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Explore art’s finest with the best Borghese Gallery guided tours

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The Borghese Gallery is one of the most famous galleries in the world, located in the former Villa Borghese Pinciana in Rome. Admire an exquisite collection of artworks by many legendary Italian artists including Bernini, Canova, Raphael, and Caravaggio.

There is much to know about the Borghese Gallery and the incredible collection of art within it. The best way to find out about its history and artwork is by going on a guided tour. Learn facts and stories about each masterpiece and the artist behind it from an expert guide as well as the fascinating history behind the Villa.

Best Borghese Gallery Guided Tours

Borghese Gallery Guided Tours Explained

1Normal Entry Tickets

The normal entry tickets grant you access to the gallery and the surrounding gardens. Step into one of the finest galleries in the world where you can admire masterpieces by legendary Italian artists such as Raphael, Bernini, and more. This ticket comes with an escorted entry and is perfect if you’re on a budget. You can purchase an audioguide on-site for 5 Euros

Borghese Gallary Tour

2Skip The Line

Save time and head right in with your skip-the-line Borghese Gallery tickets. This tour is for a small group of fifteen people and includes expert guides well-versed in English, Italian, and French. Learn all about the art pieces as well as the history of the gallery on this guided tour of the gallery.

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3Small Group Tour

Discover one of the world’s most exquisite art museums on a small group guided tour of the Borghese Gallery. Your expert guide will take you through the history of each art piece including sculptures, ancient mosaics, paintings, and relics. Because of the small size of the tour group, you are free to ask your guide any questions that you may have on the tour. After the museum tour, you can walk around the Borghese Gardens taking in panoramic sights of the city atop Pincian Hill.

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4Combo Tickets

Make the most of your visit to Rome by visiting all of its popular landmarks. The best way to do this is by choosing a combo ticket, where you can visit more than one attraction with a single ticket. Along with the Borghese Gallery, you can also visit the Vatican Museum, Castel Sant Angelo, the Colosseum, or the Pantheon. If you’re in Rome for just a day or two, a combo tour is the best way to go.

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What Are The Advantages Of Borghese Gallery Guided Tours?

  1. No need to wait in line to get in: Borghese Gallery is a must-see attraction, you’re bound to end up waiting in long lines. With a skip-the-line feature, you can head right in and save loads of time.
  2. Get expert guidance while exploring the gallery: Borghese Gallery houses a large collection of artworks by artists such as Bernini, Canova, Raphael, and Caravaggio. Having an expert guide who will tell you these interesting facts and insights is the best way to explore the gallery.
  3. Small tour groups: Guided tours ensure that you have a worthwhile experience where each tour group allows for only a limited number of individuals. With a small tour group you can ask questions to the guide and gain insights on the works and life of artists.
  4. Flexible timings for your guided tour: Your Borghese Gallery tickets have timings that span throughout the day. Choose the timing that suits your travel schedule best while booking your tickets online.
  5. Multilingual guide: You can opt for professional guides who can speak English, Italian or French.
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Everything You Need To Know About The Borghese Gallery

The gallery attracts millions of visitors all year round, making it a gem in Roman art and culture. Read more about the iconic collection of Roman sculptures by the Borghese family.

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