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The ultimate guide to visiting Sydney in August

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Sydney is amongst the most famous tourist destinations in the world and for good reasons! The beautiful coastal city is home to many distinct physical landmarks including the iconic Sydney Opera House with its sail-like design, the arched Harbour Bridge, the enormous Darling Harbour, and more! The stunning city isn't just buildings and concrete, though! There are gorgeous beaches and national parks within and around the city, creating a wonderful symphony of the natural and the man-made. Apart from the attractions, its Sydney's laidback yet glamorous vibe that makes it truly one of a kind. Planning to visit stunning Sydney? Here's why Sydney in August is the perfect choice for your trip.

What makes Sydney in August Special?

Sydney in November

Sydney in August is considered the low season. Given the cold weather, not a lot of tourists make their way to the city and that's great if you wish to avoid crowds. In August, hotel prices are at their lowest given the lack of tourists and even the flights to Sydney aren't as expensive.

A bigger advantage than the prices of accommodation and flights is the time you'll save because of the lack of crowd. Generally, during peak and even shoulder tourist season, Australia is packed with tourists. This leads to excessive waiting lines for most of the popular attractions. Buy when you visit Sydney in August, this is not a concern since there are hardly any crowds. All the time you save not standing in line can be used to better explore the beautiful city. There are a lot of festivals and events in Sydney in August, including City2Surf Run, Bledisloe Cup, and lots of concerts, food festivals, and more.

Sydney in August: Weather

Sydney in August is bang in the middle of the winter season, although July happens to be the coldest month. The average high during August falls around 18.9 degrees Celsius and the average low is approximately 9.7 degrees Celsius. The daily mean in Sydney in August is 14.3 degrees Celsius and average rainfall is around 91.8 mm. There are occasional biting winds, especially along the beaches and coastal suburbs but there are dry and sunny days as well. If you don't mind the cold, August is a great time to visit Sydney.

Things to do in Sydney in August


Skydiving in Sydney

Sydney in November - Sydney Opera House Tour

Prepare for the jump of a lifetime as you take off from 15000 feet in the air. Skydiving is one of the most popular adventure sports in Sydney and the breathtaking views of the city from up in the air and spectacularly unique. The best part? You don't have to spend days training for the jump because you'll be jumping with a trained tandem master. The experience is safe and you don't have to worry about navigation since the tandem master controls your movement.

August Timings
Every day: 8 AM to 8 PM


Skydive Newcastle, Lake Macquarie Airport, 864 Pacific Highway, Marks Point,
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The National Maritime Museum

Sydney in June

Featuring maritime collections and exhibits, the National Maritime Museum explores the relationship between Australia and the sea. You'll also get the opportunity to learn more about the aboriginal people of Australia, and the country's ties to surfing and immigration. Historical vessels are on display as well, and on some days, you might be able to tour them as well!

August Timings
Daily: 10 AM - 4 PM


2 Murray St, Sydney NSW 2000,
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Sydney Harbour Cruise

Sydney in November - Sydney Skydive

Sydney is renowned for its stunning harbours and your trip to the city is incomplete without embarking on a beautiful Sydney Harbour cruise. A Harbour cruise covers all the iconic parts of the city, including the Opera House, Royal Botanical Gardens, Harbor Bridge, Garden Island Naval base, Taronga Zoo, Government House and more. There are various kinds of cruise options you can choose from including dinner cruise, cocktail cruise, and more.

August Timings
Depends on the tour you choose


Circular Quay Wharf No.6, Sydney Harbour, Sydney

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Blue Mountains

Sydney in August

A breathtaking range of mountains located approximately 56 km from Sydney, Blue Mountains make for an exciting tourist attraction. Given their proximity to the city, you can opt for a 1-day tour of the mountains and witness the glorious peaks, thriving rainforest and rolling green valleys. There are various short treks available in the Blue Mountains for the adventure junkies as well.

August Timings
Depends on the tour you choose


New South Wales 2787, Australia

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Hop on Hop off Tours

Sydney in November - Blue Mountains

Sydney is a big city with a lot to do and see. To make the best use of your time in the city, opt for a Hop-on hop-off tour. This tour is designed to offer unparalleled convenience to tourists. The tour begins on a comfortable tourist bus which stops at all the important tourist attractions in the city. You can get off at any stop, explore the attraction, and climb on board the next hop-on hop-off bus on the route.

