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Go tandem skydiving in Melbourne for a sky high adventure

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Skydiving is perhaps one of the most bucket-listed activities. Don't you think? The thrill of jumping off a plane and plummeting towards the earth with terrific views that somehow dissolve your fears is an adrenaline rush that can't be put into words. Skydiving was first successfully performed over 200 years ago in Paris and ever since, it has made its way to every other popular tourist destinations of the world. Skydiving in Melbourne is an insanely popular activity. Before you make this 15,000 feet plunge in Melbourne, here's all you need to know about Skydiving in Melbourne.

Tandem Skydiving in Melbourne

With three premier drop zones—Great Ocean Road, Yarra Valley, and St. Kilda—you can choose your epic backdrop. Which is the best among these three you ask? We say whichever is the nearest dropping zone to you is the best. Thay are all so good! The views from the top are simply breathtaking. The sprawling shores along the Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay appear even more beautiful from 15,000 feet in the air. Skydiving in Melbourne is performed by thousands of visitors every year, most of whom admit to it being the most memorable one minute of their lives.

Tandem Skydive in Melbourne: Dropping zones and tickets

While all 3 locations, promise a fantastic experience, here's a quick table to help you make up your mind while in Melbourne.

Skydive MelbourneSkydive MelbourneSkydive Melbourne
St Kilda Beach Tandem Freefall
from AU$509
Book Now
Great Ocean Road Tandem Freefall
from AU$249
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Yarra Valley Tandem Freefall
from AU$379
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AboutThe adrenaline-filled descent will have you soaring above the skyline before gliding down to one of the most picturesque landing spots - the soft sands of St. Kilda Beach itself. The Great Ocean Road freefall offers Tandem Skydiving with a twist of coastal magnificence. Imagine free-falling over some of Australia's most stunning coastline, with panoramic views of the majestic Twelve Apostles, marine sanctuaries, and rainforests.Yarra Valley Tandem Skydiving is a feast for the senses, blending the thrill of freefall with the tranquil beauty of Victoria's wine region. As you leap from the aircraft, you're greeted by the lush vineyards stretching across the valley, the rolling hills, and the meandering Yarra River.

Daily : 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 12:00 PM

Daily : 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM

Sunday to Tuesday: 8:00 AM -11:30 AM, Saturday & Sunday : 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Why Choose This?
  • Best views while Skydiving - a mix of city views and ocean views.
  • Get a chance to witness the glittering golden beaches of Port Philip Bay from your aerial vantage point
  • 5 slots conviniently paced through the morning.
  • Views of blue ocean with quaint towns.
  • Splendid views of Torquay, a beautiful seaside town at the east end of the Great Ocean Road.
  • 3 morning slots daily.
  • Views of a valley with wide panoramas of greenlands.
  • Breathtaking views of Yara Valley, one of Australia's most iconic wine regions.
  • Maximum number of slots, with half an hour slots from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM /1:00 PM. Closed on Wed & Thu

What's the experience like?

Melbourne Tandem Skydiving

While Skydiving looks like an activity for the daredevils, it really is not! The view and adrenaline rush makes up for the pit in your stomach. If you are in two minds, our comprehensive breakdown of your entire experience should come handy when you go skydiving in Melbourne:

  • After you have made your booking, you will be allotted the time slot for the jump. Please reach the skydive center well in advance.
  • You will be asked to glance through some paperwork and fill them.This will be followed by a basic health checkup. The results of the test will be used to make your dive comfortable and safe.
  • You will then meet your skydiving support team that will help you with all the technical details you need to know. You can clarify any queries you may have.
  • Once you have had a verbal session with the support team, you will be kitted up and harnessed.
  • At this point, you will be taken to the specially modified aircraft, where you will meet your tandem jumpmaster. You will be performing the jump with your jumpmaster.
  • Once your aircraft reaches the desired height, you and your jumpmaster will be attached together and exit the aircraft.
  • After about 60 seconds of freefall, reaching a speed of up to 200 kmph, your canopy will be engaged.
  • The canopy has an Automatic Activation Device which will engage your parachute automatically after reaching a preset altitude.
  • You will glide back to base over the next 5 to 7 minutes, enjoying the mesmerizing views around you.
  • After reaching the base, you can collect any photos or videos of this epic journey!

Tandem Skydive Melbourne - Know before you go

Skydive Melbourne Age

The minimum age required for participating in Skydive Melbourne is 12 years.


  • Participants between the age of 12 and 17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, failing which, they will be barred from skydiving.
  • Individuals weighing over 110 kgs cannot take part in Melbourne skydiving.
  • Individuals weighing over 95 kgs will need to pay a surcharge for skydiving.
  • Failing the basic medical checkup will mean that you cannot participate in the activity.
  • Collared clothing, hiking boots and high heels are not allowed for this activity.

Safety Tips For Your Melbourne Skydive Experience

  • Make sure your attire has no tear.
  • Pay keen attention to the instruction during your briefing.
  • Check the pieces of equipment and the harness properly for your own mental peace. Do not fiddle with them after you're kitted up.
  • Follow your jumpmaster’s lead at all times.

What To Wear When You Go Skydiving In Melbourne?

Wear loose, casual clothing for this activity. A jumpsuit is advisable to protect yourself from the chilly wind at high altitude. Wear sneakers or running shoes. Goggles provide the eyes some extra protection during the free fall.

Pro Tips For Your Tandem Skydive in Melbourne

  • Do not overeat or starve before the activity. Give yourself enough nourishment to make this activity fun for yourself.
  • Go ahead and ask to see your instructors license if you want to.
  • Get enough rest before skydiving. It is normal to have a sleepless night before an exciting activity like this, but a good night’s sleep will help you enjoy the activity better.
  • Understand that skydiving is dependant on the fickle nature of the weather. Better not go for the activity than free fall through 15,000 feet of haze.
  • Know that if you are a female, you can request for a female jumpmaster.
  • Keep your helmet on at all times. It is not to protect your head during the actual activity but to prevent injury from toppling after you land.
  • Familiarize yourself with the signs used to communicate mid-air as the verbal medium will be rather useless during free fall.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your jumpmaster to check your pieces of equipment before the jump.
  • Take a few deep breaths and calm yourself down before the jump. Then, take that leap of faith!
Tandem Skydive Melbourne