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20 offbeat Dubai gift ideas for unique experiences

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Gifting, is all about the joy of giving. It's about when you find the perfect gift for someone and just know that it'll make their day, or week, or month, or...year. You know where I'm going with this. Anyway, if you're looking for an experience, rather than a box of something - because you know that this memory will stay with them for longer than any piece of clothing ever has - you're in the right place. Actually, you're in the best place if you're looking for gift experiences in Dubai.

20 best gift experiences in Dubai 2022

Here we have for you a well-curated list of our favourite Dubai Gift Experiences - ones we know work like a charm.


Ski in the middle of the desert, err, mall

Best recommended for: Anniversary gift, Kids birthday
dubai gift experiences
Adventure Fun Snow
from AED 263

What better gift than skiing in the middle of the desert? For those who complain about the scorching heat of Dubai and how they can't seem to catch a break from it, Ski Dubai is their chance to spend well-deserved time in Dubai's own Winter Wonderland! A couple of hours in the snow is the perfect respite from the never-ending heat, and what's more, is that you they can pick up a whole new skill like skiing, while at it.

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Swim with the dolphins at Atlantis

Best Recommended For: Children's Day Gifts, Birthday Gift
dubai gift experience
Adventurous Off-beat Dolphins
from AED 105

It's dolphins! Swimming with dolphins is on most peoples bucket list - and this experience gives you the chance to fulfill exactly that. At Atlantis Dubai , enjoy a fully guided poolside encounter with some of the most adorable dolphins. The Dolphin Bay Behind the Scenes tour is the perfect additional to get an inside look at how the mammals are cared for.

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Spa Day!

Best Recommended For: Mother's Day Gifts, Valentine's Day Gifts, Couples
dubai new year ever
Adventurous Relaxing Authentic
from AED 495

"A massage is the answer to all of life's miseries" - said every mother/girlfriend/daughter/colleagure - ever. And a massage doesn't get better than a much-needed, sun kissed relaxing day in the heart of Palm and Pearl Jumeirah. This location is where you'll find the best spas and hotels to get the best massages in, and relax like you haven't in a while. Our recommendation? Nikki Beach Resort always.

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A Soothing Staycation

Best Recommended For: Working Couples, Families who barely spend time together
dubai gift experience
Adventurous Off-beat Authentic

The time to indulge in a staycation, What with the world closing down a little bit (a whole lot?) and work-life integration getting harder to keep a grip of every day, a change of scenery will do everyone good, AND help mental health. Gift a staycation to your favourite people and let them relax, breathe in the fresh air, and get back to work with motivation like you've never before.

Our favourite hotel to let loose in and relax? The Jumeirah Beach Hotel!

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Dubai local's guide
Local's Pocket Guide To Dubai

The ONLY guide you need to explore the best of Dubai

Plan your vacation backed by curated insights from local experts. Save hours of planning with our actionable itineraries and insider hacks on everything from accommodation to shopping, food and more!

Drive a Supercar!

Best Recommended For: Adventure junkies, Motorsport enthusiasts
dubai gift experiences
Adventure Off-beat Fun
from AED 2500

Driving a supercar, ergo a Ferrari, a McLaren GT, a Porsche, a name it...has to be something every autophile wants to tick off their 'Cars I HAVE to Drive' list. Well, at least those who have their licenses anyway. Help them satisfy their need for speed with this experience of a lifetime.

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Waltz at the Dubai Ice Rink

Best Recommended For: Families, Birthday Parties, Couples
dubai gift experiences
Adventure Budget Romantic
from AED 110

When the heat gets too much, and you have nowhere to go (well, that's near impossible, isn't it? Having nowhere to go to in Dubai) Anyway, in case an unlikely situation like that does arise, The Dubai Ice Rink might just be the answer to all your problems. An Olympic-sized skating rink where your loved ones can unwind in cooler temperatures, learn a thing or two about ice-skating, and relax - is a skating rink that's doing its job well. What's more, is that the ice rink, is also the perfect spot for your next date!

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Camp under the stars in the desert

Best Recommended For: Valentine's Day Gifts, Stargazing Enthusiasts
dubai gift experiences
Beach Family Romantic

Looking for a romantic gift that's not been done a 1000 times before? Well, for an offbeat Dubai gifting experience, head out to a desert - any desert - and camp out on it. Drive out in a car, carry food, drinks, a tent, and a telescope with you, and voila! You're all set for a night of looking up at the stars, naming stars after each other, and a breath of fresh air!


