars, with arches on the windows. Since 2015, LED lights have been added to the Duomo, switched on in the evening. Look at the cathedral premises from the best angle at the rooftop. You'll also catch a glimpse of the busy Piazza del Duomo!

Duomo Milan Rooftop


The tallest point in Milan is the statue of Madonnina, built on the lantern spire of the Duomo Cathedral. As a tradition, no building in Milan is allowed to cross the height of the statue. The Madonnina is a Virgin Mary statue built at an altitude of 686 feet, a sculpture that inspired many religious songs. You will get the best view of the Madonnina from the Milan Duomo rooftop.

Duomo Milan Rooftop

5Unwind in the Open Space

The Milan Duomo is at the centre of all cultural and religious gatherings in Milan. It is essential to the people, so the rooftop was built as an open-air space with stone pavements. You can even have a picnic here, how unusual is that? In fact, many people like to walk around the rooftop during the evening and take in the fresh cool air blowing at one of the tallest points in the city.

Duomo Milan Rooftop

6Snow Capped Alps!

Sounds impossible, doesn't it? Admittedly, the peaks of Alps are only visible on the clearest of days. You'll have to be very lucky to be able to catch a glimpse of them, but it's not impossible with a bit of meticulous planning! If this is to be on your agenda, figure out when the best Time to Visit Milan would be and carry a pair of binoculars too, just in case.

Duomo Milan Rooftop

Buy Duomo Rooftop Tickets Online

Tickets to the Duomo Rooftop can be purchased online. The place offers different variants of tickets. There are tickets exclusive to the Milan Cathedral and the Duomo Rooftop. A combo ticket will make visiting both places cheaper. There is an audio guided tour available that will cover the place with an assisted guide who will provide details about the place. It is priced higher than a normal ticket.

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Getting There

Worldwide flights are available to one of the three Milan airports, Linate, Malpensa, or Bergamo. On a train, it takes three hours to get from Rome to Milan and less than two hours to get from Florence to Milan.



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