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A month on month guide on the best time to visit Milan

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Milan, the leading financial center of Italy, is known for its majestic architecture, luxury fashion, slurpiest cuisines, and top-class universities. As it is one of the most visited cities in the world, people flock to the ancient city of Milan throughout the year. However, one cannot miss seeing Milan during April-May and September-October, considered glorious months to visit the city. The falls make the weather ambient, and people can enjoy every activity without weather constraints.

Know Before You Plan Your Trip to Milan

Best Time To Visit Milan For Different Kinds Of Travellers

Best Time for Sightseeing & Outdoor Activities: For sightseeing and outdoorsy activities, one has to choose the comfortable and welcoming months of April, May, June, July, September, and October. The weather around these months is pleasant to take up any adventure activities.

Best Time for Museum Buffs: Museums are one of those places which welcome tourists all year round. However, to beat the crowd and travel in tranquillity, one can prefer all the months except the peak seasons of May-June and September-October, as the lines in the museums are jam-packed. As the museum buffs spend significant time at their place of interest, it is advisable to beat the unnecessary tourist crowd.

Best Time for Honeymooners: The spring months of March-April and the autumn months of September and October are considered the off-season for honeymooners as the city already sees a lot of crowds and festivities. The winter months can be a blessing for couples looking for affordable honeymooning. However, the months of May, late October, and November are also suitable for honeymooners.

Best Time for Budget Travellers: The winter months of November-February and August are some of the seasons that see a relatively less tourist influx in Milan. It is the best time for budget travelers as the accommodation rates get slashed significantly, and the airline fares are cheaper too. Even though the weather may not be welcoming, it is amicable for your pockets. Also, every season has its charm if you see it!

Best Time for Shopaholics: Throughout the year, Milan sees a lot of tourists who simply come to the city to buy themselves the best designer clothing, apparel, etc. However, the month of August is not preferred for shopaholics as the local shop owners close their shops for summer vacations.

Milan Through The Year

Tourist Seasons in Milan

  • High season in Milan: The high season in Milan spans around April, the summer months of May-July, and September when people plan their vacations along with their families. Apart from that, the designer and fashion weeks are on around this period, increasing the city's accommodation rate. The travel rates shoot up during this time, and an ordinary ticket may cost you much higher. However, this season is best for sightseeing and outdoor adventures in Milan.
  • Shoulder season in Milan: The spring and autumn seasons, which range from March and early April, and October-November respectively, are the best seasons to enjoy Milan's mild pleasant weather. It may be rainy at some times of the day, but one can always compensate for indoor adventures like museum visits, restaurant hopping, etc. Hotel stay prices are relatively lower as not many tourists start going to Milan during these times of the year.
  • Low season in Milan: Milan is an absolute no-no during the time of August, as the local people tend to take a vacation during the month and everything, including some of the great shops, remains closed, tourist attractions sans locals and outsiders and people don’t choose August as the preferable time for Milan visit. Besides, Milan's winter is also a very low season as it is always cold and dark. However, if you are an adventure enthusiast, you can well plan to go to some ski resorts nearby and enjoy snowy days.

Best Season To Visit Milan

spring in london
Milan in Spring

Springs are undoubtedly the best season to visit Milan, as the temperatures remain pleasant. The day temperatures do not soar, and the night temperatures do not dip too low, making it the most wanna-be weather in Milan. Besides, the crowd during this time is relatively thinner, and one can find attractive deals for their stay in Milan.

summer in london
Milan in Summer

Milan has a continental climate with a humid subtropical kind of weather. Summers are extremely warm, but the humidity makes it even more unbearable. But the place gets crowded as it is the holiday season and people flock to the city for vacations. Sunscreen, hats, and mosquito repellent are a must if you are planning to visit Milan in the summers!

autumn in london
Milan in Autumn

It is pleasant and welcoming weather to visit Milan, as the temperatures are not too hot. During the evening, temperatures dip a bit, so the light fleece is suggested for outdoor visits. Autumn is also the month of the best fashion weeks in Milan, and designers and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world hop on to the city. The accommodation and travel during this time of year are all pricey!

winter in london
Milan in Winter

Winter is not an advisable month to visit Milan, as the temperature dips a lot and there are not many festivities, except around Christmas, when the city lights up. It might even snow occasionally. However, the rains are not that common in Milan's winter months. People who look for budget traveling and saving significant bucks can choose winters for travel in Milan.

