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Day trip from Amsterdam to Keukenhof | All you need to know

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Watch Bollenstreek transform from regular farmland to a fantastical rainbow-hued masterpiece in Spring!

The magical spring flowers, Tulips, have now become synonymous with the Netherlands. The stunning tulip display occurs from March to May, making it ideal to time your visit to Keukenhof accordingly. With just 40 kilometers separating the two areas, embarking on a day trip from Amsterdam to Keukenhof is a clear choice, particularly during the spring season. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for your journey from Amsterdam to Keukenhof to witness the tulips!

Keukenhof: The Scented Garden of Europe

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Holland is well-known for its large tulip fields, and Lisse is known as one of the top places in Europe to see these colorful fields. The area is home to the Keukenhof Tulip Garden , one of the biggest in the world. It's famous for tulips and other flowers that bloom here annually. Visitors can see a variety of flowers, including orchids, roses, carnations, and lilies, creating a beautiful landscape filled with vibrant colors and delightful scents. Because of its special beauty, this park attracts around a million tourists each year.

The tulips steal the show at Keukenhof, but the neighborhood also shows off Dutch history and tradition with old landmarks. If you love history, you'll find plenty to enjoy here. There are beautiful castles from the 17th century and art museums. Every corner of Keukenhof has something interesting to share about its tradition and history.

Keukenhof Opening Times

Don't embark upon your day trip from Amsterdam to Keukenhof without checking the timings:

The Keukenhof Park is open only during the tulip season in Amsterdam. In 2022, the garden is open from 23th March to 14th May, including Easter (9th April), Kingsday (27th April) and Liberation Day (5th May).

  • The park timings are 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM
  • Time slots are available every 30 minutes

Best Time to Visit Keukenhof Gardens

The tulip season in the Netherlands lasts for around eight weeks during spring, which is also when the Keukenhof Gardens are open to the public.

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Mid-April to Mid-May – This is the perfect time to visit Keukenhof Tulip Gardens. Spring is in full swing with sunny days, making it ideal for strolling among the blossoming tulips. The colors are vibrant in the sunlight, creating great photo opportunities. Keep in mind, this is also the busiest time, so expect large crowds of tourists.

Mid-March to Early-April – In spring's beginning, it's nice to visit, but expect some cloudy days. You might not see the tulips at their best. Still, you can admire other flowers like crocuses, daffodils, and hyacinths. Plus, there won't be as many people around.

Why take a day trip from Amsterdam to Keukenhof?

A day trip from Amsterdam to Keukenhof is long overdue, especially because of its convenience (in terms of location), and the sheer beauty it displays during springtime!

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A Picturesque & Mesmerising Roadtrip

Your journey from Amsterdam to Keukenhof offers a beautiful ride through the countryside and colorful flower beds. If you're driving and planning stops along the way, you can visit attractions like The Upside Down Amsterdam, The House Of Bols (a museum about Dutch Gin), Beatrixpark (another city park), and more.

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

Holland is famous for its tulips, and at Keukenhof, you can see not only 800 types of tulips but also many other flowers like daffodils, hyacinths, lilies, roses, carnations, and irises. You can enjoy hikes, bike rides, and private tours in the tulip fields to discover hidden treasures and fully enjoy your visit to Keukenhof.

DIY: Drive It Yourself

One of the best experiences in Keukenhof is simply self-drive around the tulip fields in an electric 2-person Twizy car. Equipped with GPS and commentary that familaises you with the history of these fields, these easy to drive electric cars also earn brownie points for making your trip an eco-friendly one.

Guided Day Trips From Amsterdam to Keukenhof

A tour is the most convenient way to visit Keukenhof from Amsterdam. There are multiple benefits to taking a tour –

  • Transportation is sorted – The private tours have comfortable AC buses which start from near Amsterdam Central. You don’t have to travel to Schiphol or Amsterdam RAI and then take the Keukenhof Express. It offers a direct transfer!
  • Skip the line entry – A tour will give you a fast track entry that will help you beat the crowds at the Keukenhof Gardens
  • Visit nearby attractions – A guided tour will also take you to nearby attractions like a bulb farm, flower fields, Marken, Zaanse Schans, Volendam, and even get a free Amsterdam Canal cruise. You don’t have to worry about arranging transportation for these additional locations.

Tickets for the Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam

Top things to do At Keukenhof - Day Trip Itinerary

1Keukenhof Gardens


A visit to Keukenhof isn't complete without seeing the amazing Keukenhof Garden. It's huge, covering 80 acres, and only open for 8 weeks each year, from mid-March to mid-May. Besides the 800 varieties of tulips, the garden has many other kinds of flowers. A favorite spot is the Dutch windmill, where you can park your bikes or electric cars and enjoy the park's beauty in the evening.

