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Navigating Paris: Your comprehensive travel FAQ

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Paris is home to a number of treasures - be it historical buildings, iconic modern structures, museums, cafes, palaces, entertainment or gardens. To pack it all in while creating a travel itinerary may get overwhelming. In this guide, we will look at some of the most commonly asked questions about attractions in Paris. From choosing the best Seine River cruises to skipping the queue at at major Parisian landmarks, this guide will answer all the questions that you may have regarding your Paris vacation.

Catacombs: All Your Questions Answered

Underneath the glamour and beauty of Paris lies an open graveyard with human remains going back centuries. Wait, it’s not as gruesome! A Paris Catacombs tour has been one of the most sought after experiences for tourists, a fact the legendary queue outside the entrance are testament to! What is it about the place which still brings in a steady influx of tourists and subsequently creates queues that stretch on for hours? Check out these questions to find out.

Palace of Versailles – All you need to know

An extraordinary architectural feat, the Palace of Versailles attracts between 8 and 10 million visitors each year. Situated just 30 minutes outside Paris, in the village of Versailles, this elaborate complex once thrived as an epicenter of political power for the Kingdom of France. While the Palace of Versailles is without doubt worth a visit, navigating this Parisian landmark can be quite daunting - the entire royal estate spans over an impressive 800 hectares (2,014 acres)! Go through the questions below to learn all you need to know before you visit the Palace of Versailles.

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46 Experiences You Cannot Miss Out In Paris

Check out these must-do experiences in Paris and plan your itinerary like a pro!

Avoiding the queue at major Paris attractions

Every year, people from all over the world come to Paris to visit its landmarks and this number has only been increasing. As a result, the tourist queues at all of Paris’ most popular landmarks, including the ones that don’t require a ticket (Notre Dame Cathedral), have become painfully long. Though this is managed efficiently, the ticket queues can easily extend for blocks and can see tourists waiting anywhere between 1-4 hours. There are a few simple tricks that you can use to get past these notorious lines with ease at most, if not all of Paris’ major landmarks. In this post, we will look at the top landmarks that should be on the must-explore list of everyone visiting Paris.