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Get The Best Seats In The House With Our Dubai Opera Seating Plan

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Dubai Opera, located within the Opera District in Downtown Dubai, is a glowing testament to the burgeoning performing arts scene in Dubai. The 60,000 sq. mt. multi-format center was developed by Emaar Properties and opened on 31st August 2016 with a stunning performance by Spanish opera singer and conductor, Plácido Domingo. The opera house hosts a variety of performances ranging from concerts and exhibitions to conferences and theatre. With a total of 1901 seats, Dubai Opera is one of the biggest performing arts venue in the City of Gold and hosts quality entertainment productions and performances on a daily basis.

The venue was designed by Janus Rostock of Atkins and conceptualized by Theatre Projects Consultants. What’s special about Dubai Opera is that it can be converted into a theatre, a concert hall, a banquet hall and even a conference hall, all with some behind the scenes magic. 900 out of the 1901 seats can be relocated with the help of hydraulic lifts and seating wagons, changing the interiors of the venue completely depending on the type of event that’s been organised. Since the year launch, the Dubai Opera has hosted an inspired selection of events and performers including, The Pearl Fishes, a three-act opera, Impossible, an illusionist show, Sara Baras, Spain’s biggest Flamenco superstar, and many others!

If you’re planning on visiting this marvel of an event space, our Dubai Opera Seating Plan Guide has all the information you’d need to make your experience as seamless and exciting as possible!

Venue Details

Seating Capacity: 2000
Opened: 31 August,2016
Address: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Navigating The Opera House

The Dubai Opera, shaped like a dhow, a traditional sailing vessel, is often described as a spectacular showcase of contemporary design, and rightfully so! The chameleon-like venue can be transformed into something different each time to visit it. When hosting a play or a musical, the large-scale space can accommodate up to 2,000 people. The venue can also transform into a concert hall and create a fantastic acoustic environment by adding a series of towers and reflectors on stage. Since Dubai Opera never remains the same, the seating plan can change depending on the type of show you’re watching. To give you a general look at how each seating section is organised, we’ve a section-wise breakdown below.

Dubai Opera House Seating Plan

Spread over three levels, the Dubai Opera House has a seating capactiy of 2,000 guests. These levels are the Stalls (ground level and closest to the stage), the Royal Circle (1st level above the Stalls) and the Grand Circle (2nd level above the Stalls and the Royal Circle).

Dubai Opera House Stalls seat-map
Dubai Opera House Royal Circle seat-map
Dubai Opera House Grand Circle seat-map

The Stalls

The biggest seating section in the Dubai Opera is the stalls. This section houses seats closest to the main stage, which is why the price tag is the heftiest out of all the sections. The Stalls section also houses box seats, 3 each on either side and a main seating area which is segregated into three subsections with parallel aisles. Being the biggest seating section in the theatre, the stalls have total of 26 rows, starting from AA and ending at X. If you’re attending a conference or a musical and would like to be close to the main stage, the Dubai Opera stalls section is perfect for you.

The Royal Circle

In the middle of the pack is the Dubai Opera royal circle. This section offers a wide variety of seating options from normal central aisle seats and box seats, to VIP seats in the last row. If you’re watching a play, the front rows of this section are a great pick since you can enjoy a clean look at the main stage without any obstruction. Given that there are two additional seating areas within this section, the main aisle has only 7 rows starting from A and ending with G. There are 8 box seat booths, 4 on each side and 9 VIP booths in the last couple of rows. The seats are numbered from 1 to 55, moving left to right.

The Grand Circle

The last section in the theatre and also the second elevated one, Dubai Opera grand circle is a mixed bag overall. The prices for seats in this section are the cheapest in the house, but the view offered isn’t always the best. This is especially true if you’re watching a play and would want to watch all the action happening in the stage from as close as possible. If you’re watching a concert, seats in the grand circle section aren’t half-bad for the price you’ll be paying for them. Given that the venue is shaped like a dhow, this section is structured like a semi-circle, with 11 rows in total, staring from A and L. The seats are numbered between 1 to 51, moving from left to right, but each row has a different number of seats so you rightmost seat number might be different.

Ambassador Theater
Passenger Live Dubai Opera House

Ambassador Theater
Handel's Messiah Dubai Opera House

Ambassador Theater
The Nutcracker Dubai Opera House

Ambassador Theater
La Traviata Dubai Opera House

Ambassador Theater
Lea Salonga Dubai Opera House


Selecting The Right Seats

While the seat layout remains the same, the seatmap is only a guide and provides an indication of the venue layout. When you purchase your Dubai Opera show tickets online, you will most likely see a seatmap that has the sections further divided according to their price. These sections are usually marked as Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. An example of this can be found below.

Dubai Opera House Grand Circle seat-map

As can be seen, the Stalls, the Royal Circle and the Grand Circle are divided into VIP, Platinum, Gold and Silver sections. These sections are differentiated based on the price of the seat, with the VIP seats being the most expensice and the Silver seats the cheapest.

Dubai Opera House - Recommended seats

Value for money seats
STALLS SECTION - Middle seats (13-22) in the middle rows C to J offer a great look at the stage without costing as much as the premium stall seats.
ROYAL CIRCLE - Rows D and E have decent seats in the middle.
GRAND CIRCLE - middle seats in the first couple of rows (B to D).

If money were no matter
STALLS SECTION - Any seats in the middle rows.

Best views of the stage
STALLS SECTION - the centre seats in rows CC to B are at a perfect distance from the stage. If you prefer watching events from a height, the royal circle seats in rows (A-C) will appeal to your sensibilities.

