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Spend A Day At The Costa Caribe Aquatic Park In PortAventura Barcelona

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There is an infinite number of reasons for you to visit Barcelona. The city is for a football fanatic, an art lover, a history aficionado, a Flamenco enthusiast, a beach buff in equal measure. Just over an hour away from the bustling city is Caribe Aquatic Park (or PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park).

A haven for families and kids in particular, the Costa Caribe Aquatic Park is one of the three exciting parks of Portaventura World! Explore the thrills of Ferrari Land and the frolic of PortAventura World after you’re done with Costa Caribe- you simply cannot go wrong with this!

Before going to Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, here are a few quick things you'd like to know - the must go rides, a few first hand visitor tips that will help you make your Costa Caribe Aquatic Park trip a memorable splash!

Why You Must Visit Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

The Costa Caribe Aquatic Park is an intricately themed water park featuring waterfalls, huge pools, lush greens and reggae music set on a tropical island of 50,000 square meters.

With a total of 14 attractions including the King Khajuna, one of the tallest slides in the continent, Rapid Race with its 6 lane slides, the heavenly pools of Playa Paraíso and the exciting Triángulo de las Bermudas where the waves don’t stop, you're destined to have a fabulous day under the Spanish sun here.

For all you beach lovers, Bahama Beach is a must-visit spot to sit back, unwind, and relax.

Soak in the Caribbean sun and take a dip in this private tropical paradise at PortAventura.

You can also hop into the Caribe shop that sells summer and the Caribbean styles to dress the part while you're in Caribe Aquatic Park.

From these stores, you can also purchase fun souvenirs to take back home to your family and friends.

Buying Costa Caribe Aquatic Park Tickets Online

Portaventura Costa Caribe Aquatic Park tickets can be purchased directly through the official website or in person at the entrance of the attraction. Or, save time, money, and energy by purchasing discounted tickets with Headout, a trusted online marketplace. As an added bonus, when you book with headout you’ll receive 5% cashback credit that you can use toward any other purchase on Headout.

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Combo Tickets

The Costa Caribe Aquatic Park is just one of the three exciting parks in Portaventura World. If you want to experience the thrills of all three parks at a go, book the combo ticket. Enjoy access to Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, Portaventura World & Ferrari Land!

Is The Costa Caribe Aquatic Park Annual Pass worth it?

Enjoy unlimited access to all the attractions at PortAventura World including PortAventura Park, Caribe Aquatic Park, and Ferrari Land with the annual pass. Get exclusive advantages both inside and outside the park
Price - starts from €163


  • Free parking for pass holders
  • Discounts on admissions to parks
  • Exclusive discounts at restaurants, shops, and hotels inside the resort.
  • Other offers for shops and activities outside the resort

Top 6 Attractions at Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

Aquaventure Waterpark
King Khajuna

King Khajuna is undoubtedly the most intense ride at the Caribe Aquatic Park. The overwhelming structure of King Khajuna reflects the magnanimity of the legend on which it is based. The slide is 31 meters in height and features a bewildering 55 degree drop. The result is you reach a speed of more than 20 kilometers an hour. Not many have the spunk to handle King Khajuna. Do you?

Height Restriction: 1.40 m

Aquaventure Waterpark
El Triángulo de las Bermudas

Taking it up a few notches, Caribe Aquatic Park turns to the attraction that recalls the dark legend of the Bermuda Triangle. For years the mystery of this part of the Earth had overrun scientists, just as the enormous waves of the pool would do to you in this attraction. If you escape the waves, there are water cannons to knock you over. Will you overcome these? There is only one way to find out.

Height Restriction: 1.80 m

Aquaventure Waterpark
Mambo Lambo

Caribe Aquatic Park is also about soaking you in a cool Caribbean ambience with a generous share of adrenaline. Mambo Limbo stays true to that by bringing to you and your kids the rhythm of reggae along with a 12 meter high water slide. Relax and gently glide down one of the slides while letting the tropical setting refresh you to the very bone. This is your chance to take it all in.

