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Let Your Child Discover Their Inner Adult with Kidzania London Tickets

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In London with your family and don’t know where to go and what to do? Look no further than KidZania London. A fun, interactive learning experience for children and parents alike, this attraction is literally a miniature indoor city run by - you guessed it - kids! With over 24 parks in over 19 countries, from Dubai to Singapore to Brazil, KidZania has won the hearts of children all over the world. This park offers them the chance to partake in the adult world and lets them try different jobs in a safe, nurturing environment. Irrespective of what they want to be when they grow up, from doctor, dentist or police officer to firefighter or fashion designer, your children will get the opportunity to play all the roles here, at KidZania Westfield in London.

The activities here are not only heaps of fun but also highly educational and prepare your little one for the real world out there! If you are in London, this is a definite must-visit as there is nothing like it in the country. So come on, bring your little angels and give them a treat they will remember for a lifetime at this unique, family-friendly experience.

KidZania London in a Nutshell

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Kidzania London is a mini indoor city run by children, which means it has all the essentials of a modern city - a hospital, police department, supermarket, bank, hotel etc. All these urban structures are run by the children itself.

There are around 30 activities kids can choose from including cricket, a dance club, chocolate factory, engineering centre, etc. Through these activities, your children will learn what it is like to work and earn, while at the same time, have a blast and do some really fun things.

KidZania London

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KidZania London Tickets

How It Works

Your point of entry for Kidzania is the British Airways Airport check-in section. Once you're in, you and your kids will each get a security RFID bracelet. Additionally, kids are also provided 50 kidzos and a hairnet which can be worn underneath hats/helmets while inside the city. The best part is that if you're kids are 8 and over, you can simply check them in and pick them up at the end of their 4-hour time slot.

    Things to Remember
  • Kids are free to explore the entire city and participate in activities of their choice.
  • The duration of an activity may range from 5 minutes to 50 minutes. So, it makes sense to choose in advance what activities you want your kids to be a part of.
  • The RFID bracelet needs to be scanned at the start and end of each activity.
  • Kidzos earned during activities can be redeemed at Department Store inside the city or be used on your next visit.
  • While certain establishments in the city may suggest a specific age range for better enjoyment, everyone aged 4-14 are allowed to enter. KidZania Queuing Laws are applicable while waiting in line for each activity.
  • Adults (unless with an awareness wristband) are not allowed to enter establishments with their kids.
  • At the time of check-out, the RFID bracelets will be removed and children aged 8 and above are expected to be met by the adult who facilitated their check-ins. A 30-minute time period is provided at the end of the 4 hour slot for adults to meet their kids inside the city.


Dubai KidZania - firefighter

With nearly 30 options when it comes to activities, your kids will be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what all to do within the 4-hour time limit. Given below are ten of our recommended activities. To view the complete list, visit the official website.

1. Air Conditioning
Become a professional air-conditioning engineer and help the City stay cool for everyone to enjoy at all times. Figure out how the process of air-conditioning works as well as learn how to repair faulty units. Please note that this activity can be availed only an hour after the City opens.

2. Aviation Academy
Choose to play the role of a flight attendant or a cadet pilot on British Airways. As a flight attendant, you will get the opportunity to learn about flight safety and the various rules and regulations to follow and also serve the guests some snacks. As a pilot, fly an actual simulator and learn how to fly and land a plane! Parents are welcome to participate as passengers on the aircraft.

3. Bank
Deposit hard earned KidZos into the bank and access it using a bank card from any of the ATM’s spread across the city.

4. City Tour Bus
Learn how to be a tour guide aboard the tour bus. Onboard passengers and show them the city of Kidzania as you move around in the bus. Share some facts and details about Kidzania London and show off your reading skills. This activity provides a great opportunity to earn some kidZos and learn more about the city itself.

5. Courier Service
One of the easiest ways to make some quick kidZos would be by working for the KidZania Express Courier Service. You can volunteer by picking up and delivering parcels across various points in the city. Upto three parcels can be handled by you, moved around using a satchel or trolley.

6. Cricket
Time for some sport! Learn about the importance of exercise, coordination and teamwork with the Middlesex Cricket Club, right here at the Kidzania Stadium.

7. Hospital and A&E
See how it is like to work in a real hospital by playing the role of a paramedic, surgeon, or baby care nurse. As a paramedic, you will learn important first-aid skills and also the importance of the First Response Team. As a surgeon, you will be taught how to save a life in the operating room under the guidance of a Head Surgeon. Lastly, as a baby care nurse you will be required to take care of a baby, learning how to feed and play with one and of course, changing its nappy!

8. Hotel
Play the role of a housekeeper at a luxury hotel! As a housekeeper, it is your job to keep the room neat and tidy for the next customer. Follow the standards and ensure the room is spick and span as you complete 'turn-down' services!

9. Police Department
Maintain law and order in the city of Kidzania London. After completing training, make sure all the laws and rules are followed and ensure the streets are safe. Go out on patrol and respond to emergencies as you take care of your city.

10. Supermarket
As a supermarket employee, choose to work in any of the specialist sections: bakery, meat counter, or pharmacy. Try your hand at the cashier service as well and ensure that the customers get all their goods at the right price. You can also play the role of a customer and purchase all your necessities here.

