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Swim With Fishes And Dive With The Sharks At Lost Chambers Aquarium

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The Lost Chambers Aquarium is Now Open

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June 1, 2020

Safety Measures

🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️Social Distancing

👮‍♂️ Reduced Capacity

New Rules and Guidelines

  • Advised to book tickets online
  • Wetsuits will not be provided.
  • Guests are requested to wear their own swimming attire.
More Updates

Revised Opening Hours

Monday to Wednesday

12 pm - 9 pm

Thursday to Sunday

10 am - 9 pm

Dubai, the tourist hub of the middle east is truly a city of the future and something to marvel at. Whether you are travelling with friends, your loved ones or your family, there is absolutely no way you will not find something to do and keep yourself occupied. One of the key engineering marvels here in Dubai is the awe-inspiring Atlantis Hotel, located in the iconic Palm Jumeirah Islands. This magnificent 5-star hotel is one of the most popular hotels in the world and for good reason. Based on the lost city of Atlantis, this hotel/resort houses a world class water park, Aquaventure and a splendid aquarium called The Lost Chambers Aquarium. This aquarium is probably the best in Dubai and that is saying something, given the number of amazing aquariums this city has. But what makes this aquarium so special? Let’s find out.

Lost Chambers Aquarium in a Nutshell

Lost Chambers Aquarium - 1
Lost Chambers Aquarium - 2
Lost Chambers Aquarium - 3

The Lost Chambers Aquarium in the Atlantis Hotel, houses around 65,000 marine creatures in over 21 aquariums and is designed like the lost city of Atlantis. As you walk through the labyrinth of underwater halls, you get the feeling that you are submerged in water with marine life all around you. See all types of fish, sharks, lobsters, jellyfish, seahorses and even albino alligators! There are many experiences you can partake in, at the aquarium, including a behind-the-scenes tour, where you can learn about some deep, dark secrets of the ocean from the in-house experts. Apart from the underwater observatory, you even have the option to touch and hold some of the creatures like starfish and sea-urchins for a more immersive experience at the ‘Touch Tank’.



10:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day.



Atlantis, The Palm, Crescent Road - Dubai
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Lost Chambers Tickets

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Get general admission tickets to the Lost Chambers.

Ultimate Snorkel Adventure

Enjoy a 20-30 minute snorkel session in the Ambassador Lagoon at The Lost Chambers.

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Lost Chambers Aquarium Tickets

Experiences at Lost Chambers Aquarium

Ambassador Lagoon
Perhaps the most visited and viewed attraction here is the massive Ambassador Lagoon. This goliath structure holds an astounding 11 million litres of water! Yes you read that right. Majority of the marine life at Atlantis reside in this tank. It is one of the largest aquariums in the world with enough water to fill 4.5 olympic sized swimming pools. This tank holds over 150 species of fish and you even get the chance to swim with them in the many diving experiences that Lost Chambers has to offer.

Ultimate Snorkel
This is the ultimate family experience here at the aquarium. Get a chance to snorkel in the Ambassador Lagoon and see the creatures exist in their natural habitat. No swimming skills are required for this experience so even children from the age of 6 can participate.

Atlantis Dive Discovery
This is the perfect experience for those who want to experience scuba diving. Meant for beginners, you will dive into the Ambassador Lagoon under the guidance of certified scuba experts. You can swim amongst the sharks, napoleon wrasse and other intriguing sea creatures. The minimum age to take part in this dive is 10 years.

Lost Chambers Aquarium Tickets

Lost Chambers Aquarium Lost Chambers + Aquaventure
The Lost Chambers Aquarium
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Lost Chambers Aquarium + Aquaventure Waterpark
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About Enjoy all day access at the Lost Chambers Aquarium.
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This exclusive combo gives you access to both Lost Chambers Aquarium and Aquaventure Waterpark.
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Open daily 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Open daily 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Open daily 10.00 AM to sunset

  • Lost Chambers General admission
  • Witness 65,000 marine creatures in over 21 tanks
  • Get a close-up look at some of the most fascinating sea-life
  • Go on a tour round the aquarium with an expert
  • Lost Chambers General admission
  • Witness 65,000 marine creatures in over 21 tanks
  • Aquarium tour
  • Aquaventure Waterpark General admission
  • Experience over 20 rides and slides at Aquaventure
Lost Chambers Aquarium Lost Chambers + Aquaventure
Ultimate Snorkel Adventure
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Atlantis Dive Discovery
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About Enjoy a 20-minute snorkelling session in the Ambassador Lagoon.
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Enjoy a 20-minute scuba diving session int he Ambassador Lagoon.
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Every 30 minutes from 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM

Daily at 10.45 AM, 1.45 PM and 4.45 PM

  • Snorkel through Ambassador Lagoon and explore the ruins of Atlantis.
  • Interact with schools of fishes.
  • Learn from the experts as you swim with a professional instructor.
  • Swimming and snorkelling gear provided.
  • Get coached on the basics of diving from an expert.
  • Complete a short training course before the actual dive.
  • Get into the water and swim with the fishes.
  • Scuba diving gear provided.