Best Legroom
Front rows and corner seats.

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Which Seats Offer The Best View?

Since the Dubai Opera is a multi-event performance arts venue, there’s no fixed seating or price structure. Each event is priced differently, depending on the popularity of the artist and the demand for the event. Still, there are certain seats in the venue that’ll ensure you have a good time no matter which event you’re attending.

In the stalls section, the centre seats (9 to 18) in rows CC to B offer what can be described as the best view of the stage. These seats are bang in the middle of the theatre and are at a perfect distance from the stage, ensuring that you witness everything that’s going on on the stage. If you prefer watching events from a height, the royal circle has seats that’ll appeal to your sensibilities. The first couple of rows (A-C) have amazing middle seats (19-28) that give you a distinct and clear look at the stage without any obstructions. Please note that while these seats can be considered the best in the house, they are also the most expensive, which brings us to the next question.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money?

Given that Dubai Opera has upwards to 1900 seats, there’s something for every price point here. If you’re looking for value for money seats that allow you to watch the event from a good seat without paying too much, we have some options you can consider.

In the stalls section, the middle seats (13-22) in the middle rows C to J are value for money since they offer a great look at the stage without costing as much as the premium stall seats. If you wish to sit in the royal circle section, rows D and E have decent seats in the middle. Also, the grand circle has some reasonable value for money seats you can opt for, including the middle seats in the first couple of rows (B to D). .

How To Buy Tickets For Dubai Opera House Shows?

There are numerous events, ranging from musicals to concerts, organised regularly at the Dubai Opera. Many of these events occur concurrently and tickets are available both online and at the venue. There are a couple of reasons why you should prefer getting your Dubai Opera tickets online instead of waiting in line and getting them physically. Well, that's reason number one. No waiting in line! You can also avail discounts and cashback offers ig you book tickets online since most online ticket selling platforms would be running some sort of offer. Another great thing about online ticket booking is that it allows you to plan your day better and choose a timing that's convenient for you. .

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How Far In Advance Should You Book Tickets?

Although Dubai Opera is a relatively new entity in the Dubai cultural scene, having opened only two years back in 2016, there's tremendous demand for the shows and events being hosted there. Most of this can be attributed to the fact that there's nothing quite like Dubai Opera anywhere else in the city. And with increasing globalisation, musical theatre and performance arts are becoming popular even in cities they haven't been at. Another reason for the growing popularity of Dubai Opera is the type of name talent that's performing there. Considering these factors, it's easy to see why you should be booking your Dubai Opera tickets in advance. Given the general interest level, we would recommend getting a head start of at least one month. This would ensure that you don't end up with bad seats and ruin your experience in the process. .

Where To Buy Discounted Tickets To Dubai Opera House Shows

If you're planning on getting your Dubai Opera tickets online, make your way to Headout, an online concierge for fantastic attractions and events across the globe. Headout offers a convenient and hassle-free ticket booking experience, allowing you to get the seats of your choice in mere minutes. Another great advantage of booking your Dubai Opera tickets at Headout is that you can avail some great discounts and cashback offers on your booking. Headout also promises the best seats for Dubai Opera and guarantees best prices. If you've any doubts about the booking process, you can always reach out to Headout’s 24/7 customer support for help. .

Practical Information

  • Wheelchair : Dubai Opera is wheelchair and has plenty of designated seats for wheelchair-bound patrons. Due to the everchanging seating layout of the Dubai Opera, wheelchair-accessible seats might not always be in what are considered preferred areas. Reach out to the staff at Dubai Opera if you’re looking to book Dubai Opera tickets.
  • Accessible Restrooms : Dubai Opera has accessible restrooms on each level comprising Basement Parking 1, the Promenade Level, Lower Balcony and Upper Balcony.
  • Lifts and Escalators : Each level of the Dubai Opera is accessible by lifts and there’s also escalator access available between the Lower and Upper Balcony.
  • Parking : Dubai Opera offers paid car park open 24 hours. For the convenience of disabled patrons, there are 10 additional disabled parking spaces available in Basement 2 Plaza Parking.

Handy Tips For Visiting Dubai Opera House

  • If you’re on getting your tickets online, you can purchase them directly at the box office, which is located on the Opera Plaza on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. The box office from at 10 AM and closes at 9 PM everyday. Plan your visit accordingly.
  • While there’s no prescribed dress code for Dubai Opera, you’re expected to dress formally and modestly.
  • Dubai Opera is more than just a performance venue. There’ a lot to see both inside the main building and around it so plan your day and leave some room before or after your show to ensure that you experience everything that’s on offer. Taking a Dubai Opera Tour before your show is highly recommended to get a glimpse of the backstage and other restricted areas in the Opera House.
  • Your bags/luggage will be checked by the security team at the entrance. Please avoid bringing large bags since they can’t be taken inside the theatre.
  • Given that there are almost 2000 seats in the theatre, not all seats offer a great view. There’ll be certain seats marked as restricted view. Lookout for these seats when booking your tickets.
  • Make it a point to reach the venue at least 30 minutes before your show starts. Latecomers are allowed into the auditorium only when there’s a suitable break in the performance. Please note that latecomers entry is at the discretion of the performing company.
  • Professional cameras and videoing equipment are not allowed inside the auditorium. If you’re carrying any such equipment with you, be prepared to cloak the items with one of the ushers.
  • Dubai Opera doesn’t allow outside food or drinks inside the venue. There are a lot of food and drinks options inside the venue for you to choose from.

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