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ABBA Arena seating plan | Best seats & views at the best prices

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This guide on the ABBA Arena seating plan will help you find the good seats in the house - both in terms of the view and value for money. Get real-time seat availability and pricing, and find the best seats for ABBA Voyage.

Navigating ABBA Arena seating plan

Which seats should you choose?

💸Value for money seats: Blocks F to K offer a distant yet unobstructed view of the stage due to steep tiered seating; The Dance Floor area is standing-only but provides a fantastic concert experience due to the proximity to the stage and music.

🎟️If money were no matter: Dance Booths A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are perfect for a private group equipped with a dance floor and a couch.

🎭Best views of the stage: Blocks A to E, particularly Block C, offer superb views of the stage, ensuring you catch every visual effect.

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ABBA Arena auditorium seating blocks

The auditorium seating blocks comprises 1650 seats (out of the total 3000 capacity area), including accessible seating. The high backrest and sprung seats provides good views at a comfortable height for the entire 90-minute show.

Blocks A - E are right in the front of the stage, making them the premium seats. Those blocks also holds the accessible seats. Blocks F - K are far off, yet provide clear views to the audience. Since it is a concert, and since blocks F - K gives unobstructed views, the distance can be tolerated if you're in a pinch.

ABBA Arena dance booths

Named after people from the ABBA universe, the ABBA Arena features eight dance booths, four of which are located between auditorium blocks J and H (fitting 10 people) and the other four located between auditorium blocks H and G (fitting 12 people). You can book one or more of the booths fully if required, making it the most flexible area, perfect for a group of friends!

Similar to individual dance floors, the dance booths boast a terrific experience, with their private pod-like feel. You can stand and have a concert-like experience here, without having to stretch your neck to view the performers as the booths are situated at a comfortable height.

ABBA Arena dance floor

The dance floor is the closest you can get to a casual concert-like environment. Closest to the energetic performers, the unreserved standing space is just in front of the stage and is sure to be a bang for the buck. The dance floor allows you to move comfortably, rather than being stuck in one place, which is a major pro.

Which seats would offer me the best views?

The dance booths at ABBA Arena provide guests with the best concert experience to make their night memorable. The individual seats in the ABBA Arena, located in blocks A to E, are renowned for providing the best view of the show's extravagant performance complete with advanced visual effects. When looking for tickets, guests should take into consideration the seat location as those located closer to the centre of the arena is ideal for taking in all aspects of the show.

Which seats would offer me the best value for money?

Visitors to the dance floor area of the venue can expect a truly electric concert experience. With unreserved standing space located directly in front of the stage, audiences are free to move around and truly immerse themselves in the gig. And for those on a budget, seats in blocks F-K provide a far-off, yet clear view of the stage and the performers.

ABBA Arena reviews

Me and my sister went to see ABBA Voyage recently whilst in London. What an incredible experience from start to finish. A stunning visual experience and the music was just so good. We danced, sang and clapped along all night. Definitely recommend the dance floor area. As long-time ABBA fans this is an absolute must see, it was one hit after another and even some of the less well-known songs. No spoilers but we even shed a tear at the end. Would highly recommend and would go again tomorrow!

- Joolsybabe, Tripadvisor, January 2023

I was sceptical about this show at first, however, I decided to give it a go based on the positive reviews I have read. It was a truly amazing experience! I would go as far as to say I would go and see it again as it was that good. The technology behind it was phenomenal, the ABBAtars were very life-like and it was the nearest thing to seeing them live on stage.

The area was easy to find as it is right outside the Pudding Mill Lane DLR station (Elizabeth Line takes one to Stratford, then change to DLR for just 1 stop). Food and drink appeared to be reasonably priced, however, I only sampled a Passion Fruit Spritz which was quite nice.

I am glad I got a good seat (Block C A10 bang in the middle and just behind the dance floor which was packed).

Highly recommended!

- DK_Wiltshire, Tripadvisor, January 2023

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