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A complete theatre guide to the ABBA Arena London

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This ABBA Arena guide is designed to help you understand theatre, its facilities and directions on how to reach ABBA Arena for your show.

Venue Details

Address: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London, United Kingdom

Opened: 27 May 2022

Seating Capacity: 3000
Auditorium Blocks : 1650
Dance Floor and Booths: 1350

Seating Chart
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Now Playing at the ABBA Arena

History Behind the ABBA Arena

ABBA Voyage is a groundbreaking virtual concert series which began on 27 May 2022, marking the return of the iconic Swedish pop group ABBA. The concerts bring to life avatars known as 'ABBAtars', which have been designed and rendered to resemble the band members from their 1977 heyday.

Stufish Entertainment Architects, who designed and constructed the venue, describes the venue as 'the world's largest demountable venue', and will be relocated after the show ends (in five years). The venue is located at London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The ABBA Voyage experience blends music, visuals and special effects to create a truly immersive atmosphere. It features live performances of ABBA's greatest hits and some new material from the band. The concert series promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans of all ages!

Practical Information - Accessibility & Facilities

Accessible Seating

The auditorium blocks A - E has accessible seating at the top-most rows, facing the stage. These seats are not only accessible, but provide the best views, block C in particular.

Facilities Inside ABBA Arena

Handy Tips

  • For the best views, choose seats in the top rows of block C.
  • Arrive early to the theatre to avoid last minute rush in finding your seat amidst the 1650 seats.
  • Try to eat something before entering the theatre, as the show lasts 90 minutes, and there are limited options inside the arena.
  • The ABBA Arena has restrooms with accessible designs, featuring lowered hooks, ample space to turn and grab rails for support.
  • Do not opt for the dance floor if you have physical ailments such as backpain, or knee pain. The auditorium blocks are the best option in that case, with comfy backrest seating.

Plan Your Visit: Getting There

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Frequently Asked Questions about ABBA Arena

Where is ABBA Arena located in London?

The ABBA Arena is located at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.


How many seats does the ABBA Arena have?

The ABBA Arena has a total of 1650 seats in the auditorium blocks.


How many people can the ABBA Arena accommodate in the standing areas?

The ABBA Arena can accommodate a total of 1350 people on its dance floor and 8 dance booths.


Does the ABBA Arena have accessible seating?

Yes, the ABBA Arena has accessible seating in the top rows of auditorium blocks A - E.


Which is the closest tube station to the ABBA Arena?

The closest tube station to ABBA Arena would be Stratford.