Amsterdam to Keukenhof

2Keukenhof Castle


Located in the vicinity of the Keukenhof Garden, this castle was constructed in 1641 during the Dutch Golden Age. After enjoying the beauty of the garden, don't forget to stop by this significant site. Renowned for its graceful Neo-Gothic architecture, the castle exhibits a valuable collection of artwork, paintings, and furniture from the lavish lifestyle of that period.

Entry: The entry to the castle is free. And yes, if you’re driving here, there’s a parking lot within the estates.

Amsterdam To Keukenhof

3Keukenhof Museums


Keukenhof has many famous museums that display the history and customs of the Dutch people. These museums are all near each other, so you can easily spend some time exploring them after seeing the flower fields. Check out the Museum Black Tulip to learn about the history of tulip farming and the flower trade. Food enthusiasts should visit the LAM museum, which is an entertaining art museum featuring paintings, sculptures, and art focused on food and beverages.

Amsterdam To keukenhof

4Indoor Flower Picking


Another popular botanical garden you can try and tick off your list is the Tulip Experience Amsterdam. Not only does it help you understand the breeding process and the history of the iconic Dutch tulip, but it also lets you pick a bunch of tulips in their indoor picking garden. Visit this flower bulb region during the evenings and spot over a million tulips in their outdoor show garden, grab some amazing coffee, watch a short film about the history of tulips or get mesmerised by the tulip paintings in their art corner.

Amsterdam To Keukenhof

5Outdoor Activities


Ride a cycle around the hood or rent an electric car if you want to get a bit more active and sporty. Or you can also opt for a soothing boat ride that sails peacefully along the endless flower landscape. Most boat rides are around 45 minutes, so if you’re planning this for evening - be rest assured to get some great snaps for your ‘gram!

Amsterdam To keukenhof

Traveling from Amsterdam to Keukenhof

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof by Train

Keukenhof Gardens are located in the town of Lisse, which does not have a train station. You will have to choose to visit any of the nearby train station and then take the Keukenhof Express Bus to reach the gardens.

From Haarlem – Take the train from Amsterdam Centraal to Haarlem Station (One way ticket cost approx € 4,50) and it takes about 20 minutes on average. From Haarlem you can take the Regional Bus Line 50 to reach the gardens.

Leiden – Take the train from Amsterdam Centraal to Leiden Centraal (One way ticket cost - € 9,60) and it takes about 35 minutes on average. From Leiden you can take the Keukenhof Express Bus Line 854 to reach the gardens.

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof By Bus

The best way to take a direct bus from Amsterdam to Keukenhof is by using a Combi-Ticket that offers fast track entry to the Keukenhof Gardens plus round-transfer on a AC coach. You can board the bus from Amsterdam Central Station. There is no direct public bus from Amsterdam to Lisse, you will have to take a connecting bus to Hoofdorp, Amsterdam RAI, or Schiphol and then board a Keukenhof Express Bus.

If you wish to take a bus to Hoofdorp Station, here are your options -

  • Bus Line 397 – From Amsterdam City Centre (Leidseplein, Rijksmuseum, Museumplein)
  • Bus Line 341 – From Amsterdam Zuid Station
  • Bus Line 300 – From Amstelveen Bus Station

From Amsterdam to Keukenhof By Car

Keukenhof Gardens are about 40 KM away from Amsterdam (Amsterdam Central) and it takes about 40 minutes to drive. It is a convenient drive and ideal for a short road trip, you can also use the car to drive by the countryside of Bollenstreek. The parking fee for cars is € 6.

  • The Keukenhof Gardens are at the address – Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM, Lisse
  • The Keukenhof Garden’s GPS coordinates are ‘52.271256 4.546365’

Directions - You will have to take the A4 Highway will getting out of Amsterdam, and take the exit at Nieuw-Vennep to Leimuiderweg/N207. Drive on the road for about 10 KM and you will reach Loosterweg Noord, near the gardens.

Walking or Biking to Keukenhof

Keukenhof is located in the Bollenstreek area which offers beautiful countryside views and the best way to appreciate it is through slow exploration by walk or bike. An added bonus is that you can visit the garden early in the morning or late without the worry of missing a bus back to Amsterdam.

Lisse has a few hotels that will suit your budget and are ideal for walking to Keukenhof Park. The surrounding areas that are suitable for biking to Keukenhof which have great hotels are –

  • Noordwijk – 12KM from Keukenhof – Idyllic coastal town with access to beaches
  • Hoofdorp – 15 KM from Keukenhof – Canal side town with famous Amsterdamse Bos Park
  • Haarlem – 15 KM from Keukenhof – City with medieval old town, art museums, and tulip fields

By the Keukenhof Express Bus

The Keukenhof Express Bus is the official bus that transports visitors to the Keukenhof Gardens. There are four lines which will take you straight to the Keukenhof Gardens –

  • Bus Line 858 – From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (Aprox. Travel time – 35 minutes)
  • Bus Line 852 – From Amsterdam RAI (Aprox. Travel time – 35 minutes)
  • Bus Line 859 – From Hoofddorp (Aprox. Travel time – 22 minutes)
  • Bus Line 854 – From Leiden (Aprox. Travel time – 25 minutes)

The single one way ticket on Buses 858, 859, 854 costs € 5, and on the bus line 852 costs € 7.

