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Dubbed the City of Dreaming Spires, Oxford is one of the most celebrated university cities in the world brimming with a blend of vibrant yet medieval culture. Located to the South East of England, about 92 kms from London, Oxford makes for an ideal day trip destination from London. Contrary to popular opinion, there’s a lot more to do in Oxford than the University of Oxford, so stay with us and we’ll tell you a list of all the interesting and offbeat things to do in Oxford.

London to Oxford Day Trip Options

Oxford and Cambridge Walking Tour

London to Oxford

  • Discover the 2 prime scholar towns of England - Oxford and Cambridge on foot
  • Visit the real world Hogwarts - Christ Church College where Harry Potter was filmed
  • Witness the Bridge of Sighs, Bodleian Library, King's College Chapel and many buildings of significance.
  • Devour a freshly prepared English packed lunch and have it on the go to save time and cover more ground
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Stratford, Oxford, Cotswolds & Warwick Castle Tour with Lunch

London to Oxford

  • Drive through the beautiful English countryside on a luxurious coach
  • Enjoy the interactive and educational visit to the historic Warwick castle
  • Visit the town where William Shakespeare was born - Stratford upon Avon
  • Amble around the famed city of Oxford
  • Visit Brasenose college to admire its exquisite grounds and architecture
  • Devour a freshly prepared English packed lunch and have it on the go to save time and cover more ground
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Things to do in Oxford

Oxford has plenty to offer and it seems a shame to squeeze all of that into a few mere must dos' due to the paucity of time. Neverthless, here we go.

University of Oxford

The 38 colleges which comprise the University of Oxford are nothing short of architecturally diverse and endlessly atmospheric. It is impossible to visit them all in a day, so pick and choose your favourites and saunter through the campuses. Our favourites include Magdalen, Worcester and St Catz.

London to Oxford

Punting: This is the most quintessentially Oxford thing and happens to be the best way to cruise past the city's riverside treasures. If you have not gone punting before, there's no place better to do it than in Oxford, so pack a picnic and get punting. If you're not up for getting wet, try watching a punting match and relish the fun.

London to Oxford

Oxford Covered Market: In the iconic Oxford Covered Market dating back to the 1770s you can browse through 50 independent stalls spanning from fashion boutiques to florists to fishmongers and vegetable sellers. It is also home to Ben's Cookies , so grab a few of those and maybe a coffee from Ricardo's or Moo-Moo's.

London to Oxford

Radcliffe Square: Arguably one of the most beautiful squares in all of London, the Radcliffe Square in its cobbled streets, cropped grass surroundings and stoic structures is a sight behold. Some of the sights to see around here are The Gothic University Church , Bodleian Library, Brasenose College and Sheldonian Theatre.

London to Oxford

Pitt Rivers Museum and Natural History Museum: Both these museums are located in the same building, so visit both these history steeped museums without traveling too far. While the Natural History Museum is bright and cheery, the Pitt Rivers museum borders on dingy and cold, but they each own a charm that demands to be seen.

London to Oxford

The Ashmolean Museum: This is the oldest public museum in the UK is also one of the finest with a collection that pans from everything from ancient to contemporary. At Ashmolean Museum, make sure to wind your way to the top and indulge in some British tea with cake and views over Oxford from the museum's rooftop cafe.

London to Oxford

London To Oxford Day Trip - Transport Options

London to Oxford by Train

There are about 168 trains that shuttle between Paddington station in London to Oxford on a daily basis. With a frequency of about 5 -10 minutes between trains, this is the most affordable and quickest option. You can look for trains from London to Oxford here. Pro tip : Purchasing round trip tickets work out cheaper than one way tickets.

Duration : 1 hour

London to Oxford by Tube/Bus

The Oxford Tube is a popular way to get to Oxford. Buses leave London Victoria Coach Station every 10 - 15 minutes through the day and have multiple pick up points from around London and plenty of stops in Oxford. Once again, the round trip fare is cheaper than the one way fare but this is a more expensive option than the train.

Duration : 1 hour 40 minutes

London to Oxford by Car

Oxford is 92 km from London and though the drive is not interesting, you can stop by towns like Cotswolds and Blenheim Palace on your way. Take the M25 to the M40 and get off at the A40 to reach Oxford. This is definitely an expensive option as gasoline ( petrol ) costs will amount to a lot + the rental of a car if you're a tourist. Moreover, parking in Oxford is a difficult and expensive affair.

Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes

Tips for your London to Oxford Day Trip

  • The city centre of Oxford houses all the expensive restaurants and shops. If you’re on a budget, head out to student housing areas like Jericho and the Cowley Road for a taste of local flavor and an affordable meal.
  • Museums in Oxford offer discount on group visits. If you join a tour or excursion with an existing tour, you can get a considerable discount and perhaps make a few friends on the joint tour too!
  • In Oxford, shops open around 9 AM and serve customers upto 6 PM. On Saturday’s it is likely that shops work half day and shut by 5 PM and Sunday being an off, most establishments remain closed.
  • If you’re interested in cutting edge student theatre with pocket friendly tickets, you can visit the Burton Taylor theater for a good show.

Other Day Trips from London

London to Stonehenge

London to Oxford

One of the most historically significant remnants of Britain’s yesteryears is the Stonehenge, an unassuming but awe-inspiring structure of stones arranged on a field 5,000 years ago. Situated about 115 miles from London in Salisbury, Stonehenge can easily be visited in a day, making it one of the most popular, if not the most, day excursion destinations from London. Constructed from 3000 BC to 2000 BC, Stonehenge consists of a ring of standing stones, each weighing around 25 tons and almost 15 feet high. Read more about the London to Stonehenge Day trip here.

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London to Cotswolds

London to Oxford

It’s been over 50 years since the Cotswolds was declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Spread over 800 square miles of rolling hills, the Cotswolds is the biggest of the 38 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales. Reminiscent of the old-world charm, this pretty corner of England has repeatedly been honored as the most picturesque rural setting in all of the British Isles. If you wish to experience the most charming and typical rural Britain landscape, then head over to the Cotswolds. Situated 100 miles from London, the trip to Cotswolds is a leisurely affair, one that makes visiting the region an absolute must for those visiting London. Read more about the London to Cotswolds Day trip here.

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London to Bath

London to Cotswolds

Bath is one of the most sought after day trip from London due to its close proximity. That apart, Bath has a lot to see and do , just the right amount for a day making it easy to cover and hence an all time favourite. Unique experiences like the Jane Austen Center, Fashion Museum and the ever gorgeous Prior Park is sure to make your day trip from London to Bath memorable and well worth your while. You can read more about all that you can do in Bath during your day trip here.

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