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Dubai is a magnificent city, that has managed to employ almost every aspect of its surrounding as a major attractions. The architecturally stunning city has taken the vast expanse of Persian gulf along its coastline and made itself a home to some of the world’s finest yachts.

With three major water bodies namely Dubai Coastline, Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek, the city has fleets of wonderful and luxurious yacht. From personal charter to group sightseeing tours, Dubai Yachts leave no stone unturned. Discovering Dubai from the deck of a luxurious yacht is not just a mesmerizingly beautiful experience but it lends you new perspective as well. Here's all you need to know before taking a Yacht ride in Dubai.

Top 7 Yacht Cruises in Dubai

1Marina Dinner Cruise with Live Music


Be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring vistas of the Marina Promenade as you indulge in a lavish buffet showcasing an extensive selection of continental and exotic delicacies meticulously crafted by a prestigious hotel.

Embark on a magnificent journey aboard a 5-star cruise boat that seamlessly combines the pleasures of exquisite dining and captivating sightseeing. Set sail across the azure coastal waters of Dubai, immersing yourself in the legendary Dubai Marina during this 90-minute cruise.

Indulge in a truly elegant dining experience as you savor the delights of a delectable five-star international buffet, expertly catered by the renowned Radisson Blu.

  • Indulge in a sophisticated culinary experience as you partake in the irresistible offerings of a five-star international buffet meticulously curated by the esteemed Radisson Blu.
  • Relish in the enchanting ambiance of romantic melodies while being captivated by the awe-inspiring Dubai skyline, accentuated by a stunning sunset as its backdrop.
  • Experience the breathtaking views of New Dubai as you sail by famous landmarks that hug the Gulf, taking in the beauty of the city along the way.
  • Boarding at 8 PM
  • Cruise from 8:30 PM to 10 PM

34FP+WQW - Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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2Super Yacht Luxury Tour


Cruise across the deep blue, breathtakingly beautiful waters of Persian Gulf, while the equally beautiful Dubai sky and Dubai ‘s magnificent skyline keeps you company. This particular yacht tour of Dubai is the perfect mix of leisure, luxury and lots of fun.

With an onboard swimming pool and a chill lounge, be assured that your entertainment quotient will always be high. On top it, some of the city’s most popular sights such as the Blue Water Islands, the Palm Islands, and the Atlantis will be part of your route.

Take in the vast expanse of Dubai’s awe-strikingly handsome skyline as the salty winds teases your hair and the sun reflects in the water beneath you. Trust us, the yacht cruises in Dubai are a surreal must have experience.

  • Super Yacht Sightseeing cruise entails a round trip from the JBR Beach to the Atlantis Hotel and back..
  • On your way to Atlantis, you will get a chance observe the Marina and to marvel Dubai’s very own man-made islands, the Blue Water Islands and the Palm Islands.
  • You will be greeted with an complimentary soft beverage.
  • Multiple entertainment deck includes a swimming pool and a chill lounge.
  • Optional buffet breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  • Cruises are 2 to 4 hours long
  • Boarding timings are at 9 AM, 1 PM, 5 PM and 9 PM

AA1 GATE - Dubai Marina, Dubai

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3Lotus Mega Yacht


Fun - check, frolic - check, sightseeing - check, luxury -check, delicious food - check, views - check, a gala time - check. The Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise, is all inclusive sightseeing tour that cruises along the Persian Gulf, giving you a glimpse of the Palm Islands, Blue Water Island, Atlantis hotel, among other sights.

Dubai, becomes even more spectacular vision during the night. Embroidered with the night lights, the city and its sights is an entirely mesmerising vision. Add in the reflection of the said lights in the water and the sight is enough to get you weak in the knees.

Completed with an onboard swimming pool, Chill Lounge and Kids Cinema, the Lotus Mega Yacht keeps you entertained throughout your 2- 3 hour cruise. To keep the luxury part of the deal, professionals butlers will be on your beck and call, making sure that you are comfortable.

  • Get onto the Lotus Mega Yacht for a breathtaking view of the Palm Islands and the Atlantis hotel.
  • Cruise past the Dubai Marina and Blue Water Island in absolute comfort aboard the yacht.
  • Indulge your culinary cravings with a diverse array of delicious cuisines served on the deck.
  • Experience a sense of home as you discover various entertainment options and enjoy services provided by skilled butlers onboard.
  • Cruise is 3 hours 30 minutes long
  • Boarding at 7 PM
  • Sailing at 7:30 PM

Boarding below Pier 7, Outside Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai

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4Luxury Mega Yacht Weekend Brunch Cruise


With all the making of a perfect family getaway, the Luxury Mega Yacht Weekend Brunch Cruise is a great option for both Locals and tourists. Starting from the Pier 7 near Marina Mall, the yacht will cruise alongside the JBR beach, lending you great view of the Persian Gulf and some of the city’s most known landmarks.

Equipped with an indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, the Lotus Mega Yacht ensures you can unwin, while taking in all the wonderful views. In addition, the Kids Cinema allows the children onboard to have as much fun as the adults. A live DJ on the top deck make sure that you have the perfect background music for all your activities.

