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This Is Holland’s ultimate 5D flight: Soar through the Netherlands

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Discover the extraordinary world of This Is Holland, where Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies unite to offer the unparalleled sensation of soaring above the Netherlands. At the heart of this attraction lies the 5D Flying Experience, where guests are surrounded by mists, by winds, and the scents of the open air. Yet, the journey extends beyond sensation. You get into the history of Netherlands' creation and construction, while experiencing its culture and diversity. Discover the essence of Holland through this hour-long virtual tour!

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This Is Holland - In A Nutshell

Handy information

⏰ Suggested Duration:1 hour
☀️ Best Time to Visit:10 am or 3 pm
? Must Do:5D Flying Experience
?️ This is Holland + Canal Cruise€38.50
? Closest Train Stop Amsterdam Terminal


5D Flying Experience
Making Of
Interactive phone camera scanners
Interactive Trivia
Green Screen Photo Ops

Things to know

Opened in: 2017
Height Restriction: 1 m
Manufacturer: Vekoma

Opening Hours And Address

Daily: 10 AM to 6 PM / 7 PM
Check the calendar for exact timings for that day.

Address: Overhoeksplein 51, 1031 KS Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Why Is This Is Holland Worth Visiting?

  • This Is Holland offers an experience like no other! You get to feel the wind, mist, and scents as you glide over landscapes, creating an immersive journey.
  • Dive into the heart of Dutch history and culture as you explore the nation's creation and evolution. Gain insights into the innovative engineering that shaped the Netherlands while appreciating its diverse traditions and heritage.
  • Witness the beauty of Holland's landscapes like never before. From vibrant tulip fields to serene windmills, the visuals on this virtual tour are meticulously designed, offering an exceptional perspective on the country's picturesque scenery.
  • Discover how the Dutch have harnessed nature to their advantage, combating water with ingenious solutions that have shaped the land you see today.

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Top Highlights Of This Is Holland

15D Flying Experience

The 5D flying experience at This Is Holland elevates virtual reality to new heights. Through a symphony of motion, wind, mist, and scents, visitors are transported on an exhilarating journey above the Netherlands' iconic landscapes. This multisensory adventure redefines immersion, creating an unforgettable and lifelike exploration of the Dutch countryside.

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2The Making Of

Ever wondered how the mesmerizing world of This Is Holland was crafted? 'The Making Of' is a narrative that unveils the journey behind this cinematic masterpiece. Over two years, they captured the Netherlands from a helicopter, with permissions from conservation groups, municipalities, and enthusiastic supporters of this remarkable endeavor.

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3 Photo Moment

Capture the magic of your visit with a fun photo moment against a green screen. Choose from a variety of backgrounds, from picturesque windmills to iconic Dutch landscapes, and take home a personalized memento.

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4Interactive Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Netherlands with an engaging interactive quiz. Challenge your family and friends as you answer questions about the country's history, culture, and landmarks.

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Best Time To Visit This Is Holland

Since This Is Holland is an indoor experience, any time is a good time to visit! Additionally, the ideal time to visit This Is Holland is during the off-peak hours, typically on weekdays in the late morning or early afternoon. This allows you to enjoy the interactive exhibits and the 5D Flying Experience with fewer crowds, enhancing your overall experience. Planning ahead and arriving during quieter times will ensure a more immersive and enjoyable visit to This Is Holland.

Additionally you can learn more about the Best Time to Visit Amsterdam.

This Is Holland Timings

  • Daily - 10 AM to 6 PM / 7 PM
  • Check the calendar for the exact timings for when you plan to visit.

Getting There

  • By Bike: Situated at Overhoeksplein, just behind Central Station across the IJ, This Is Holland is conveniently reachable by bicycle from central Amsterdam.
  • By Ferry: A free shuttle ferry from Amsterdam Central Station to Buiksloterweg runs all the time. It takes about 3 minutes. Get on in the middle and walk left after you get off. It's a 2-minute walk to THIS IS HOLLAND.
  • By Train: Arrive at Amsterdam Central Station, follow signs to IJ side. Turn left by the river, take free F3 ferry to Buiksloterweg. After, turn left and walk 2 minutes to THIS IS HOLLAND.

Insider Tips to Visiting This Is Holland

  • Secure your tickets online to avoid waiting in line and ensure availability during your preferred time slot.
  • Aim for weekdays and off-peak hours to enjoy exhibits and experiences with fewer crowds.
  • Getting there early allows you to fully enjoy the interactive activities and attractions.
  • Wear comfortable footwear as you'll be walking through different areas.
  • Embrace the learning experience by engaging in interactive quizzes and exhibits.
  • Allocate about an hour for your visit to fully enjoy all the exhibits and experiences.
  • Utilize the free shuttle ferry from Amsterdam Central Station for easy access.

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What is This Is Holland?

This Is Holland is an immersive attraction in Amsterdam that offers a unique 5D flying experience, taking visitors on a virtual journey over the landscapes of the Netherlands.

How does the 5D flying experience work at This Is Holland?

The 5D flying experience uses a combination of virtual reality technology, motion seats, wind, mist, and scents to create a lifelike sensation of flying over Dutch landmarks and landscapes.


How long does the 5D flying experience last at This Is Holland?

The 5D flying experience at This Is Holland lasts approximately 9 minutes.

Are there age or height restrictions for the 5D experience at This Is Holland?

Children under 4 years old must be accompanied by an adult. The height restriction is 1 m.

How long should I plan for a visit to This Is Holland?

On average, visitors spend about 1 to 1.5 hours exploring all the attractions and experiences at This Is Holland.

This Is Holland