Height Restriction: 1.10 m

Aquaventure Waterpark
El Galeón Pirata

Moving on to bit of an advanced ride, El Galeón Pirata features a small pirate galleon within Caribe Aquatic Park specially designed for the mini pirates. The kids can plunge into the pool from the ship via number of slides of varying height. The galleon itself is populated with characters from Sesame Street. This is one of the new rides at the Caribe Aquatic Park and definitely one your kids will love.

Height Restriction: 1.10 m

Aquaventure Waterpark
El Gran Caribe - Zona Indoor

A great thing about Caribe Aquatic Park is that you will never run out of things to do here. At Zona Indoor, your kids will be able to go on a ride in a full-scale aircraft under your supervision. It also has a shallow pool with water guns, jets, slides, and many other attractions. The adults, in the meantime, can take a breather on a sun lounger.

Height Restriction: 0.90 m- 1.20 m

Aquaventure Waterpark
Cayo Cookie

We know that taking your kids to an aquatic park can be a bit unnerving, given the obvious safety concern. Not at Cayo Cookie, though. This new attraction at the Caribe Aquatic Park features jet streams of water that appear randomly. The kids might even spot the cookie monster somewhere around. And if at any point you get the urge of joining in, just go ahead. Wholesome and safe family fun, isn’t that the dream?

Height Restriction: Children Who Can Walk

Hacks To Avoid Crowds at Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

  • Plan your visit on a weekday because weekends are always crowded.
  • Avoid Spanish holidays and other school/public holidays, when most families plan their visit to the park.
  • Spring and summer usually attracts locals and tourists. So, planning your visit during the off-season might be the best bet for you if you really want to avoid crowds.
  • Get there just before the park opens to skip long waiting lines at the entrance and inside the park.

All You Must Know Before Visiting Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

Costa Caribe Aquatic Park Opening Times

Daily from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM
The Caribe Aquatic Park remains closed in winter, so check the timings on the official website before planning your trip.

Getting To Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

Caribe Aquatic Park, Av. Pere Molas, Km. 2, 43480 Vila-seca, Tarragona, Spain

Find Directions >

  • Directions from PortAventura: 10 mins (800 meters) walk via Carrer del dos de Maig
  • Directions from Barcelona:
    • By Road: 1 h 30 mins (126 kilometers) drive via C-32 and AP-7
    • By Rail: 1 h 34 mins by Talgo

Facilities Available at Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

  • Luggage and locker facilities are available both inside and outside the park. They can be hired during the day for a fee.
  • Pushchairs can be hired for people with reduced mobility. A deposit will be collected at the time of hire and refunded once returned.
  • Food and drinks are available at the many restaurants and stalls inside and outside the park.

Rules & Restrictions at Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

  • Handheld videos and photographs are permitted inside the park, however, professional equipment for commercial purposes are not allowed.
  • Pushchairs can be hired for people with reduced mobility. A deposit will be collected at the time of hire and refunded once returned.
  • Personal items that can get damaged or lost on rides are not allowed.
  • Admission wrist bands that are torn or amended will be withdrawn from the guest.
  • Food consumption is not allowed near water areas and on attractions, but can be consumed while waiting in queues.

Best time to visit Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

PortAventura brings in millions of visitors throughout the year, so plan your visit wisely. Weather-wise, spring is the best time to visit Costa Caribe Aquatic Park which falls between March - June. Warm weather and long hours of sunlight, make it perfect to be outdoors.

Try and plan your trip on a weekday because weekends are usually always crowded and you’ll end up waiting in long queues all day. Avoid Spanish holidays and other public holidays like New Year’s, Halloween, and Christmas.

If you are visiting during peak season, make sure all the top rides are your priority.

What to wear to Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

The main thing to keep in mind for your visit to the park is comfort. Comfortable clothes and shoes are a must because you will be walking a lot. Carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, and don’t forget your water bottle.

  • Swimsuits
  • Swimming trunks
  • Waterproof Diapers
  • Jewellery
  • Any Metal Accessories
  • Scarves/Shawls

Parking at Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

For those of you driving to Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, parking is available at PortAventura World. Here are some things to note.

  • There is a flat fee for all visitors who use the parking space.
  • Make sure you keep your parking ticket with you until you exit the premises.
  • Free parking is available for annual pass holders.
  • There might be limited parking during some seasons.

