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Aventura Park Dubai | Test your athleticism

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Dubai is such a versatile tourist destination, it has something for everyone. It has beautiful and historic Islamic architecture, stunning buildings, huge souks and malls and every attraction you would ever think possible, including a zoo, a safari, a ski world, and beaches to name a few! And now it has something to satisfy every little adventure craving in you as well. Aventura Park was started to bring a spirit of adventure to Dubai. The park also has a distinction of being the first outdoor adventure activity centre in the country. For everyone who wants to be sporty and get a chance to interact with nature in Dubai’s beautiful Ghaf forests, Aventura Park provides the best and most adventurous experience that Dubai can offer.

Aventura Park is a Spanish adventure park brand, brought specially to Dubai by two people excited to replicate adventure, thrill and excitement in Dubai.

Aventura Park Dubai - Why visit?

Aventura Park has 85 exhilarating challenges spread across 5 different circuits - Ranger, Explorador, Aventura, Extreme and Thriller. The best part about the experience is that there’s no limitation on the number of times you can explore the circuit. So if you finish it and want to do it again, there’s no stopping you. The highlight though is how seriously they take safety at the park. Each visitor has to spend 30 minutes on entry going through a safety demonstration of the personal protection equipment. The safety equipment is configured in such a manner that it will be impossible to unharness the person unless they have completed the descent. This drastically improves the safety because if you’re not on the ground, you can’t get off.

Aventura Park Dubai

The Aventura Park works with the Aventura Amazonia brand which runs reputed adventure parks all over Spain. The activities have been configured in such a way to provide maximum adrenaline and the perfect amount of excitement and challenge to the person. The best part of Aventura Park is that it is a place where families can enjoy. The Ranger circuit is meant for young children and the Explorador is perfect for families to enjoy.

Aventura Park Circuits

The Aventura Park has five different circuits with different adventures lined up in each one.

This circuit is specially designed for young children. The challenges are easy to accomplish for children and are built in such a way that children find themselves completely engrossed in them. This circuit has 19 different challenges. The minimum height in this circuit is 1.15 metres. Parents can accompany their children in this.

This is a medium difficulty circuit where parents and children can both attempt the challenges together. Some of the challenges include suspended bridges and zip lines. There are 17 challenges in this circuit. The minimum height for this circuit is 1.25 metres.

The challenges start to get more difficult from this circuit onwards. The challenges are specifically designed for adults. Some of them include rope wall climbs, suspended aerial bridges without much support. The height and complexity of the challenges are significantly more than Explorador circuit. This circuit has 15 challenges. The minimum height for this circuit is 1.4 metres.

This is one of the most challenging circuits in Aventura Park. The challenges include a 25 meter Tarzan jump, suspended aerial bridges without side support, zip lines. The height of the challenges and the difficulty of the obstacles is significantly higher here. This one is specifically for adventure junkies. The minimum height for this challenge is 1.6 metres. There are 15 challenges in this circuit.

This circuit is filled with thrilling zip lines. The zip lines are at different heights and for hard core adventure junkies, this may seem less difficult than the obstacles of the extreme course. But the heights for the zip lines makes up for it. There are 15 zip-line challenges in this circuit.

Aventura Park Tickets

Choose between 5 difficulty levels depending on your ability and height.

Typical Aventura Park Experience

The typical Aventura Park experience starts with a thorough safety briefing. The briefing covers the entire safety aspect of the park and the visitors are taught how the personal protective equipment or PPE works.

Following this, depending on the color of their wristband, one can explore the respective circuits. The ticket ensures 2.5 hours entry in the park which can be used for unlimited attempts on the circuits. The park estimates 30 minutes as the time required for completing the obstacles set in every circuit. If you wish to extend your stay, that’s completely possible and welcome too. For every hour of extension after the first 2.5 hours, Aventura Park charges 50 AED.

Aventura Park Dubai

If you’re travelling with young children, it is best to start at the Ranger circuit for young children. Parents can accompany children on this circuit but not participate. For a complete family experience, the Explorador circuit provides challenges for both adults and children. If you’re an adventure junkie and want something more challenging, the Aventura circuit awaits you. And if you’re the ultimate thrill seeker, the Extreme circuit is for you.

If the rush of adrenaline is what you crave, going for the black band will ensure you can enjoy the Explorador, Aventura, Thriller and Extreme circuits at once.

Aventura Park - Know Before Youu Go

Park Timings:

From Sunday to Wednesday: 9:30 AM to 6 PM
From Thursday to Saturday: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Getting There:

Aventura Park is located at Mushrif Park. It can be easily reached by taxi.

Aventura Park - Rules and Regulations

  • Arrive at the gate 20 minutes before the timeslot.
  • After registration, head to the Green Carpet area to get a harness.
  • The coaches will conduct a 30 minute safety briefing session guiding on the use of the personal protection equipment or PPE.
  • The total playtime allowed in the park is 2.5 hours. Every extra hour is charged at 50 AED.
  • The colour of your wristband allows you into the particular circuit.
    • Green - Rangers
    • Blue - Rangers and Explorador
    • Red - Rangers, Explorador, Aventura, Thriller
    • Black - Explorador, Aventura, Thriller, Extreme

Aventura Park - Reviews

This place will offer some serious fun, that's exactly what it did to me. I finished my 3 hours only asking for more. The difficulty levels are in line with everyone's preference. The place offers some crazy activities which I would otherwise not dream of doing. I really enjoyed my weekend out and hey burnt a lot of calories while having a ball. Loved the training given and the independence to figure out the activities. They also have a cafe right there which serves amazing coffee. The instructors are so friendly, they wont let you give up. I am surely coming back more confident next time.

Soulwayfarer, TripAdvisor, March 2022

I visited Aventura Parks with my brother and his 12 year old son during our vacation in Dubai. We went late in the afternoon and stayed until after dark. All three of us LOVED it. Who would have thought you could find a large, peaceful forest at the edge of a desert metropolis? We did the Thriller zip line course, which is just scary enough to be exciting. You can build up some good speed up there, high above the trees. We received very thorough safety training, so my nephew was able to venture well ahead of us, and I think he relished the sense of adventure. What I loved the most was the feeling of being in nature: perched up there on the lines, I could see Dubai's skyline in the distance, but could hear the crickets sing and feel a desert breeze on my face. Magical!

Omar, TripAdvisor, January 2022

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FAQs: Aventura Park

How much are Aventura Park Dubai tickets?

Aventura Park ticket for adults costs AED 185, while for children it’s AED 149. Anyone taller than 1.4 metres is considered an adult. You can also book an Annual Adventure Pass priced at AED 599 for adults and AED 329 for children.

Where is Aventura Park located?

Mushrif Park، Gate 1، POB 30929 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Is Aventura Park in Dubai Hills?

No, Aventura Park is located in Mushriff Park, not Dubai Hills

What is the best time to visit Aventura Park Dubai?

The best time to visit Aventura Park is either in the morning or in the evening around 5 PM. Do not go here in the afternoon since it can get very hot. 

Where can I find Aventura Park Dubai deals?

You can buy Aventure Park tickets on Headout for the best prices on the internet!