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Your guide to all the parades at Disneyland Paris in 2024

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It’s Disneyland. It’s Paris. You can expect great things from both of those names individually and more so together! And if you are headed to Disneyland Paris - no matter what your age is - that is a fantastic plan! While the roller coasters, hotels and all the other attractions will keep you busy for more than just a day, don’t miss the iconic Disneyland parades that are a proper spectacle. From synchronized drones to the most popular Disney Stars one, here are all the parades at Disneyland Paris for 2024.

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The Disney Electrical Sky Parade

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This new nighttime drone parade that will run until January 2025 is a fantastic show for all ages. A blend of synchronized drones, video projections, lights, and fountains above Sleeping Beauty Castle, it is a version of the Main Street Electrical Parade that has been part of the show schedule in different versions since the 70s! Think lasers, fountains and 500 drones that recreate scenes from the original parade. The Blue Fairy, Cinderella’s pumpkin coach, Dumbo’s Casey Jr. Circus Train and Elliot the Dragon too. Plus, it’s set to the title tracks of these iconic movies, so if you’re a millennial parent taking your kids, then it’s a proper throwback.

Pro tip: And the best part is that it is accessible by all. If you need assistance, head to the space in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, just near the path to tipis of Frontierland. If you have your Priority Access Card, you can go with two companions too.

Disney Stars on Parade

Disney Stars on Parade

Classic, iconic, colorful and definitely unmissable, the Disney Stars parade is a must-do, Every day, seven floats will parade the main street, bringing to life characters from old-school fairy tales, new adventures of Toy Story and Frozen and of course, Mickey and Minnie.

Pro tip: Stake out your spot at least 30 minutes before the parade begins. You can try different locations along the parade route so you can see the floats go by a few times. Main Street, U.S.A. offers a classic view, while Frontierland gets you a more up-close-and-personal look.

Disney Dreams!

Disney Dreams

It’s back after a hiatus of a few years, and we are thrilled! In the same spot as the sky parade, Disney Dreams! is more a show than a parade, but we’ll call it what it really is - a nighttime spectacular! Featuring Peter Pan's shadow wandering through multiple Disney films from Beauty and the Beast, Ratatouille, Aladdin, Brave, The Lion King, and more, the boy who never grows up is captured by Dr. Facilier and threatened by Disney villains. But the shadow eventually is returned to Peter Pan who then teams up with Tinker Bell and Wendy to fight Captain Hook.

Pro tip: This show is 21-minutes long and is the last show before the park closes. Make sure you don’t plan for any rides and attractions after this one.

Disney Halloween Festival

Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Disney Halloween Festival Every Halloween, the park hosts the Disney Halloween Festival, and this time, it’s expected to be spookier than ever before. Usually held between October 1 and November 3, the whole atmosphere changes with parades, attractions and plenty of ghoulish fun on the cards. We’ll update you as soon as we know the wicked plans!

Christmas 2024 at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Christmas

Like Halloween, the Disney Enchanted Christmas will be back from 9 November 2024 until 6 January 2025. And you can expect the park to transform into a winter wonderland, complete with faux snow and Christmas decorations. There’s a whole Christmas parade with your favorite characters - old and new, so if you are wondering if heading here in winter is a good idea, then don’t think twice - it is!

Oh, and If you’re looking for more entertainment, check out A Million Splashes of Colour, a must-see for any Disney fan. Held in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, the show features 30 dancers, performers, and of course, Disney and Pixar characters.

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