Gift shop & picking a souvenir

You’ll find a Caribbean-themed gift shop inside Caribe Aquatic park, where you’re sure to find something you like. Don’t leave the park without picking up a gift, a fun summer accessory, or a themed souvenir at PortAventura Caribe Shop.

Choose from a range of products from sundresses, tops, t-shirts, hats, bags, swimwear, toys, and more to encapsulate your PortAventura holiday. There’s something for everyone!

Caribe Aquatic Park Salou Reviews

We thoroughly enjoyed the park. We travelled just last week during the covid crisis so the queues for the attractions were not at all busy. There is a great choice of slides and facilities at the park to suit all ages. My son is 12 and he just couldnt get enough. We ate at one of the indoor restaurants and it cost an average of 10 euro pp but you can bring your own snacks with you.

- Mrs R, TripAdvisor, July 2020

Good water park with thrilling slides and relaxing pools highlight being the yellow and red slide (Be prepared to be soaked!) , however, this isn’t worth more than half a day as everything gets repetitive after a while, I understand there may not be enough space to expand but management could introduce shows to maintain interest as well as one more new slide, but overall, if you’re at Portaventura, then do it as it is good for an hour or two, distracts from the heat during summer months and saves the extra distance for the other water park in Spain, Aquaviles.

- Dylan, TripAdvisor, May 2021

Read what others have to say about Caribe Aquatic Park on TripAdvisor.

Caribe Aquatic Park Tips

  • Reach early. Sun loungers and other popular areas of the Caribe Aquatic Park get taken up fast. The ride queues also get backed up as the day progresses. If somehow you are late, invest in an express pass.
  • On sunny days the floor tends to get fairly hot. Don’t forget to carry pool socks and shoes. You will be well advised to carry umbrellas and sunscreens as well and use the lockers near the entrance of the Caribe Aquatic Park to store your baggages.
  • UV tops are available for sale within the Caribe Aquatic Park premises. Do not wear tee shirts, as they pose a security risk on the rides. Also, all kinds of spectacles, lenses, shades and sunglasses are prohibited on the rides and the pools by Caribe Aquatic Park authority.
  • If you are planning to visit PortAventura World and Ferrari Land, opt for a combined ticket that is valid for more than a day. That way, you save some money and you won’t have to rush through Caribe Aquatic Park.
  • For finest of experiences at Caribe Aquatic Park, park yourself at one of the PortAventura Hotels. Not only will you save the commuting time, you will also be offered a bunch of lucrative perks, like preferential parking, free shopping pickup service, express table reservations at restaurants, and rapid access to rides within Caribe Aquatic Park, PortAventura World, and Ferrari Land.

Hotels in/around Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

If you’re planning to extend your stay at PortAventura, here are the top three hotels to consider.

Hotel Mansión De Lucy

Experience Victorian-style luxury in an outstanding 5-star hotel that will transport you 200 years back in time. At Hotel Mansión De Lucy, you have access to Deluxe superior rooms, private pools, and an exquisite selection of dishes at their restaurant. Guests can also avail of free parking and WiFi. The hotel is located just 1.5 km away from Caribe Aquatic Park.

Prices start from €425

Find On Maps

Hotel PortAventura

Step into a tropical paradise in a fully themed hotel inspired by an enchanting Mediterranean fishing village. A serene ambiance, relaxing stay, and direct access to the Costa Caribe Aquatic Park are just some of the benefits of the hotel. Guests also have access to free WiFi, swimming pools, and discounted attraction tickets. The hotel is 170 m away from Costa Caribe Aquatic Park.

Prices start at €248

Find On Maps

Hotel Caribe

Hotel Caribe is a Mediterranean oasis like no other with Europe’s largest white sand swimming pool. Situated on the Costa Dorada, the hotel is surrounded by Caribbean-styled buildings, tropical gardens, giving you the ultimate experience of tranquility. Enjoy access to luxury deluxe rooms, swimming pools, and an excellent selection of Mediterranean dishes at La Piazza. The hotel is 1 km away from Costa Caribe Aquatic Park.

Prices start at €205

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