Depending upon the package you chose, you will be offered a soft or alcoholic beverages. After a while, the buffet is set and that spread of a wide variety of local and international delectable dishes is a vision in itself. Making your cruise more perfect, live cooking stations for BBQ, sushi, salads and deserts are also strewn across the deck.

  • Beginning at the Dubai Marina, the cruise will covers the sights such as the Palm, the Atlantis and most of Dubai’s skyline.
  • The crew members with their five star hospitality, will ensure you and your family have a gala time.
  • The Brunch served includes a spread of lip smacking dishes, along with live counters.
  • A soft beverage or an alcoholic beverage depending upon the package selected.
  • Fully equipped, the yacht has a swimming pool, Kids Cinema and Chill Lounge
  • Fridays and Saturdays
  • 12:30 PM to 4 PM

Boarding below Pier 7, Outside Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai

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5Ain Dubai House Boat Tour


Head out on the Ain Dubai House Boat Tour for a mesmerizing firsthand encounter with the world's largest Ferris Wheel. Glide through the city's canals, soaking in the atmosphere while enjoying a pocket-friendly adventure. Whether it's a sunset tour or a moonlight excursion, the choice is yours. From a red-carpet welcome to witnessing Dubai's iconic buildings illuminated at night, every moment is crafted for an unforgettable experience. Feel the cool breeze on the open-air deck as Ain Dubai stands tall, creating memories impossible to overlook.

  • Stay comfortable in the fully air-conditioned lower deck.
  • Rely on an experienced captain and crew for a seamless journey.
  • Ideal for Dubai visitors on a budget, especially families!
  • Witness the world's largest Ferris Wheel, Ain Dubai, from the sea during sunset or at night.
  • Daily at 6:30 PM
  • The cruise lasts for 1 hour

Xclusive Marina - Behind Nuran Residences, 34FP+WQW - Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Dubai

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6Ain Dubai House Boat Tour


Step aboard a luxurious Abra boat, where you'll be greeted by an exclusive captain and crew. Take a moment to relax and unwind with your loved ones as you gracefully sail on the waters, taking in the breathtaking sights of Dubai. Marvel at the icons of Dubai's architecture, from the impressive Dubai Harbour to the skyline of Marina. Don't forget to capture the beauty of Ain Dubai, the world's highest observatory wheel, with your phone camera. Be enchanted by the Madinat Jumeirah before concluding your cruise with the grandeur of the Burj Al Arab and Atlantis buildings, epitomizing Dubai's architectural beauty.

  • Spend a fantastic 4 hours cruising and soak in the full glory of Dubai!
  • You'll relish a fresh perspective of Dubai, catching sights like Ain Dubai – that towering observation wheel, along with Dubai Harbour, and more.
  • No need to deal with noisy crowds; they'll keep it intimate with a small group of just 18 people on their private charter cruise.
  • Just kick back and let the pro captain and crew pamper you.
  • Each cruise is 4 hours long
  • Daily at 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM and 5 PM

Station P1 - Pontoon BA, Opposite Dubai Marriott Hotel & Suites - Dubai Marina, Dubai

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7Dubai New Year 2024 Fireworks Cruise

quinta de regaleira

Make your New Year's Eve dreams come true by experiencing Dubai's iconic fireworks from the tranquility of the water, away from the hectic street crowds. You captain will guide you beneath the illuminated skyline to anchor at the perfect spot near Palm Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, and Burj Khalifa. Get ready for fireworks show right before your eyes.

Raise a toast and welcome the new year with your loved ones. Sip on delicious refreshments while basking in the dazzling spectacle overhead. Feel free to bring your favorite snacks to add an extra touch of celebration. We've got safety covered with life jackets, allowing you to relax and soak in the serene atmosphere, capturing Instagram-worthy moments against the scenic backdrop.

  • Kick off the party with friends and family on board and treat your taste buds to some delightful refreshments.
  • Soak in the beauty of Dubai's vibrant skyline, away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Capture those unforgettable moments against the backdrop of iconic city landmarks—memories to cherish forever.
  • The cruise lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • 10:30 PM onward on the 31st of December

Love boats UAE, Dubai Marina Walk, Dubai

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How To Select The Best Yacht Ride In Dubai ?

  • Location - An important factors to consider before booking your tour, as it dictates the sights that you will cover during your ride. The most common locations for yacht tours Dubai are - Dubai Coastline, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek.
  • Time of the day - Dubai is charismatic all through the day. Since, tours run all day, you can opt for a cruise depending upon your itinerary and the view you're looking forward to - morning glory, twinking nights or the golden hour.
  • Duration - Usual yacht cruises Dubai are for 2- 3 hours, however you can also charter a yacht for longer hours.
  • Food - While a fun affair, food and beverages do come with a price. Select a cruise that includes/excludes food and beverages, depending upon your budget.
  • Luxury - Yacht cruises Dubai have varying degrees of luxury, from onboard amenities to butlers. Dip your toes into the level of luxury that suits your budget.
  • Vendors - Most important of all, everything from the route to hospitality depends on the vendors to a great degree. It is important to research and compare the price vs value for various vendors. We have shortlisted the best Yacht cruise vendors in Dubai below. Take a look and make an informed choice.

