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Sydney Opera House invites you to the world of theatre, music, dance, and much more at each of its performing-arts venues. Operas and musicals are constantly featured at this iconic landmark. Both these forms of theatrical production are heavily reliant on music. While musicals use it as a storytelling enhancement device, operas purely focus on creating an enthralling experience for viewers by way of immersive music.

Expect nothing but the top performers and production companies to entertain you at the Sydney Opera House all year round. The very first performance to be conducted here was in the year 1960 before the building was even complete - Paul Robeson sang "Ol' Man River" for construction workers as they sat down to have lunch. Since then, the Sydney Opera House has hosted international stars such as The Cure, Sting, Bob Dylan, Björk, Massive Attack, Patti Smith, in addition to plenty of local theatrical talent.

The theatrical companies that regularly perform at the Sydney Opera House include Australian Chamber Orchestra, Bell Shakespeare, Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, Bangarra Dance Theatre, The Australian Ballet, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and Opera Australia. Keep yourself up to date with our list of featured shows by bookmarking this page!