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i Amsterdam City Card | The good, bad & everything in between

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Concerned about making the most of every Euro during your upcoming trip to Amsterdam? Take a cue from seasoned backpackers and cut costs while exploring the city's attractions and museums by utilizing the I Amsterdam City Card! Much like similar passes found in major tourist destinations worldwide, Amsterdam offers its own version—the I Amsterdam Card—granting access to over 70 attractions at nearly half the regular cost, available in various time duration options. This comprehensive card encompasses all the significant sights within Amsterdam and its surrounding areas, along with enticing tours and discounts on dining, shopping, and activities. Don't hesitate—keep reading to discover more!

What is the I Amsterdam Card?

i Amsterdam City Card

The I Amsterdam Card grants access to over 70 attractions and museums in Amsterdam, providing tourists with the opportunity to explore the city's cultural offerings.

The I Amsterdam Card is valid in the city of Amsterdam and also in the nearby region of Amsterdam Area which includes tourist attractions like Zaanse Schans, Volendam, and Keukenhof. You will save anywhere up to 50% on the cost of individual tickets leading to big savings, plus the card is valid till 31st December 2020 giving you ample time to activate the card from the date of purchase.

After buying the card online, you can redeem it at the I Amsterdam Visitor Centres, conveniently located at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Central Station. The countdown of hours will commence only upon activation at your initial attraction or when you first use it for transportation. Throughout the duration of your I Amsterdam Card validity, you have the freedom to explore as many attractions as you desire!

The I Amsterdam Card Attraction List - Free & Discounts

Here are the premier attractions covered by the I Amsterdam Card. For a comprehensive list of included attractions, simply click on the toggle below. Additionally, your I Amsterdam City Card offers:

  • 1-hour canal cruise
  • Unlimited access to the city's public transport for 24 hours. (bus, tram, and metro)
  • Entry to 60+ attractions
  • A complimentary copy of Amsterdam magazine
  • A complimentary city map

Attractions Included in the I Amsterdam Card 

Advantages of Purchasing the I Amsterdam Card

i Amsterdam City Card
  • Customize your itinerary – The I am Amsterdam Card comes in five variations of 24 Hrs, 48 Hrs, 72 Hrs, 96 Hrs, and 120 Hrs. You can choose a card that sits your schedule in Amsterdam and can be activated based on your active sightseeing hours in the city.
  • Check any number of attractions – The I Amsterdam Card includes over 70 attractions and museums and you have the option of visiting all of them in the period of time of your card. You can explore them at your own pace or whiz through them all, the choice is yours! The only restriction is that you can visit them once.
  • Valid across all of Amsterdam – The I am Amsterdam Card is not only valid for access to attractions in the Amsterdam City, but also in the neighboring area. The card can be used in Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Zuiderzee Museum, Haarlem, Muiderslot, Naarden, Laren, and Batavialand.
  • Decide when you want to use – Bought the I am Amsterdam card online but changed your travel plans? Don’t worry! The cards bought in 2019 and 2020 are valid till 31st Dec 2020 and you can activate it only when you get to Amsterdam and start your sightseeing journey.
  • Major saving on individual tickets – Amsterdam is one of the more expensive European cities to travel in and every Euro saved is a Euro earned! With the I Amsterdam Card you will enjoy savings of up to 40%-50% on individual ticket prices which you can splurge on souvenirs and experiential activities.
  • Enjoy free perks – A major benefit that almost every I am Amsterdam Card review rates highly is the perks and benefits that add up to more savings. You can get 25% discount on concerts, stage shows and attractions. Plus, you can also get up to 25% discount on bike rental and food & drink, making it easy to stay within your budgets!

Is the I Amsterdam Card Worth It?

Interested in maximizing the value of your money and gaining more without increasing your spending? Cease pondering whether the I Amsterdam Card is worth the investment! Absolutely, the I Amsterdam Card is unequivocally worthwhile and here's why!

You receive complimentary admission to museums and attractions, as well as access to public transportation. Additionally, you'll enjoy perks such as a 25% discount on various attractions, live entertainment shows, transportation, bike rentals, and restaurants. The primary advantage of the I Amsterdam Card is the substantial savings on individual museum tickets. Explore the cost-benefit analysis to assess the extent of your savings.