Other activities are also popular at the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Predator Dive
Sounds scary, doesn’t it? That is because you will actually get the chance to scuba dive into the Ambassador Lagoon and hand-feed up to 14 different species of sharks and stingrays! Worry not, as you will be under careful supervision and guidance. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is meant for the lionhearted and brave. Do you have what it takes to come face to face with Jaws?

Atlantis Aquatrek
This experience is meant for the slightly more adventurous. Go 3 meters deep into the Ambassador Lagoon and see how it feels to walk and breathe underwater. With the help of a special helmet, designed to help you breathe underwater, you get the opportunity to walk amongst stingrays, fish and even some sharks! Children above the age of 8 can participate in this trek.

Atlantis Dive Explorer
This is the ultimate diving experience Atlantis has to offer. Meant for certified divers only, this dive gives professionals the chance to swim in the Ambassador Lagoon for 1.5 hours, amongst the 65,000 marine creatures. All the gear and water bottles will be provided and this experience will be supervised by the Atlantis scuba team. If you are a certified diver, you do not want to miss this.

Attractions at Lost Chambers Aquarium

Scattered through the aquarium complex are other attractions at Lost Chambers that don't require an additional ticket purchase. Check out these attractions in the section below.

Touch Tank
This experience is very popular among the little ones. Here, you get the opportunity to actually touch and hold some of the sea creatures like starfish and sea-urchins. Under the guidance of an expert, learn more about these invertebrates as you hold them in your hand and see them in a completely different light.

Interactive Aquatheater Shows
Get the opportunity to learn more about the marine life and about scuba diving from the expert, comic scuba divers. You will also get the chance to watch a feeding show and see how they manage to feed over thousands of fish.

Fish Hospital and Nursery
With over 65,000 fish, there are bound to be a few injuries. But worry not, the expert management at Lost Chambers have taken care to setup a ‘hospital’ for the fish in case of any such problems. See first hand how the fish are cared for and how the staff take ensure their health and safety.

Other Attractions At Atlantis The Palm - Aquaventure & Dolphin Bay

Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Waterpark

Apart from being an exemplary hotel, The Atlantis also houses a standard setting water park called Aquaventure waterpark. This waterpark can be accessed by guests staying at the hotel for free and also by non-residents for a fee. This waterpark is seriously one of the best parks in Dubai, if not the world. The park has a 2.3 kilometer river ride that takes over 45 minutes to complete. Not only this, it also has a transparent water slide that passes through, wait for it, an actual shark tank! Aquaventure has loads of water related activities and rides and if you are in a city in the middle of a desert, what more can you ask for than a world class waterpark. Situated on the same grounds as the Lost Chambers Aquarium, the two can be done in one day.

Read our guide on the Aquaventure Waterpark to find out more about the park and learn how to get discount tickets to the waterpark.

Dolphin Bay

Dubai Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay at Atlantis, Dubai is one of the world's most sophisticated dolphin habitats where you get to not only swim with the dolphins but also feed them and go scuba diving alongside these charismatic creatures. Keeping in store activities suitable for all age groups, ranging from swim diapers to speedos, Dolphin Bay will add an element of excitement to your trip. Lucky for you, Dolphin Bay isn’t the only happening place on the Palm. Tickets to Dolphin Bay also provide you access to Aquaventure Waterpark. Brace yourself for a day full of water-packed fun!

Read our guide on the Dolphin Bay to find out more about the park and learn how to get discount tickets to the waterpark.

Lost Chambers Aquarium Insider Tips

  • Try entering the aquarium in the morning or in the afternoons. It tends to get a little crowded towards the evening so you can avoid that by going earlier.
  • Be sure to carry a camera with you as you will get hundreds of perfect photo opportunities.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as this does involve a bit of walking. The aquarium itself is huge with over 21 aquariums and enclosures.
  • Try attending the feeding sessions at the Ambassador Lagoon. This is a must-see activity as you get to watch the creatures being fed in the water. Ask at the reception for feeding timings.
  • Make the most out of your day by purchasing a combo ticket (Aquaventure Waterpark + Lost Chambers Aquarium). The waterpark also opens at 10AM. If you do opt for the waterpark, make sure to carry appropriate swimwear with you.
  • For a truly unforgettable experience, take part in the famous ‘Shark Safari’ at Aquaventure. All cancellations/rescheduling requests made 24 hours prior to the start time of your experience will be processed for free without any additional charges.

Lost Chambers Aquarium Reviews

Must do!

We did the fish tale excursion with my 7 y.o son. The nice surprise was that our guide, Mamye, speaks perfect Russian, so my son could ask her his million questions) we visited the fish hospital and nursery, learnt a lot about species, how the aquarium works and we feed the fish. My son really enjoyed beeing able to visit places that are not open to the public, he wanted to come back again and again! Thanks to Mamye we had a very pleasant and interesting tour, we recommend!

Kat, TripAdvisor, March 2018

Scuba dive in the Lost Chambers Aquarium

For someone who has never scuba dived before it was really an amazing experience. Manoj was the instructor who calmly and patiently spent time taking me through all the procedures and explained everything in detail. Top instructor and very knowledgeable and professional so I had absolutely no issues during the scuba dive. Diving in the tank was an absolutely amazing experience and next time I'm in Dubai I will be diving in that tank again.

Peter, TripAdvisor, December 2017

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