Yacht Tours Dubai - Watch Out For These Tours!

Xclusive Yachts

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Established in 2006, Xclusive Yacht Dubai is the only five star yacht charter company in the UAE. Set in the heart of Dubai Marina, the company operates from Dubai Marina Yacht Club and is known for their highly trained captains and crew.

Xclusive yacht offers both luxurious sightseeing tours and charter services. Depending upon the package, an exclusive array of breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet is served on the decks. Completed with live cooking stations for BBQs, pastas and sushis the menu includes local and international cuisines.

Known for its five-star hospitality including a red-carpet welcome, the company also avails complimentary luxury car transfers and complimentary service staff as per the package selected.

Operating 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, Xclusive offers various add on services like live Dj, balloon and decorations, cake, watersports, photographer, Vip securities, meet and greet, among others.

Lotus Yachts

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Known for beautiful yachts’ that amalgamates modern design and technology with luxury, grace and style, Lotus yacht Dubai is one of the favorite and most popular vendors in the city.

The highest level of luxury and an keen eye for details is the signature style of the Lotus Yachts . Almost every yacht owned by Lotus is enriched with large decks, wide cabins, large salons, swimming pool, jacuzzi, cinema, music systems, luxe interiors, dance floor, and many other luxuries.

Both sightseeing packages and the charter service packages are tailored as per the needs, comfort and luxury of the consumers. The said packages also includes scrumptious and amazingly delectable cuisine, both local and international.

Apart from the aforementioned amenities there package may include adventure watersports such as jet skiing and trip down to the JBR beach through a shuttle. Extremely popular for large gathering, Lotus boasts itself as one of the finest yachts cruises for events, fancy parties as well as corporate events.

Gold's Yacht

quinta de regaleira

With a huge fleet of yachts and boats at their disposal, the Gold’s Yacht boats to cater the need of every guests on its deck. The yacht service is popular for there professional staff that strive to give you a comfortable, fun and luxurious trip aboard.

Equipped with all the modern amenities the Gold's Yacht offer basic sightseeing services and special charter services for several occasions such as a romantic yacht cruise, birthday parties, engagements, anniversaries, corporate events and fashion photo shoots.

Accordingly, the company offers a fleet of waiters and hostesses, an onboard Dj with professional stereo music system, professional catering and cake services and decorations as per the occasion. In addition, watersports such as Jet Ski, the banana boat ride, yboarding, donut ride and other such rides are availed as per your selected package.

All You Need To Know About Dubai Yacht Cruise Rentals

The sight of Dubai becomes all the more magical, when you are cruising across the shimmering Persian gulf, along its coastline. This magic could be easily extended into your life in order to make your special events, exceptionally beautiful.

Whether it’s a corporate event or a casual party, or something more personal such as wedding/engagement party or a birthday party, organising it on a Yacht cruise will always be a great idea. The city offers a number of vendors across the city who readily allow you to charter their yacht and other services for the same.

Depending upon the yacht selected and the number of guests on board, the price points vary approximately between AED 800 - 1,100 per hour for around 15 guests to AED 2,200 - 3,200 per hour for an 40 guests. If you are planning to go grander yachts with the capacity of over 200 guest is also an option.

Notably, the charter facilities are not limited to parties or events, you can charter a yachts for a solo or family filled deep sea fishing experience or just for a casual ride on beautiful day. A yacht ride in Dubai, is great for any season and for any reason, just contact any of the aforementioned vendors for acquiring a best bargain.

Hacks For A Perfect Dubai Yacht Cruise Experience

  • The Barefoot rule - Most yachts requires you to roam the deck and the cabins bare feet. If shoes are allowed it is advisable to wear soft-soled “boat shoes” as the heels tend to dent the teak decks and the black soles are known to leave suffmaks.
  • Dubai Yacht Cruise Dress Code - The passengers should opt for smart casuals, no bikini or over revealing clothes are allowed or accepted on the deck.
  • Safety Briefings - Whether you are a regular or a first timer, pay attention to the safety briefings given by the crew. The instructions also includes information about lifejackets and liferafts, so pay special attention to the safety briefings.
  • Respect the Crew - Known for their hospitality, the crew is often quite helpful, humble and respectful. One of the most important etiquette for a yacht cruise is to show respect for the crew and to treat them as you would treat your valued employees
  • Children Onboard - Most yacht tours welcomes children open heartedly and have various activities planned to keep them entertained. Though the crew members would not double as babysitters, you will have to take care of them yourself.
  • Best Time For A Yacht Cruise - The Dubai winters, from November to early march offers a good opportunity for exploring an yacht cruise under mild temperatures. Also, whether during season or off - season, the weekdays pose as the perfect time for Dubai yacht cruise deals.

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