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15 hidden gems you can’t miss at Disneyland Paris

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Welcome to the magical world of Disneyland® Paris where the adventure starts at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and just keeps getting better! Beyond the classic rides and those iconic Mickey-shaped treats, there are secret spots and surprising twists waiting around every corner. So, put on your mouse ears and let's dive into 15 cool things you probably didn't know about Disneyland Paris that will add some extra sparkle to your visit!

1. Secret Arboretum by City Hall:

Just a short walk from the bustling City Hall, you can find a peaceful escape in the form of a secret arboretum. Tucked away to the left of the building, this area offers lush, mature trees and beautifully maintained walkways, perfect for a quiet stroll or a break from the park's excitement.

2. Sounds of Main Street USA:

Main Street USA comes alive with its own auditory experiences. From the sounds of a dramatic tooth extraction at the Dental Practice to the gentle piano melodies echoing from a music lesson, each building on this street adds a layer of immersive sound to enhance your experience.

Disneyland paris - Main street USA view

3. The Pink House on Main Street:

Tucked behind the Coca-Cola Truck on Main Street USA is the Pink House, a charming spot that's become a hit on Instagram. You can climb the steps to the porch for a great photo op in this quaint, pink-painted setting.

4. Dapper Dan’s Barbershop Experience:

At Dapper Dan’s Barbershop on Main Street USA, you can enjoy more than just a haircut in an atmosphere that takes you back to the early 20th century. The shop features traditional barber chairs, dark wood furnishings, and monochrome tiled floors, all collected from a retired barber’s personal collection in Chicago.

Barber shop

5. Animatronic Tigger at The Storybook Store:

The Storybook Store isn't just a place to buy souvenirs; it's an experience in itself, featuring an animatronic Tigger who acts as a playful cashier. This character adds a touch of whimsy, moving his head from side to side, greeting shoppers as they browse through vintage-decorated aisles.

6. Gallery inside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle:

The Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant inside Sleeping Beauty's Castle offers a one of the best walkthrough experiences. Here, you can walk along the intricate stained glass windows and detailed tapestries that tell the tale of Sleeping Beauty, often without the usual crowds found elsewhere in the park.

Sleeping beauty castle

7. Glassmaking at Merlin l’Enchanteur:

Step into Merlin l’Enchanteur, a quaint shop within Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, styled after Merlin's magical workshop. Here, you can observe skilled artisans creating custom glass wands and other unique items, making it a mesmerizing stop especially for those who appreciate handcrafted art.

Disneyland Glass wand

8. Labyrinth of Wonderland:

You don’t need to follow the White Rabbit to find your way through Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. This topsy-turvy maze will take you through the Queen of Hearts' whimsical (and slightly mental!) garden and up to the Queen's Castle for a fairy-tale view of Fantasyland.

Alice in wonderland

9. Underground Dragon:

Did you know that Disneyland Paris has its very own dragon that sits under Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? Meet one of Disney’s largest animatronic creatures: an underground dragon named La Tanière du Dragon. Settled in a dimly lit cavern below Sleeping Beauty Castle, it’s almost like he’s guarding the princess herself.

La Tanière du Dragon - Disneyland Paris - Sleepig beauty castle dragon

10. Mickey’s Hidden Faces:

Hidden Mickeys is an unofficial game that many people play in Disney parks! Have fun playing detective by spotting hidden Mickeys scattered throughout the park. Whether embedded in architecture, landscaping, or even the snack displays, these Easter eggs are everywhere.

Disneyland Mickey

11. Walt’s Secret Apartment:

Ever wondered where Walt Disney would have stayed in his own park? Look above Main Street, U.S.A., for a glimpse of Walt’s Apartment, an elegant suite originally meant for Walt and his family, connecting you to his visionary spirit.

12. Hidden Nautilus:

Descend into Captain Nemo’s submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and explore its mysterious depths in Discoveryland’s Les Mystères du Nautilus. It’s like stepping into a Jules Verne novel!

Hidden Nautilus

13. Secret Entrance to Adventureland:

Want to bypass the main gates? Find the lesser-known entrance to Adventureland near the Disneyland Hotel and stroll straight into the fun, no map required.


14. Le Carrousel de Lancelot's Antique Chariots:

The Carrousel de Lancelot is not just a ride but a piece of history, with several antique chariots that date back over a century. These chariots are exquisitely decorated with 23-karat gold, copper, and aluminium leaf, offering a ride that's both fun and visually stunning.

Le Carrousel de Lancelot's Antique Chariots
Hidden Gems at Disneyland Paris