August Timings
Depends on the tour you choose


Sydney Zoo

Sydney in August

Australia is known for its diverse wildlife and there's no better place to experience it than at the Taronga Zoo, one of Australia's largest zoos. This 100-year-old zoo houses over 4000 animals from more than 350 species. The zoo is segregated into eight geographical regions, each based on a particular theme. At the zoo, you can also get pictures clicked with native Australian animals, including wombats, echidnas, kangaroos, wallabies and more.

August Timings
Daily: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Bradley's Head Road, Mosman, Sydney,
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Sydney Opera House

Sydney in August

The Sydney Opera House is the most iconic landmark on the Sydney skyline and has become synonymous with the city. Attracting over 8 million visitors annually, the Sydney Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Opt for a guided tour of the opera house to best experience this majestic performance venue. Alternatively, you can also watch a performance at the Sydney Opera House for a memorable experience.

August Timings
Daily: 9 AM - 5:00 PM


Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000,
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Madame Tussauds

Sydney in November - Blue Mountains

Renowned around the world, Madame Tussauds is now in Sydney as well. The iconic global wax museum is divided into eight individual themed sections like Film and TV, Marvel, History and World Leaders. Click selfies with life-like wax figures of your favorite celebrities and fictional characters. Some popular figurines include personalities like Jackie Chan, Barack Obama, Kylie Minogue, Audrey Hepburn, Mel Gibson, the British Royal family, Don Bradman, Angelina Jolie and others.

August Timings: Daily 9:30 AM - 5 PM


1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney NSW 2000,
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Sydney in August : Events to Look Out For

The vibrant city of Sydney hosts an array of events in August. Head to Sydney to catch some of these incredible events.

Sydney in August events

Junipalooza Sydney

August 26 - August 27, 2023
Ever wondered what a gin festival would be like? Junipalooza Sydney is all set to take over Carriageworks for two days this winter from August 28th and 29th. The juniper-filled festival is being organized by the founders of the UK's Gin Foundry, Olivier and Emile Ward.

Image Courtesy : Time Out

Sydney in March events


August 13, 2023
A famous annual road running event covering a 14 km course, the City2Surf is another must-attend activity in Sydney in August. The event is both a race and a fun run and brings together both competitive runners and community participants.

Image Courtesy : City2surf

Sydney in August events

Sydney International Boat Show

August 11 - August 20, 2023
Taking place in the first week of August, the Sydney International Boat Show is recommended for people who have even a tiny bit of interest in anything marine. The show features an indoor and outdoor component and showcases all manners of vessels, from the latest premium yachts to lower-end tinnies.

Image Courtesy : Sydney

Sydney in August events

Sydney Science Festival

August 12 - August 20, 2023
During the annual National Science Week, Sydney research institutions, museums, cultural centres and universities put together a massive event exploring the areas of science, engineering, art, mathematics, and technology. The 8-day Sydney Science festival will be organized across different venues, with major centers at the Australian Museum and the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.

Image Courtesy : Sydney Point

Sydney in August : Essentials




Time zoneGMT+11


Country Code+61


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CurrencyAustralian Dollar

Weather in Sydney in August

In August, the average daytime temperature in Sydney is around 14°C but it can get quite cold, especially during the evenings. The average minimum temperature falls around 9°C. Despite August being peak winter season in Sydney, the average high temperature in the city hits 18°C. There's a 32% chance of rain, with an average of 99mm spread over 10 wet days throughout the month.

Where to stay in Sydney in August

Sydney is a very popular tourist destination and attracts millions of visitors annually. To make space for all these tourists, the city is well-equipped with hotels, hostels and guest houses for all budget types. Here are a few options you can choose from:

What to pack for Sydney in August

Winter is in full swing in Sydney in August and you need to pack keeping the cold weather in mind. Apart from your regular jeans, shirts and tops, pack an overcoat or jacket to protect you from the cold winds. Also, bring scarves and gloves for when you're out and about in the city. There's a possibility of rain in the city during August as well so you should pack an umbrella and a raincoat as well. You will be exploring the city on foot during the day. Bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes. While it's not advisable to swim at the beaches in August, you should still bring some sunscreen if you're planning on visiting one.

Getting around in Sydney in August

Sydney is blessed with a robust public infrastructure, including a well-connected transport network. The city's public transport network includes buses, ferries, metros, light rail, and on-demand services like taxis as well.

Sydney's Central Station serves as the main train station in the city and is connected to most of the popular tourist attractions. The buses are also an option, but keeping the city's troublesome traffic situation in mind, not the best one. During a weekday, be mindful of the peak traffic during office hours from 07:00 AM to 09:00 AM.