A fancy dinner on Dhow Cruise

Best Recommended For: Dates, Family Dinners
dubai gift experiences
Cruise Gourmet Food Water
from AED 204

Another popular attraction in Dubai, dinner on the Dhow Cruise is not something you or your close ones should consider missing. If you think they might not get to it in a while, gift them a dinner on the cruise! A memorable dinner is the way to everyone's heart, and we stanhd by that rule!

While you have multiple locations and occasions to choose from, the Canal cruises are best-recommended for a luxurious experience. With views of the Business Bay Bridge, Safa Park, Dubai Festival City, and Burj Khalifa, among others, you know you're signing up for a night to remember.

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Race with the horses

Best Recommended For: Polo enthusiasts, Horse lovers
dubai gift experiences
Adventure Horse riding Off-Beat
from AED 1800

Horse riding in public clubs is all the rage in Dubai and with good reason. Particularly, at the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club . Here, one can train with guides and choose to either learn from scratch or brush up on your skills. What's more, is that your guest can choose between going on a quiet ride, or engaging in a fun game of Polo - whatever works best for them!

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Cruise along the world's longest zipline

Best Recommended For: Adventure junkies, People who aren't afraid of heights
dubai gift experiences
Adventure Bucketlist Best Views
from AED 370

What better gift than an adrenaline filled one for your very best friend? The Jebel Jais is a 2.83 km zipline (the size of 28 soccer pitches) that flies you at a speed between 120 to 150 km/hr, AND gives an adrenaline rush like never before. If you're looking to gift someone an unforgettable adventure - this is the way to go.

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Instagrammable Places in Dubai

Top 23 Instagrammable Places in Dubai

From glittering skyscrapers to glimpses of an old world city, Dubai is hands down one of the most "instagrammable" cities in the world. The city quite literally has it all - golden dunes, lapis lazuli waters, modern architecture, age-old souqs - name it and you'll find it in Dubai. If you travel for the 'gram (no judgement!), here's a a list of everything you need to know before visiting these Instagrammable places in Dubai (in no particular order) along with the exact google map coordinates and some Headout insider tips.

Dinner in the clouds

Best Recommended For: Adventure enthusiasts, Foodies
dubai gift experiences
Black tie Dinner Cruise Luxury
from AED 629

How does eating on a crane in the middle of the clouds sound? Unusual, right? Well, Forbes agrees with you. Named one of the top 10 most unusual eating spots in the world, Dinner in the Sky, is a once in a lifetime experience. You just know that you'll write yourself in the history books forever with this gift experience.

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Dubai local's guide
Local's Pocket Guide To Dubai

The ONLY guide you need to explore the best of Dubai

Plan your vacation backed by curated insights from local experts. Save hours of planning with our actionable itineraries and insider hacks on everything from accommodation to shopping, food and more!

A Seaplane adventure!

Best Recommended For: Adventure junkies, Flying enthusiasts
dubai gift experiences
Adventure Off-beat Sightseeing
from AED 1800

If the people you love have ever wanted to take off and land on a water body - this is your chance to gift the experience to them! Sailing into the sky with Seawings is your chance to take in the gorgeous landscape of Dubai in a 20-minute/40-minute flight. Help them feel the adrenaline as they fly above the Palm Jumeirah, take in views of the Burj Khalifa and go on a heritage tour of Dubai. What's more, is that they'll enjoy the unique experience of taking off and landing on the Persian Gulf!

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Get them to jump from 13,000 feet in the sky

Best Recommended For: Adrenaline junkies, Adventure enthusiasts
dubai gift experiences
Fun Adventure Thrill
from AED 2300

If the person you're gifting to is a daredevil, and if you think that the opportunity to jump from 13,000 feet in the sky will make them feel all kinds of giddy and warm and nice - getting them tickets to Skydive Dubai is the way to go.

The experience of jumping out of a quite unmatched, to say the least. Sign them up for a video recording of their session and get proof of the fact that you're their best friend ever!

IF they're having second thoughts about Skydiving? Our first-timer's guide to Skydiving in Dubai will prep them end to end.

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Race a Formula 1 car, yep

Best Recommended For: Motorsport enthusiasts, Formula 1 super fans
dubai gift experiences
Extravagant Adventure Formula 1
from AED 19,900

Dubai, or rather Abu Dhabi is home to one of the most exciting races on the calendar - usually the finale of an F1 season. Keeping that in mind, Dream Racing in Dubai, actually lets you drive a Formula 1 car. No, we're not kidding.

You can drive either the Jaguar F1 2000 or the Arrows F1 2002 with Dream Racing Dubai. If the person you're gifting is a Formula 1 superfan, this experience right here, will stay with them forever. And although it's a little heavy on the pockets, rest assured that this experience will leave someone's heart racing, and face flushed.