A Month-By-Month Guide To Visiting Milan

Follow our detailed guide to pick a month for your Milan exploits.

Milan in Jan
Milan in Jan
Milan in Oct

Milan in January

Average Temperature: 2°C - 7°C

best time to visit milan

January is counted among the low seasons for a visit to Milan as the temperature dips, and locals and tourists do not prefer to delve outside unnecessarily. However, traffic can be usual as businesses and schools open after the Christmas holiday. The period of January 1 and nearby dates sees many people on the street enjoying the new year with local food and celebrations. The month is also deemed to be one of high pollution as there is no wind and at the same time, there is smog around. If you are an adventure lover, you cannot miss going out on a local hike during this time of the month in the Italian Alps.

Milan in February

Average Temperature: 3°C - 10°C

best time to visit milan

The temperature progresses in February; however, the days and nights are still too cold and do not see much tourist influx. The days are foggy and wet, so one has to choose their visit accordingly. Even though it is one of the months to visit Milan in all silence and without any crowd, people generally avoid visiting the place, as the weather is still harsh and uncomfortable for usual visits. One cannot find many festivities around this period of the year in the bustling city of Milan.

Recommended Experiences in Milan during Winters

Milan in March

Average Temperature : 7°C - 14°C

best time to visit milan

March proves to be an ideal spring month for visiting Milan. The streets are devoid of any touristy crowd, and the stay options are pretty affordable during this time of the year. Even though the temperature dips down a bit during the evening, it is still doable around Milan. City parks and outdoor spaces bustle with local visits at this time of the year.

Milan in April

Average Temperature : 10°C - 18°C

best time to visit milan

You can dub April as one of the busiest months of Milan as Milan Fashion Week commences during this time and people from all over the world gather in the city during the month. Besides, the weather is pleasant, and people spend their evenings in parks. April provides for a mix of sunny and rainy days, so pack your bag along with raincoats. Easter week is celebrated with great pomp in the city with many street processions during the time.

Milan in May

Average Temperature : 14°C - 28°C

best time to visit milan

The temperature of Milan starts soaring high; however, the frequent downpours do not happen during May, which makes it a bit easier for tourists to do outdoor activities during the month. Cortili Aperti allows some private properties to be open to the public, making it good to add this month and some more monuments to your bucket list. There are plenty of outdoor food and drink options, and you can enjoy the bustling city even in the wee hours of the night. With 7 hours of sunshine per day, May is one of Milan's peak seasons of visit.

Recommended Experiences in Milan during Spring

Milan in June

Average Temperature : 18°C - 27°C

best time to visit milan

June marks the start of the summer months in Milan with more sunny days. Tourists flock large numbers during June, and the city starts beaming with tourist crowds. Even the restaurants and local shops see huge crowds, and one may not get to enjoy way too much if they don't like too many people at a place. The hotel price also increases as it is one of the peak seasons. The humidity is extremely high, so you must keep yourself hydrated. The sudden downpours are quite common during June. However, that passes quickly. Milano Summer Fest takes place around June, with many programs like Metallica, EDM, jazz music shows, food festivals, and much more. If crowds are not a headache for you, this is your month to go and take up some great adventure activities too.

Milan in July

Average Temperature : 20°C - 30°C

best time to visit athens

The temperature soars to the highest in the month of July. Going for outdoor activities in sunlight is generally not preferred, and people prefer going to museums or undertaking indoor activities during the wee hours of extreme heat. Also, there is a lot of humidity during the period. Light cotton clothes are preferred to avoid sweating. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and comfortable footing are a must during the month. .