One of the best reasons to pick public transport in Sydney is the Opal card. This card saves you the hassle of buying individual tickets for each mode of transport and is valid for bus, rail, light rail and ferry services.

Sydney in August : Seasonal Delicacies

Sydney in March - what to eat
Green Chicken Curry Pie

Featuring a pastry crust often seen in Western cakes with the bold Asian flavor of green curry, Green Chicken Curry Pie makes for a very interesting and unique culinary experience. Eat at: Hamlet’s Coffee & Pies

Image Courtesy : Living Nomads

Sydney in March - what to eat
Seafood Pizza

Australia is blessed with a rich source of fresh seafood. This seafood pizza with a cake base is filled with the best fresh seafood caught from the seas of Australia. and the Farmer. Eat at: Da Mario

Image Courtesy : Broadsheet

Sydney in March - what to eat
Grilled Kangaroo

Kangaroo meat is low in fat, good for health and tastes great. While the meat is available in different forms, including fried and steamed, it's best had grilled at rare or medium rare. Eat at: I’m Angus Steakhouse

Image Courtesy : Weber

Sydney in March - what to eat
Beetroot Burger

Burgers are available throughout the world but there's nothing quite like the beetroot burger available in Sydney. One or more slices of red beetroot are added inside the kernel of burger, just above a piece of delicious minced Australian beef. Eat at: Burgerman

Image Courtesy : The Awesome Green

Sydney in March - what to eat
Lamington Cake

Often referred to as “Australia’s national cake”, a lamington is a square sponge cake coated with cold chocolate and dried coconut. Some versions of the lamington consist of two half cakes with a layer of cream or jam in the middle. Eat at: My Little Cupcake

Image Courtesy : Wander Cooks

Tips for Visiting Sydney in August

  • Sydney is amongst the most well-developed cities in the world, a fact reflected in the city's thriving public transport network. Make good use of Sydney's public transport and save a lot of money on travel within the city. The smartest way to do that is by opting for an Opal card. This handy card can be used on trains, ferries, buses and the light rail.
  • While Sydney boasts a stellar public transport network, there's nothing that rivals the experience of walking around the Central Business District and its beautiful surrounding suburbs. You can even cross the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge on foot!
  • Sydney is a very busy city and there are a lot of people out and about living their lives. Try and avoid scheduling timed activities and attractions during rush hour since there's a lot of traffic from the office crowd. If it cannot be avoided, make sure to leave well in advance.
  • There are a lot of beautiful handicrafts you can buy in Sydney. But please be mindful of the rules and regulations associated with handicrafts made in Australia, When you buy any such items, make sure you have the relevant documentation for it to avoid any customs trouble.
  • Sydney has very strict rules about smoking in public. There are signs everywhere, including playgrounds, train stations, building entrances, eateries, and even certain public recreation areas. If you’re caught smoking in a no-smoking zone, chances are that you’ll have to shell out a huge fine.
  • Instead of hailing a taxi during rush hours, it's best to book a cab using any of the taxi apps here. Taxis booked via apps are cheaper compared to the regular taxi and the apps are extremely easy to use as well. Take note that markets, malls, restaurants, bars, and even galleries are open till late into the night and taxis are also available during that time.


What is Sydney famous for?

Sydney is a beautiful city famous for its harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and dozens of sun-kissed beaches.

Is Sydney safe for tourists?

Sydney, like any other major city is not crime free, but is relatively safe, especially in the main tourist areas.

Is Sydney, Australia expensive?

Yes, Sydney is amongst the most expensive cities in the world, particularly when the currency is strong.

What is the best beach in Sydney?

In popular opinion, Bondi beach is amongst the best beaches in Sydney. August is not a very beach-friendly month, though.

Is a visa needed to go to Australia?

Yes, a valid U.S. passport and a visa are required to visit Australia

How difficult is it to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Climbing the Harbour Bridge is perfectly manageable, especially since you're trained on how to climb the steps. For people who don't want to climb to the top of the bridge, there's an express option as well.

Is Sydney too cold in August?

While Sydney is pretty cold in August, it's not unmanageable. There are plenty of sunny days in August as well.

What is the best month to visit Sydney Australia?

Keeping the weather and crowd in mind, the best time to visit Sydney is October, November, late February and March.

How many days do you need in Sydney?

While you can cover all the main sights of Sydney in three days, there are more than enough things to do in the city for at least 5 days.

What is the best area to stay in Sydney?

Considering safety and nearness to other attractions, Darling Harbour and the Sydney CBD are amongst the best areas to stay in Sydney.