Through all these activities and more, your child will get the chance to learn about the world using practical application and not just theory.


Perhaps the most thoughtful tool in Kidzania is kidZos, the currency used within the city. This not only lends authenticity to the entire experience but is also very important in the grand scheme of things. Just like real currency, kidZos can be used to buy products or services and can be earned through labour and work. It is simple, the more you work the more you earn. This simple but effective tool, teaches children the importance of working for what you want.

On entering the City, kids will have 50 kidZos each, in cash. The kidZos which the children earn, can be used to partake in certain activities in the city, that cost a certain amount or can be used to purchase products at the department store located in the vicinity. A third option the children have is to deposit the money in the Central Bank of Kidzania where they can open their own account!

To open an account, one must deposit a minimum of 75 kidZos. The kidZos in their account can be accessed anywhere in the city through ATMs and bank cards. This teaches the children two important life lessons - the need to save and to value their hard earned ‘money’. With the money in their account, the kids can come back another day and use this money for more activities, and what’s more is that the kidZos in the bank account actually earn interest just like a real savings account, so they have more to use in between visits.

This is a perfect way for the citizens of tomorrow to learn about banking systems and money and its importance in the world.


KidZania organises plenty of events in the City in tune with what's happening in the real world. As the list of events keep changing quite often, we recommend you to visit the official website for details on the latest ones.

Early Years

There are activities for children under 4 in the dedicated ‘Early Years’ section. There are three main activities here for kids - an interactive science lab, where they can participate as a lab technician and assist with experiments, a ‘RightZKeeper’s Residence’ where the children can enjoy puppet shows and storytelling, and a Kindergarten where they can solve puzzles and play with animal toys in a stimulating environment meant to hone their development. True to its name, Kidzania truly is a place for everyone in your family.

Grown Ups

As you may know, all adults enterting the City shall require an adult ticket. While children aged 8 and above do not require adult supervision, children aged younger than 8 will need to be accompanied by an adult at all times. While adults are not allowed to be a part of kids activities (unless with a carer ticket), KidZania offers numerous other activities that are adult-friendly. The 'Family Sundays' activity is a collaboration between children and grown-ups. In addition to this, grown-ups can sit back and relax at the Grown Ups Garden Shed with a drink in hand. The Loft, which functions as a space for both work and relaxation, is another adult-only zone. For more dining and shopping options, click here.

Tips to Streamline your Experience

  • Do some research before making your visit. There a lot of activities and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Narrow down on 6-7 activities you would really like to do and ensure you get there on time as the lines for each activity can get long.
  • Carry a camera as you are allowed to take pictures. However as a parent, you will not be allowed to enter the activity but you can stand outside and click to your heart's content. There are hired photographers as well inside and you can purchase these pictures at the end of your experience.
  • Make sure to purchase a Kidzania ‘passport’ for 5 KidZos. This will have your child’s picture on it and gets stamped everytime they do an activity. This not only serves as a good souvenir but can also help you get discounts at certain activities like face painting.
  • There are a few eateries within Kidzania London which accept real money, so don’t forget to carry a few pounds.
  • It is a good idea to get a locker to keep your belongings before entering the park. Carrying your things can get cumbersome as you will be doing a lot of walking around. Lockers cost about £3.

Good to Know

How to get to KidZania London

Kidzania is located at Westfield London.

Tube: The nearest stations are Shepherd's Bush (Central Line) and Shepherd's Bush Market (Hammersmith & City Line).

Overground: The nearest station is Shepherd's Bush.

Bus: 72, 94, 95, 220, 272, 283, 295 and N207.

Dubai KidZania

KidZania London Open Hours

To ensure you have complete freedom to plan your trip, KidZania London is open throughout the week.

It is usually open from 10 AM to 7 PM. However, as the timings can change once in a while, it is best to check here.

Age Restrictions

Kidzania London is inclusive of kids of all ages.

  • Kids under 4 can enjoy the Early Years activities.
  • For kids between 4-16, the main KidZania attraction is available all seven days a week.

Please note, children under the age of 7 need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Rules and Regulations

  • All children under 7 are to be accompanied by a full-paying adult (those above the age of 18) at all times.
  • Those over 8 can check out the city unaccompanied, but an adult mus be present at the time of admission.
  • Childrens' IDs may be requested at time of entrance, be sure to carry it along.
  • Locker services are available. Please contact the Information Counter for further assistance.

KidZania London Reviews

We visited during the Easter holidays. There was so much to choose from for my daughter to do. She loved it all!
Her favourites were being an air hostess with the lovely Liyan who was so encouraging and gentle with helping the children to serve us our food
Josh in GBK, was so patient and friendly with the 8 children he was making burgers with each time!
And if you need any help around the city, look out for Emily she couldn’t have been more helpful. Such a happy, bubbly person to meet and to chat to
Would definitely recommend and will definitely be going back

Lucy D, TripAdvisor, April 2018

We came along with our children's scout group and thought the phisolophy stands out from everyone else out there. The idea to make and save money is unique and succeeds in teaching children a valuable life lesson. A special thanks to Harj from retail who helped a crying boy find a gift and talked to him about his face paint and cheer him up. He also counted all our money.
Great experience. I would definitely recommend this place !

Georgina G, TripAdvisor, April 2018

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