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Experience Life In The Desert With These Evening Desert Safaris

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Dubai is known for its quintessential adrenalin pumping desert safari experiences. You drive past the city’s humdrum to head out to the boundless desert in a 4x4 vehicle. Bashing the dunes, you set yourself on an expedition to enjoy the essence of desert life. As would be anyone’s guess, the best time to witness the spirit of desert is the evening time.

You kickoff your journey in the late afternoon enjoying the thrill of some adventure. Next you find yourself in the middle of never-ending soft sand dunes glistening with an orangish red tone. With backdrop of setting sun in the amber sky you are free to absorb the amazing beauty of the Arabian Desert. The cheer and excitement doesn't end here. A fusion of cultural evening with modern comforts awaits you at the Bedouin Camp. A great spread of traditional as well as continental delicacies fascinate your taste buds. Dazzling belly dancers mesmerise you with their performance. Enjoying a perfectly relaxing evening under a star laden sky is the perfect way to wind up the day.

In the desert safari guide that follows, we will look at the salient differences between evening and morning desert safaris and help you select the best evening desert safari in Dubai.

Comparing Evening Desert Safaris & Morning Desert Safaris

Time of Day

evening desert safari

Since morning desert safaris can get too hot as they trail into noon, evenings present the best time to go for a desert safari. Late afternoon, when the sun has already started its descent, gives you the opportunity to discover the magical ambience of the desert. The tropical desert heat of the day slowly recedes to make way for the cool breezy evening. This is an ideal time for all the fun activities like quad biking, sand boarding etc. With ample time at hand, unlike a morning safari, you have the entire evening to relax at the famous Bedouin camp. Enjoying a traditional evening marked with belly dancing etc, gazing the stars in the cool comfort of the camp, relishing the delectable Arabian flavourful cuisine are some of the things which come only with a Evening desert safari.


evening desert safari

Evening desert safaris are known for the a plethora of traditional and thrilling activities that you can experience. It typically begins with a dune bashing session in a Hummer, Land cruiser, a 4x4. Driving over the troughs and crests of ever shifting dunes is a thoroughly thrilling experience. You are then left for some time to absorb the ambience, click some amazing pictures and enjoy other adrenaline pumping activities like ride a dune buggy, a quad bike, drive a dune buggy or simply enjoy the sand dunes with a session of sandboarding.

Dining & Entertainment

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This adventurous journey doesn't end here for an Evening Safari. There is lot more entertainment awaiting you at the Bedouin Camp in the middle of the desert. Ride the ship of the desert-Camel for a local feel, get your hands decorated with beautiful henna designs or get the fun tattoos, smoke a flavourful shisha and enjoy the artful performance of belly dancers who invite you to participate in dancing.

While the morning safari ends in a quick breakfast, evening safaris also have the option of relishing a lavish dinner at the camp. A humongous spread of traditional and continental vegetarian as well as non vegetarian delicacies await your gastronomical senses. From fresh fruit and salads to Arabic coffee, Middle Eastern grilled meat and much more, you have the entire evening to savour the flavours at your own pace.

A Typical Evening Desert Safari Experience

An evening desert safari typically includes the option of pick up and drop off facility from and to your place of stay. It begins with driving out of the city to the serene desert camp area usually in the Red Lahbab desert or the Dubai Conservation Reserve. The excitement begins with the thrilling dune bashing in a 4x4 vehicle. The expert driver takes you on an adrenalin pumping adventurous drive over the sand dunes. This is followed by rest of the delightful and highly entertaining activities at the camp.

You can indulge yourself in a number of desert activities at the camp like sandboarding for having fun slipping down the sand dunes, driving over the dunes in a specially designed vehicle called ‘dune buggy’ and enjoying the famous camel rides. Falconry, the ancient tradition of falcon hunting is also part of some safaris. These activities are most popular amongst children yet the adults also enjoy them quite a lot.

The most relaxing and entertaining part of a safari though is stored for the last. The delightful traditional dance forms like tanoura and belly dancing keep you thoroughly enchanted. The dinner is normally a great spread of 3 course meal with a variety of traditional and international cuisines. You also have other interesting things like henna painting on your hands or getting yourself clicked in traditional attire.

You call it a day with unforgettable memories of an amazing evening as you are driven back to your place of stay.

Top Evening Desert Safaris in Dubai

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Evening Desert Safari Tips

  • Casual comfortable clothes would be an ideal choice for an evening desert safari for you to enjoy all the fun activities there.
  • Carrying a thin jacket or a stole is advisable for the evening as deserts tend to get nippy at night.
  • Its preferable to wear open shoes, flip flops or sandals as footwear as you will be getting in and out of the vehicle frequently onto the sand.
  • Sunglasses are very helpful as sand tends to get into your eyes and can ruin your experience.
  • Sun is very strong in deserts so apply a sunscreen and carry a cap if possible.
  • Dune bashing can be a rough roller coaster experience. Keep it in mind if you are old, have a small child or have any other health issues.
  • Listen to your instructor carefully while performing the activities.