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Travel smart with the Hola BCN & Hola Barcelona card!

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Barcelona, the capital and largest city of Catalonia in Spain has abundance of art, culture, architecture, leisure and entertainment to offer to the visitors. The towering stone walls from the Roman era, enchanting Gothic cathedrals, deep blue Mediterranean waters, thick forests of scenic Collserola hills, numerous lively bars and many other attractions throng the city.

With so much to absorb Barcelona is best explored on foot, letting yourself elude in the lanes of this historical city. The city's excellent metro and bus network, one of the best in Europe, bolsters your plan of discovering the city at your own pace. Moreover, Barcelona travel cards like Hola Barcelona Card also known as the Hola BCN allowing unlimited use of the metro, buses and trams makes discovering Barcelona a delightful experience besides saving big bucks and precious time.

What is the Hola Barcelona card?

Hola Barcelona Card is a travel card that lets you use any of the public transport in Barcelona any number of times within the validity of the pass. It makes the experience of discovering this place with diverse points of interest so convenient and comprehensive. With the Hola BCN, you can simply board a public conveyance from anywhere without having to bother about buying the ticket or worrying about the expense.

Hola BCN Inclusions

Validity of Hola BCN Card

Hola BCN card is valid anywhere from 1 to 5 days depending on your preference.The validity period begins from the first time you use the card.

Hola BCN Card Price

• Hola BCN 48 hours: €15.00
• Hola BCN 72 hours: €22.00
• Hola BCN 96 hours: €28.50
• Hola BCN 120 hours: €35.00

Hola BCN Card Cancellation Policy

If you purchase your Hola Barcelona Card from Headout, enjoy a super flexible cancellation policy! Cancel your tickets up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.

What convenience factors does the Hola BCN bring?

Visiting a place can become so much more fun if one wouldn’t be stressed about planning and taking care of so many small little things. Barcelona like many other places in Europe can be best enjoyed with flexibility and leisure time. While visiting Barcelona ,travel cards like Hola BCN card definitely comes handy when it comes to easing the hassle off your mind. You can simply board a public conveyance from anywhere without having to bother about buying the ticket or worrying about the expense.

1. Convenience
Having access to any public transport unlimited number of times adds considerably to the convenience factor. Once you have bought the Hola BCN, then you can tick off at least the transport from your planning list.

2. Flexibility
You can plan your own itinerary without being constrained by transportation. You can decide to get off last minute at an attractive plaza or a shadowy lane, take a stroll and catch the next public transport without having to worry about tickets.

3. Saves money
Compared to the expensive cabs the Hola BCN is very easy on your pocket. Having to pay multiple number of times for using the public conveyance is quite a hassle which can be altogether avoided using the Hola Barcelona Card.

4. Free Airport connectivity
Connectivity to the airport included in the Hola BCN which is otherwise almost as expensive as the cost of a day’s pass!

5. Saves time
You have a wide array of public transportation to choose from so you don't need to wait for transportation. Precious time is often wasted waiting for cabs.

6. Adds ease
Handling foreign currency is quite cumbersome for the tourists. Having a Hola BCN, you don't need to fumble through the local currency each time.

7. Local flavour
Travelling by public conveyance with such ease using the Hola Barcelona Card, you get to experience the real local feel of the place.

Hola BCN vs T10 - Comparing the 2 transport cards in Barcelona

With a variety of travel passes to choose from it can be challenging to pick up the right one that fits in your requirements. If you plan to stay for longer in Barcelona with sparing use of public transport, the T-10 may be suitable for you. But for a short trip ranging 1-5 days, with extensive use of public transport, Hola BCN is a good option. Hola BCN card can be conveniently picked up online and can be a great money saver specially if you plan to use it for airport transfer.

Hola BCN Card


Coverage Zones 1 Zones 1 to 6
Modes of Transport covered Metro, city buses (TMB), tram, regional railway (Rodalies de Catalunya, Zone 1), urban railway (FGC, zone 1) and the funicular railway (Funicular de Montjuïc).

Metro, tram, suburban train (Rodalies) or bus
No. of journeys Unlimited 1 per ticket per day with max 75 minutes per ride
Validity 1 to 5 days depending on what you choose End of January of the following year
Airport Connectivity Free. Included in the cost. Not included
Cost EUR 7.5 per day - EUR 10.20(1 Zone)
- EUR 20.10(2 Zones)
Mode of purchase Online Local ticket vending machines

Where can I purchase the Hola Barcelona Travel Card?

Hola BCN can be bought online from sites like Headout and the voucher sent through email can be redeemed from a number of convenient places located at the airport as well as within the city.

  • You can pick it up from Barcelona Tourism information booth at El Prat Airport Terminal 1 and 2.
  • City pick up points are Plaça Catalunya, Sants Estació. Plaça Paisos Catalans,Plaça Sant Jaume,The Columbus Statue, Plaça Espanya and Sagrada Família.

Handy tips for using the Hola BCN Travel Card

Hola BCN card is just the ideal travel card for someone visiting Barcelona for a few days. However, to make the most of it one must keep in mind a few of these tips

• Chalk out the attractions you would like to cover in a day, keeping the map in front of you. This would give you clarity on the route you would like to take.
• You can afford to get off anywhere unplanned so avail yourself of this privilege if you feel like.
• Check frequency of the mode you choose. You can accordingly get back in time to catch the next one.
• Check for traffic conditions. Try skipping the rush hour while on the move instead you can spend that time exploring an attraction.
• You cannot get a replacement for your Hola BCN card so you keep it carefully.
• Using public transport does entail a good amount of walking. Comfortable clothing and a snug pair of shoes come in pretty handy.


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