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Discover the City of Lights by Exploring Paris at Night

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Paris has a magical effect on travelers, it inspires emotions that range from awe and joy to exhilaration and euphoria! The beauty of the city draws more than 80 million tourists each year who come to enjoy its variety of cultural experiences. These experiences are magnified at night when the City of Lights transforms into a bright ocean. The city is one of the best lit cities of the world and offers exciting experiences including shows, tours, cruises, nightclubs, and more. A city of museums and monuments by day, Paris shines and entertains at night!

Paris at Night

The bright sun rays hitting the steely surface of Eiffel Tower are replaced by the shimmer of the sparkling bulbs as the sun goes down. All across Paris, the city transforms into a shining beacon attracting the denizens of the night. The city offers a variety of experiences for every traveler looking for a memorable evening in Paris.

There are cabarets that offer engrossing visual entertainment and nightclubs where the world’s best DJs play the latest dance numbers. The more culturally attuned traveler has the option of visiting museums open till late at night and going on walking tours and bus tours to explore the fascinating facets of the city.

You can also enjoy champagne on a dinner cruise as you float by watching the landmarks of Paris or indulge in a romantic dinner at one of the many Michelin star restaurants. Paris at night is more than just a destination; it’s an experience waiting to be lived!

Top Things to Do in Paris at Night

1Watch a Cabaret Show

Paris At Night

Cabarets in Paris have existed since the 16th century, beginning as venues for the meeting of artists and writers to gaining notoriety as places of kitschy dancing and entertainment. Today, they have emerged as eclectic entertainment venues offering a late night in Paris with exquisite dining and fantastic entertainment. Cabarets feature stunning girls that dance to mesmerising choreography, extravagant costumes and sets, and side acts that are funny and mind-blowing. From the legendary Moulin Rouge to the hi-tech production opulence of Le Lido; from the affordable luxury of Paradis Latin to the risqué Crazy Horse, Parisian Cabarets sure guarantee an unforgettable evening in Paris!

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2See the Eiffel Tower

Paris At Night

Paris’ skyline changed forever in 1989 as the Eiffel Tower was built. Standing tall at 125m, the ‘Iron Lady’ is a sight to behold! The steely metallic exterior showcases strength yet exudes a beauty that few architectural marvels possess. One of the best things to do in Paris at night is to visit the Eiffel Tower, blazing bright in all its glory. The tower shines with the help of over 20,000 light bulbs, and draws visitors like moths to light! The tower is also open till midnight and visitors can view the glittering city atop the tower.Read more about visiting Eiffel Tower at Night

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3Take a Dinner Cruise

Paris At Night

The sinuous Seine River traversing the city of Paris has nurtured the city for over two millennia. Like all the great cities of the world, the river is flanked by scenic avenues and iconic landmarks that have witnessed the history of Paris. A dinner cruise is the best way to explore the river and Paris by night. Every landmark is lit up spectacularly at night and one can admire the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, the Parliament, Musée D’Orsay, Grand Palais, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre from the river. Enjoy the sparkling sights of Paris with a scrumptious French dinner on one of the best river cruises in the world.

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4Explore the City

Paris At Night

La Ville-Lumiere or the ‘City of Lights’, Paris earned the moniker thanks to it being the centre of thought and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment. Later on, it was the first European city to be light up its streets with gas lights in 1828 and the ‘City of Lights’ took on a more practical meaning! Today, the city truly lights up at night with more than 290 sites that are brightly lit including the iconic Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysees. One of the things to do in Paris at night is to go on a paris night walking tour or a bus tour to take in the grand views.

5Head to a Museum at night

Paris At Night

Synonymous with history and culture, Paris has been the protector of the wealth of art through the centuries. With more than 100 museums, Paris has a museum for everything. If you are wondering what to do in Paris at night then a night at the museum is the best way to spend it! The most famous museum Louvre is open on Wednesdays and Fridays till 9:45 PM and the Musée D'Orsay is open till 9:45 PM on Thursdays. The crowds dwindle in the evening and allow you to explore the treasures of the museums at your own pace.

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6Go Out on a Pub Crawl

Paris At Night

Leave it to the Parisians to offer the best things in life! An integral aspect of Paris at night is its thriving nightlife with glitzy clubs, throbbing nightclubs and boisterous bars. Paris has something that fits every budget, whether it’s a cheap sports bar for a backpacker or an elite club for the luxury traveler. Some of the most happening nightlife can be found in the districts of Le Marais, Montmartre and Pigalle, Bastille, Latin Quarter, St. Germain, Republique, and Oberkampf.

Insider Tips for visiting Paris at night

  • Cabaret show tickets have the option of including champagne/meals. Depending on your budget you can choose the suitable option, however a cabaret show is more fun with a bubbly by the side.
  • The Eiffel Tower is open till 11:45 PM, with the last entry being at 11 PM. At the beginning of every hour, there is a light show for 5 minutes when the lightbulbs sparkle and twinkle in a set formation to create a breathtaking light show.
  • Centre Pompidou, which hosts the largest museum of Modern Art in Europe, the Musee National D’Art Moderne, is open till 10 PM. The centre has a vibrant vibe and includes galleries, a library, cinema and other exciting installations and projects running through the year. It has some of the most interesting things to do at night in Paris.
  • Paris has an exciting nightclub scene and some of the best nightclubs in Paris are Nuits Fauves, Djoon, Le Jeune, Concrete, La Java, Le Chinois, Rex Club, and La Station.
  • Paris is a fashionable city and you will see the latest fashion trends debuting on Parisian streets. While you need not be dressed to the nines for a visit to the museums and monuments, the nightlife venues can be more particular about dress code. Pack smart and sharp for a Paris evening, be it a high-end restaurant or nightclub.

Safety tips for visiting Paris at night

  • Don’t leave your belongings unguarded in public places.
  • Walk in crowds at night if possible.
  • Keep your money and valuables close to you
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • If you’re feeling unsafe, head to a police station or ask a local for help.
  • Try to learn some basic French before you go – it will make your trip much more enjoyable, and will be useful to ask for directions/help when needed.


What is the best way to see the sights in Paris?

The best way to see the sights in Paris is by taking a walking tour. This way, you can really take in the city and see all of the landmarks up close. Headout offers walking tours, so be sure to check it out!


Can you walk at night in Paris?

Yes, you can walk at night in Paris. However, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and stay in well-lit areas. If you’re not comfortable walking alone, there are a number of walking tours that you can take.

What is the best way to avoid pickpockets in Paris?

The best way to avoid pickpockets in Paris is to be aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings close to you. It’s also a good idea to avoid carrying large amounts of cash with you. If you must carry cash, consider getting a money belt or keeping it in a secure place on your body.

What is the best way to get around Paris?

The best way to get around Paris is by using the city’s public transportation system. The metro is efficient and will take you just about anywhere you want to go. You can also use the bus system, but it can be a bit more complicated to navigate. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always rent a bicycle and explore the city on two wheels.

What are the best things to do in Paris at night?

There are a number of great things to do in Paris at night. You can take a night tour of Paris, visit one of the many nightclubs, or just enjoy the city’s beautiful architecture at night!

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