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9 Things You Must Know Before Visiting The Tulip Gardens in Amsterdam

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Spring in Amsterdam is a burst of vibrancy. A stroll through the city during this time will acquaint you to the beauty of the Dutch Tulips that bloom only for a few weeks in Amsterdam. Attracting millions of tourists who come seeking this annual phenomenon, these delicate flowers appear in several eye-catching colours. It is only during this time of the year you may walk through the streets of Amsterdam spotting these blooms adorning every monument in the city. Here’s how you can experience them at theKuekenhof Gardens in Amsterdam and learn more about their vivid history.

Keukenhof Tulip Garden Amsterdam

What Is The Bollenstreek?

Bollenstreek is an expansive, colourful strip of Tulip stretching 20 miles across Haarlem and Leiden. Home to the iconic Dutch tulips, this strip has been in existence since Tulip Mania in the 17th century. Bollenstreek is famous for the various activities that take place during the tulip season. Some of which include tulip picking, visits to tulip farms to learn about its cultivation, biking, hiking as well as flying above the flower fields. When the bulbs bloom, they make the region the most visited place in the world by attracting as many as 850,000 visitors on an average.

Tulip Season In Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam during springtime is a treat in itself as vast parts of the city are draped in a blanket of colourful tulips. The climate is cool and breezey making it ideal for strolling about the gardens. The flower season in Amsterdam begins with the cultivation of daffodils and hyacinths, following on to tulips in the springtime. While you can visit Amsterdam during the months of mid-March to mid-May, the best time to see a colourful patch of tulips in Amsterdam would be in April. With fields of tulips almost everywhere, April is the best time to witness the glory of these flowers that are in full bloom. Located on the outskirts, it is advisable to tour by foot or bicycle.

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Where Are The Tulip fields In Amsterdam?

Keukenhof Tulip Garden Amsterdam

Visitors wanting to spend time in a blanket of colourful blooms can choose to visit the North Holland region, which is best known for its tulip cultivation. A 30-minute drive from Amsterdam takes you to, Bollenstreek (literally translating to ‘Bulb District’) where several strips of tulips are located. Since Bollenstreek is located around the North Sea Dunes, it makes up for a picturesque location for those wanting to spend some time in serenity. Apart from this, you may also find tulips in the town of Lisse. Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower park, is located in this quaint town. Cycling around Amsterdam’s outskirts is the best way to catch a glimpse of these blooming beauties.

World's Largest Flower Garden - Keukenhof Tulip Gardens

Deemed as the World’s Largest Flower Garden, Keukenhof located in the quiet town of Lisse is a great place to feast your eyes on some colourful tulips. Situated 30 minutes away from Amsterdam, Keukenhof is not only home to 7 million tulip bulbs, it also boasts of a fantastic collection of irises, hyacinths, orchids, roses, carnations, lilies as well as daffodils. A walk through Keukenhof will treat you to a spectacle of colours and a whiff of heavenly perfume. The Keukenhof gardens sprawl over a whopping 32 hectares, hosting various exciting events, activities and exhibitions for adults and children alike.

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Keukenhof Tulip Garden Amsterdam

Best Way to Experience Keukenhof Gardens

With millions of people flocking to Amsterdam each year to experience the beautiful Dutch tulips, it is only natural to find a crowd and long queues wherever you go. However, the best way to make the most of your visit is by opting for an online ticket that allows you an easy skip the line option. Some perks in these combos avail you an option of guided tours, which are a fantastic way to learn more about the history of tulips in Amsterdam. Touring alongside a skilled guide will not only take you through the important stops on the way but will also make sure you spend enough time on the ones that matter. Apart from that, a guided tour takes care of your transport and keeps you within an intimate group to make sure you experience the best of the tour. If you wish to tour by yourself, there are also several bike rentals you can opt for.

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Other Tulip Gardens Near Amsterdam

  • Lisse: Though best known for Keukenhof, the town of Lisse is surrounded by tulip fields of every colour that mainly produce flowers for the international market. Learn all about going from Amsterdam to Keukenhof
  • Noordwijkerhout: A patch of fertile coastal area between the city of Leiden and Haarlem, Noordwijkerhout is home to Bollenstreek which is best known for its excellent tulip bulbs.
  • Zeeland: Another bulb producing province in Holland is Zeeland, which is a quiet Dutch countryside with not a lot of bustle.
  • Utrecht: Merely a 30-minute train ride away from Amsterdam, Utrecht is a beautiful canal town which is also home to a vast tulip plantation.
  • Drenthe: Although under development, this area still hosts a lovely event every year titled ‘Tulips by the Night’ where you can stop by for a nightly stroll during your stay!

All About The Tulip Festival In Amsterdam

The annual Tulip Festival that is held in Amsterdam during spring brightens the town with tulips in various vases and pots adorning the streets. The Tulip Festival that goes by the motto — ‘A Tulip for every citizen of Amsterdam’ — strives to protect the iconic Dutch flower that has been witnessing depleting numbers. The annual event involves enthusiastic locals planting almost 800,000 tulips every year in during fall which end up blooming right during the festival in spring. The month-long Tulip festival hosts various enjoyable events that bring the town together. Some of which include a Carnival for children, Cruise Tours, Dutch dance workshops as well as several open-air concerts that bring life to the festival.

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Book Tickets for the Tulip Festival

Keukenhof Tulip Garden Amsterdam

Tips For Your Amsterdam Tulip Fields Visit

  • Avoid visiting the Tulip Fields on a public holiday or a weekend as it draws a larger crowd.
  • Book your tour tickets online to avail priority access on busy days. Most tours have skip the line access which is an absolute boon.
  • Make sure you dedicate enough time for the gardens as they’re worth the stroll and quite expansive.
  • Don’t miss seeing the four pavilions located within the Keukenhof that talk more about flowers and their cultivation in great detail. Learn more about the pavillions and indoor exhibitions at Keukenhof.
  • If you're looking for ways to travel from Learn all about going from Amsterdam to Keukenhof , here's a detailed guide with transport options that will come handy.
  • Bringing your own lunch is a great idea to enjoy the gardens’ beauty. A picnic by the flowers is simply ideal!
  • Do not litter inside the park as it is a fineable offence.


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