The buses are wheelchair-friendly and you can also bring along your small dogs on the bus.

Read more about planning a day trip from Amsterdam to Volendam and Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans.

Where to Eat At Keukenhof

Keukenhof Restaurants
Restaurant De Vier Seizoenen

From everything ranging from Dutch cuisine to International, with vegan options this restaurant is perfect for a family dinner with a cozy vibe and great service.

Find on Map >

Bath Restaurants
Ristorante II Mulino

With a sombre environment, the Mediterranean and Italian cuisine assures a delicious meal that is testament to its amazing reviews. The exceptional food and service enhances your culinary experience to another level.

Find on Map >

Keukenhof Restaurants
Restaurant Den Ouden Heere

With its dark matte walls and piping food, Den Ouden Heere is every food lovers’ dream. It’s seafood and Central European cuisine will leave you planning another trip just to taste it once more.

Find on Map >

Amsterdam Restaurants
De Heerekame

The rustic ambience adds to the flavor of the exquisite Dutch cuisine and seafood available here. The smoked food will leave your palette satisfied after a day long trip of sight seeing.

Find on Map >

Amsterdam Restaurants
Restaurant Hofboerderij

A restaurant that captures the floral colors of Keukenhof, Hofboerderij is a brunch favorite. Visit it for its cheerful ambience and mouth watering dishes.

Find on Map >

Where to stay in Keukenhof?

Your Amsterdam to Keukenhof day trip can be tiring - there's quite a bit to walk. What if you want to rest it off at Keukenhof before heading back to Amsterdam? Here are some of our top recommendations:

NH Amsterdam Schipol Airport

A four-star hotel conveniently located just ten minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, NH Amsterdam Schipol, offers great connections to Keukenhof by car and public transportation. Its exquisite breakfast spread is just the icing on the cake.

NH Zandvoort

The NH Zandvoort lies between the dunes and North Sea beachfront on Zandvoort boulevard. It is a peaceful setting and makes your stay just as enjoyable although it is a drive away from the Keukenhof Gardens.

Urban Lodge Hotel

The Urban Lodge Hotel brings a mixture of Urban Design and Country Style Lodge to Amsterdam´s Sloterdijk Station area. Combining elements of inviting Dutch design and coziness they have created a unique and warm ambience that make you feel at ease.

Ibis Leiden Centre

The Ibis Leiden Centre provides you with a well-furnished room with a comfortable ambience is the perfect fit for a cozy night.

Where to Shop at Keukenhof

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Don't you want a colorful souvenir to take home with you to remember this incredible experience by? From colourful tulip printed merchandise to artwork and quirky knick-knacks, make sure you pack a piece of the Keukenhof back with you. The most popular souvenir in Keukenhof includes miniature ceramic pots with a bunch of tulips, tulip shaped chocolates, mugs and other fashion accessories. The price range of these start at €2,50.

There are tons of gift shops and souvenir shops that offer well-assorted gifting items, decor, stationery and other accents. Some of the shops where you can shop for yourself and your folks are World Of Delight, Holland Souvenir Shop, Keukenhof Garden (there are tons of shops inside the estates itself) and Souvenir Shop Ans.

Day Trips

More Amsterdam Day Trips

Wondering if there are other places to hit from Amsterdam? Here's our list of 8 glorious destinations that await.

Day Trip Amsterdam to Keukenhof: Insider Tips

  • The earliest Keukenhof Express bus from Amsterdam Schiphol leaves at 8:00 AM, while the first bus from Amsterdam RAI leaves at 8:43 AM. If you want to get to the gardens early then choose to go to Schiphol.
  • Going by train from Amsterdam to Keukenhof might not be the quickest option but if you are going on the day of the flower parade, then it will be your best option. You can watch the flower parade either at Leiden or Haarlem, and take the train, as the streets will be packed for the parade with the visiting crowd.
  • You can keep your bikes for free at the designated parking spots at the Keukenhof Gardens. Make sure you bring a lock and put up an identifying marker for your bike.
  • The earliest bus from all of the stations is the Direct Bus Line 50 that leaves from Haarlem Station at 7:00 AM. There are at least eight trains that leave from Amsterdam Centraal to Haarlem Station before 7:00 AM. You can use this combination to get to Keukenhof Gardens in time for the 8:00 AM opening, and have the gardens to yourself for almost an hour till the first Keukenhof Express Buses start coming in!
  • Hotel de Nachtegaal, Hotel De Duif, Boutique Suites Lisse, Hotel de Lis, and Bed & Breakfast Madeleine, are some of the best hotels in Lisse. These hotels are within 5 KM radius of the Keukenhof Gardens and ideal when you want to stay overnight and bike or walk to the park.
Amsterdam to Keukenhof Guide
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