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Dubai’s dazzling sunsets: A local’s top 10 picks

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Living in Dubai is like having a front-row seat to nature's daily masterpiece – the sunset. Beyond the glitz, the city unfolds its hidden treasures as the sun bids farewell. Picture this: toes buried in the warm sand at Kite Beach, gazing at a Middle Eastern sunset painting the sky with warm orange and royal purple hues. Or perhaps, sipping a drink atop Burj Khalifa, 555 meters closer to the sky. The views extend to Al Qudra Lake and the Hajar Mountains, offering a visual treat. Whether it's the beachside or an observation deck, sunsets in Dubai are a daily spectacle to cherish, and I’m here to show you my top 10 sunsets in the city of Gold!

1. Al Sufouh Beach

My personal favourite

Dubai has its cherished secrets, and Al Sufouh Beach, fondly known as the Secret Beach, is a hidden gem that I absolutely adore. Located near Palm Jumeirah, this 2.5-kilometer stretch remains hidden by a patch of palm trees, giving us an opportunity to get away from the noisy town. Discovering this unspoiled haven has been a personal joy. The natural soft white sand on this beach creates a perfect ambiance. Watching the sunset at Al Sufouh feels like a secret date with Mother Nature!

Things to do: Al Sufouh beach doesn't have any restaurants or other activities to, automatically making it more secluded. All you can do here is relax and maybe play some volleyball. It's perfect for kids because the water is shallow and there aren't any harsh waves.

2. Pure Sky Lounge

Pure Sky Lounge at The Walk in Jumeirah Beach Residency is my go-to haven for sunsets with a cocktail. Located on the 35th floor of the Hilton JBR, the glass-walled terrace lives up to its name, making you feel like you're on cloud nine. The chic white and blue seating, arranged around a curved bar and tables, sets the stage for a perfect evening. As the sun dips, this spot becomes my sanctuary for sunset-backed nibbles and a couple of refreshing cocktails. With panoramic views, it's not just a lounge; it's an elevated escape in the heart of JBR.

Things to do: Relax with a cool drink of your choice and get a table that is closest to the shore!

3. At The Top - Burj Khalifa

As a seasoned Dubai resident, watching the sunset from the Burj Khalifa At The Top is a ritual that never loses its magic. Ascending 555 meters above the city, the anticipation builds with each floor. The panoramic view unfolds, revealing the Persian Gulf bathed in warm hues of orange and purple. It's not just a view; it's a symphony of colors marking the end of another day in this mesmerizing city.

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Things to do: Go on an introductory tour of Burj Khalifa. You'll get to see views from level 124, 125 and 148. Also be sure to check out The Dubai Fountain from top!

4. Tomo

If you love Japanese food as much as you love sunsets, Tomo will be sure to become your favorite restaurant in Dubai. Located on the 17th floor of the Raffles Hotel in the older part of the city, it's a gem where the name Tomo, meaning 'longtime friend,' truly resonates. From the terrace, the view captures the sun gracefully setting over the Dubai skyline. It's not just a restaurant; it's an experience. The dramatic backdrop enhances the high-class Japanese cuisine and top-tier drinks. Every sunset here feels like a cherished moment, a timeless treat that complements the culinary excellence of Tomo.

Things to do: Get your favourite plate of sushi, and order an Asahi Pint while you enjoy the sunset.

5. On an evening Desert Safari

Escaping the city's hustle, my go-to for tranquility is a Desert Safari in Dubai. The endless soft sand and the absence of city lights create a serene haven. As the sun dips, the desert transforms into something extraordinary! Here's a suggestion: check Google for the day's sunset time, and head to the dunes 2-3 hours early for camel rides, sandboarding, and other activities. Find a quiet hill, park your car, and savor one of the most incredible sunsets of your life.

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Things to do: If you have enough time in your hands, try out Quadbiking in the evening and stay the night to go for a sunrise camel trek.

6. Dinner in the Sky

Suspended 50m high above JBR, the Dinner in the Sky experience is surreal! Any time between October to June, get a spot for the 5 or 6:30 PM sitting to time your dinner with the sunset. Dining amidst the clouds, the panoramic view of the beach and city bathed in a warm glow is unparalleled. The cuisine, curated by Le Meridien and The Westin Mina Seyahi's top chefs, is as good as the scenery. It's not just dinner; it's a culinary adventure suspended in the sky, marking another spectacular sunset in the city of Gold.

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7. While Skydiving

In the last few years, experiencing a sunset while Skydiving in Dubai at 193km/h remains unmatched. Strapped to a seasoned instructor, it's not just a dive; it's a thrilling rendezvous with the sun. Opting for either The Palm Dropzone or the Desert Dropzone, the panoramic views are breathtaking. The Palm offers a bird's eye spectacle of Palm Jumeirah, while the Desert, 35km from the city, immerses you in vast beauty. The final slot is at sunset and it sells like hotcakes, so booking months ahead is a must. Skydiving into the hues of a Dubai sunset – an adrenaline-fueled communion with nature's grand finale.

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8. The View At The Palm

Cruising up The Palm's trunk at sunset is another spot that you can’t miss if you’re visiting Dubai for the first time. The 2km palm-shaped marvel unveils a bounty of choices – hotels, parks, and beaches – deciding on where to catch the sunset a delightful challenge. But the View At The Palm, with its sophisticated beachfront, is definitely one of my favorites. As the sun dips into the ocean, the setting amplifies the beauty of Dubai's iconic skyline. It's a daily spectacle that etches itself into my love affair with this city.

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9. On a hot air balloon ride

Experiencing a Dubai sunset from a hot air balloon is pure magic. Imagine yourself floating 4000 feet above the ground, chasing the sun's hues behind the Hajar Mountains and desert dunes. It's an airborne adventure that feels like a dream. The colors dancing across the sky as the sun sets are surreal. And the bonus? A tasty dinner to cap off the incredible journey. Trust me, ticking off the hot air balloon ride from your bucket list in Dubai is not just about the adventure; it's about embracing a unique way of watching the sun set!

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10. Al Qudra Lake

Located between the beach and the desert, the Al Qudra Lake is a breathtaking blend of nature's beauty. Over 130 species of birds create an unreal setting as they sing while the sun sets. Antelopes and camels roam, completing the desert oasis experience. The lake mirrors the hues of the sky, turning the horizon into a masterpiece. Every visit for me here is precious!

Things to do: Al Jiyad Stables, just a 15-minute drive from Al Qudra Lake, offers more than just horse riding. Here, you can learn about tasks like changing horseshoes, horse care and much more!

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