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Drama Theatre Seating Plan
Sydney Opera House

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Drama Theatre

One of the smaller performance venues in the Sydney Opera House, the Drama Theatre is an intimate house with limited seating but riveting shows. Like the name suggests, the theatre hosts dramatic plays and musicals, put together by Sydney Theatre Co, Bell Shakespeare, and Bangarra Dance Theatre. While the theatre houses a small number of seats, the stage is grand and spacious, making it perfect for both cutting edge and classic performances. The Drama Theatre is equipped with a computerized flying system and features comfortable seats made of white birch timber, which are upholstered in orange wool.
Located on the ground floor of the Opera House, the Drama Theatre is below the Concert House. The intimate experience offered by the theatre makes it perfect for both off-beat, experimental performances and more traditional productions as well, including spoken word, musical, dance and drama. Some of the previous memorable events and performances hosted in the Drama Theatre include the lively All About Women festival, the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, performances from artists like Mel Gibson, Sir Ian McKellen, Geoffrey Rush, Hugo Weaving, and several others. Learn everything there is to know about the venue with your Sydney Opera House Drama Theatre seating plan guide.

Navigating the Theatre

Given that there are only 544 seats in the Drama Theatre, there's isn't much to be said about the layout of the seats. There only one section in the theatre and the seats are laid out in continental style. The big block of seats is not separated with any aisle and the structure resembles a rectangular shape. There are 19 rows in this theatre from A to U, moving from front to back. The seats fall in the range of 2 to 32 moving right to left, with each row having a different number of seats. Please note that for certain performances, the optional stage extension/orchestra pit is used, which means the first three rows A, B, and C are removed. In this case, the total seating capacity comes down to 475.


Which Seats Offer the Best View

For a theatre this small, there aren't any seats that can be classified as best. Some seats are definitely better than the other in terms of the view offered and they're easy to identify. Seats numbered in the range 9 to 22 in rows D and E are typically the best since the view offered is exceptional and the sight lines are as clear as it can get. The first three rows, A, B, and C are also great but a little distance from the stage gives viewers more perspective and enhances the viewing experience.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money

Given the limited number of seats, the cost differential from one row to another isn't as high as it would be for a big theatre. If you're looking to save some money on tickets we have some value for money seats you can choose from. Seats in the rear section of the Drama Theatre can be considered value for money since they offer a great look at the stage and don't cost as much as the premium seats in front of the theatre.

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Practical Information

Accessibility: The Drama Theatre is wheelchair accessible as far as the rear of the auditorium. A public elevator from lower concourse connects to the western foyer.

Wheelchair: There are four wheelchair accessible seats available at the Drama Theatre, two on either side of the auditorium.

Restroom : There are two wheelchair accessible toilets on the lower ground level of the Opera House. One is located near the Opera Kitchen and the second at the bottom of the escalators connecting to East Circular Quay. On the western theatre foyer, there are two accessible toilets available. The first one is next to the Playhouse and the second between the Studio and Drama Theatre.

Assisted Listening Systems: To enable all patrons to enjoy the show at the Sydney Opera House, there are two services available. The first is an FM Augmentation System, which can be accessed from the cloakroom. The second is a hearing loop which enhances the quality and frequency of sound inside the theatre. This too can be obtained from the cloakroom. Both these devices are free of cost.

Bars: There are bars available at the Joan Sutherland Theatre and the Concert Hall, which open 90 minutes before the start of a show and during intervals. The Western Foyer Theatre, which houses the Drama Theatre and Playhouse, also has bars that are available pre-theatre.