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The magic of La Perle

Best Recommended For: Musical appreciators, Art enthusiasts
dubai gift experiences
Extravagant Luxury Musical
from AED 259

Located at Al Habtoor City, this theater is especially designed for the show - it has technology-forward lighting systems, a pool on the stage, and more. Known for it's shows that present cool acrobatic and aerial stunts, acting chops, and aquatic acts, the Le Perle show, is not one to miss.

For every friend of yours who is a drama/musical/art enthusiast - the Le Perle show is one that'll help blow their mind. Sign them up for it now, what are you waiting for?!

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A deep-sea fishing day out

Best Recommended For: Fishing junkies, Thalassophiles
dubai gift experiences
Fish Off-beat Adventure
from AED 1500

Deep-sea fishing in Dubai, who would've thought?! Well, that's perfectly why it makes for the perfect gift - people don't expect it! AND it's a whole lot of fun, of course.

What's more, is that you can make group bookings for the same, and make an outing for it. Family's Day Out!

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A Helicopter ride

Best Recommended For: Non-acrophobics, Adventure enthusiasts
dubai gift experiences
Extravagant Aerial Luxury
from AED 646

Catch some of the aerial views of the city like never before in a helicopter ride that'll take you around town. From the iconic Burj Khalifa present in all its magnificent glory, to the striking Palm Jumeirah, a Dubai Helicopter Tours offers you a bird’s eye view of the city like nothing else does. This is a ride to experiencing Dubai like never before. Here's a complete guide to choosing the best Helicopter tours in Dubai.

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A Hot Air Balloon ride

Best Recommended For: Anniversary gifts, Family's day out
dubai new year staycation
Extravagant Adventure Luxury
from AED 1250

Do more than just float at 4,000 feet above ground, when you book a hot air balloon experience. These experiences usually include dune-dashing, authentic food and camel rides! All in all, a quintessential Dubai experience - what else can you really ask for?

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The adventure of a lifetime at a Theme Park

Best Recommended For: Children's day gifts, Birthday gifts
dubai gift experiences
Budget Adventure Thrill
from AED 335

No matter which city you're in, a visit to a theme park is always a good idea - and Dubai is no exception. This makes for a great experience to gift children and those who are children at heart!

We even have the perfect combo ticket! The Ferrari World and the Warner Bros World steal deal combo: both exquisite, and right up there with the best. From batman and bugs bunny, to the fastest rollercoaster in the world, the one you gift this to will sure love it!

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Van Gogh...come to life

Best Recommended For: Aesthetes, Art enthusiasts
dubai gift experiences
Art Unique Indoors
from AED 125

Timeless artwork that leaves you in absolute awe is appreciated by all, and Van Gogh does exactly that. A visit to Infinity des Lumières in Dubai, successfully does the same. If the person you're gifting to is an art lover, trust us on this choice.

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The 20 Best Experiences to Gift in Dubai


What is the best time to visit Dubai?

The best time to visit Dubai would be the winter - typically from November to April. During this time, the weather is pleasant (i.e. not hot 24*7) which means that you can engage in all the outdoor activities you want, without worrying about staining your clothes with sweat! 

What are the top 10 things to do in Dubai?

On your vacation to this beautiful, beautiful city that'll never let you run out of things to do, here are the top 10 things to do:

1. Ski in Ski Dubai 
2. Swim with the dolphins at Atlantis
3. Drive a Supercar! Or a Formula 1 car, as you please
4. Waltz at the Dubai Ice Rink
5. Go desert camping and stargaze
6. Have a fancy dinner on Dhow Cruise - or in the clouds - your call
7. Race with the horses at a Polo Club
8. Cruise along the world's longest zipline at Jebel Jais
9. Go on a seaplane adventure
10. Float in a hot air balloon

What are some adventurous things to do in Dubai?

For our adventure seekers, there's lots you can do in Dubai:

1. Go ziplining at Jebel Jais
2. Eat IN the clouds
3. Drive a Formula 1 car
4. Go skydiving
5. Go deep-sea fishing
6. Go on a helicopter ride
7. Explore the plethora of theme parks at Dubai
8. Fly in a seaplane
9. Race with the horses, on the horses
10. Swim with the dolphins at Atlantis

Can I really rent a supercar in Dubai?

Yes, yes a thousand times yes! Dubai is THE place that's known for having cars you wouldn't see anywhere else. Everything from a McLaren to a Porsche, to a Ferrari - is accessible. 

Are Dubai Gift Experiences worth it?

Yes! Gifting a box is old-school. Gifting experiences in Dubai is where it's at - where else can you gift someone a dinner in the clouds?!