Cost Benefit Analysis of the I Amsterdam Card

Cost of Top Ten Museums and Attractions in Amsterdam
ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo
Stedelijk Museum
Van Gogh Museum
Hermitage Amsterdam
Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age
Free Public Transport for 72 hours
NEMO Science Museum
One Hour Canal Cruise Boat
De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam

The i Amsterdam Pass 5 Day Pass will cost you while you will be spending €186.50 if you were to buy individual tickets for these attractions. This translates to savings of around €70!

But, this isn’t all, apart from this you can also access 30 other museums and attractions whose ticket cost comes up to €384.25. Check more places off your bucket list and save more!

How and Where Can I buy the I Amsterdam Card?

You have multiple options to decide on where to buy I Amsterdam Card, depending on your situation. All you have to keep in mind is that you need a physical card to utilise its benefits.

Online Purchase

Purchase the I Amsterdam Card conveniently online via Headout and receive a cashback. Upon immediate purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email for instant use at the I Amsterdam Card Visitors Centres within Amsterdam. Utilize the card effortlessly and save money in this costly city – every Euro saved counts! If you're looking to purchase the i Amsterdam city card online, head here

Offline Purchase

You have two ways to go about buying an I Amsterdam Card in the city. Official Stores – There are five official I Amsterdam Visitor Centres/Stores where you can buy the card

  • I amsterdam Store, IJ-hal (on the North side of Central Station)
  • I amsterdam Visitor Centre Stationsplein (across the main entrance of Amsterdam Central Station)
  • I amsterdam Visitor Centre at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Arrival Hall 2 (Holland Tourist Information)
  • Connexxion Help Desk, Arrival Hall 4 (behind Starbucks) at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • I Amsterdam Store, De Ruijterkade28a-d, 1012 AA AMSTERDAM
Partner Stores

There are more than 15 stores across Amsterdam, at attractions, GVB and partner stores where you can buy the I Amsterdam Card.

Once you have purchased the card, you can activate it any of the tours and attractions and your countdown of the number of hours on your cards starts.

I Amsterdam Card Itinerary

Below is a sample 3-5 day itinerary you can use while visiting Amsterdam with just your i Amsterdam City Card in hand. You don't have to spend a penny more on your attractions! With this itinerary, you'll have your money's worth.

Day 1

Morning | Van Gogh Museum
Noon | Rijskmuseum
Evening | Canal Cruise

Day 2

Morning | Amsterdam Museum
Noon | Wilet-Holthuysen Museum / Hermitage Amsterdam
Evening | Amsterdam Dungeon/Stedelijk Museum

Day 2

Morning | Amsterdam Museum
Noon | Wilet-Holthuysen Museum / Hermitage Amsterdam
Evening | Amsterdam Dungeon/Stedelijk Museum

Day 3

Full Day | Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Marken All Day Tour

Day 4

Morning | Artis Royal Zoo
Noon | Ice Bar NEMO Science Museum
Evening | Amsterdam Nightlife Tour Diamond Museum

Day 5

Full Day | Keukenhof All Day Tour

i Amsterdam City Card

Tips for Using the I Amsterdam Card

  • The Van Gogh Museum requires a time slot reservation even with the I Am Amsterdam Card, make sure you book it ahead on this page. This is why if you book the I Amsterdam Card online on Headout, you can pre-book the slot at the museum, and you won’t miss out on visiting it.
  • You need to be careful with your I Amsterdam Card as it cannot be replaced once it is lost. Treat it like you would treat a credit card and keep it in your wallet at all times.
  • The I Am Amsterdam Card is counted in hours; hence you can activate once you have settled down in your hotel and use it when you get out for sightseeing. This way you can maximize your time available on the city card.
  • Most of the museums in Amsterdam are open from 10 AM to 5 PM irrespective of the season, unlike in other cities like Rome or Paris. Hence, ensure you include all the free tours and activities like Canal Cruise after the museums are closed for the day.
  • If you are only on a 24 hour or 48 hour card, you can maximize your time by visiting the Van Gogh Museum or Hermitage Amsterdam Museum with an hour remaining in your card slot. For instance, if your card ends at 12 PM, you can enter at 11 AM and spend 3-4 hours exploring the museums. The rest of the time on the previous day can be spent visiting museums and attractions that need lesser time; you can cover a lot more this way!
  • The I Amsterdam Card does not include entrance to the Anne Frank House, so be sure you book that online and in advance. It also does not include tickets to the Royal Palace. You can however do a really fun Anne Frank Walking Tour. Head here for more details