Milan in August

Average Temperature: 20°C - 29°C

best time to visit milan

August is invariably the least preferred month to visit Milan as the locals move on to some other cities for the summer vacation. As a result of this, most of the shops and restaurants remain closed. However, the places of interest like monuments, museums, etc., are open even during this time. August 15, known as Ferrogasto, marks the end of the summer holidays. The humidity is very suffocating, and there is not much luster in the entire city. As the road sans traffic, one can indulge in daily bike tours.

Recommended Experiences in Milan during Summer

Milan in September

Average Temperature : 16°C - 24°C

best time to visit milan

Milan city starts the business brimming up again, and people are prepared to meet the tourist need for the upcoming autumn months. September is one of the peak seasons to visit Milan. Women’s fashion shows start during this month, especially from the 18th to 24th, and the city dazzles with trendy fashion designer wear. It is advisable to book your travel and stay well in advance to avoid last-minute rush and unavailability.

Milan in October

Average Temperature : 11°C - 18°C

best time to visit milan

The warm and windy days of October welcome tourists with very pleasant weather but many downpours around the day. People prefer mixing their indoor visits and outdoor visits as the weather permits. Milano Música, celebrated around the city, is all about 20th-century music. The weather starts dipping during the evening, and you must also carry some warm clothing during the visit.

Recommended Experiences in Milan during Autumn

Milan in November

Average Temperature : 6°C -11°C

best time to visit milan

November is a low season to visit Milan as the number of sunshine hours decreases significantly during the month. Tourists don’t prefer visiting the city during such months, which gives a preference to budget travelers who want to enjoy fewer crowds and cost-effective rates offered by hotels and airlines. It might rain commonly during the month. Warm jackets, sweaters, scarves, and woolen caps must be carried during your November visit.

Milan in December

Average Temperature : 2°C - 7°C

best time to visit milan

December is all about the Christmas and St. Ambrogio season. Remember, you must check into Milan during December if you want to deck yourself up for festivities, merriness, and Christmas-y crowd. The month may be cold and grey to take up much outdoor or adventure activity, but it is one of the friendliest months for budget travelers and ones wanting to travel like a local. Few sunny days are possible in the city. Opera and ballet season opens officially in December. The market bustles with people looking to indulge in the local foods and find lucrative festival offers.


What are the best months to visit Milan?

The best time to visit Milan is from April to June and September to October, when the weather is mild and there are fewer crowds. July and August are the busiest months, as well as the hottest. November to March sees cool weather and fewer tourists.

What are the average temperatures in Milan?

The average temperatures in Milan are as follows:

  • April-June: 64-75 degrees Fahrenheit (18-24 degrees Celsius)
  • July-August: 75-86 degrees Fahrenheit (24-30 degrees Celsius)
  • September-October: 64-75 degrees Fahrenheit (18-24 degrees Celsius)
  • November-March: 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit (10-15 degrees Celsius)

What is there to do in Milan?

There are plenty of things to do in Milan! Some popular attractions include the Duomo di Milano, the Sforza Castle, and the Santa Maria delle Grazie. You can also enjoy the city’s many parks, museums, and nightlife options.

What should I pack for Milan?

Pick according to the season you are visiting. In spring and fall, temperatures are mild, so you can pack light clothing such as t-shirts, jeans, and light jackets. In summer, it is hot, so pack shorts, sundresses, and sunglasses. In winter, it will be quite chilly, so pack sweaters, pants, and coats. Remember to pack comfortable shoes for all the walking you will be doing!

Is Milan busy in March?

March is a shoulder month, so it is not as busy as the summer months, but there are still plenty of tourists. The weather is cool at this time of year, so pack accordingly.

What are the best neighbourhoods to stay in Milan?

Some popular neighborhoods to stay in Milan include Navigli, Brera, and Quadrilatero della moda. These areas are all centrally located and offer easy access to the city’s many attractions.