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London To Stonehenge Tours – The Perfect Day Trip

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Want to see a bit of that fabled and historic countryside that makes England great? Well, London is surrounded by attractions and places of importance, and taking a London to Stonehenge tour is the perfect way to take in some fresh air and picturesque scenery.

While London itself can provide an experience that just cannot be described in words, it’s Stonehenge, a UNESCO World Heritage Sites, that provides the quintessential British experience. Whether you’re a tourist visiting England for the first time, or a local who wants to indulge in a quiet and scenic getaway, we’ve got you all covered. Here is everything you got to know to visit the historic Stonehenge from London, or combine your day tour to include other classic monumental locations like Windsor or Bath.

London To Stonehenge Tours - In A Nutshell

Here's everything you need to know for your London To Stonehenge Tour.

Distance From London To Stonehenge

142 Km

Travel Duration

2 hours and 20 minutes

Cheapest Way To Travel

By Bus

Fastest Way to Travel

By Car

Best Time to Visit Stonehenge

December - February

Guided Tours


What To Expect On Your London To Stonehenge Tour?

Best Day Trips from London - Stonehenge

Stonehenge is located in Salisbury which is situated just 2 hours from London. If you are visiting London for a short time, anywhere from 5 to 7 days, a tour to Stonehenge from London ought to be on your list! The journey from London to Stonehenge is pretty smooth, by either public or private transport. On your journey, you will get to see the scenic countryside of Andover, Basingstoke, and Farnborough, which is far different from the cities. As you step off the bus, you’ll be awestruck by the giant stone circles which are 5000 years old. The more closer you get, the bigger the stones appear and the more amused you will feel.

Depending upon the length of your tour, you will be shown around and told about the secrets, history, and the present-day impact of the best-known monument of the Neolithic Age. There are plenty of things to see around like numerous functional items alongside the stones and the exhibition center which is home to archaeological artifacts, rare objects from that era, including jewelry and a 5500-year-old man!

Pro tip: Book a tour that has transfers or other attractions around Stonehenge included to make the best of your time and money!

Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor Tour from London

London To Stonehenge Tours

Bath, is a popular town visited by individuals on day trips from London. This charming town is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in England and is famous for its picturesque Georgian design architecture. Another famous site in Bath is the Pulteney Bridge, modelled after the world-famous Ponte Vecchio in Florence. What makes Bath a truly spectacular place to visit are the age old Roman Baths, which attract one million visitors annually. The Roman Bath is divided into four major areas which can be explored upon purchase of the Roman Bath admission tickets. If you are interested in the sophisticated countryside of England, Bath must go on your list of places to visit.

Best Day Trips from London - Windsor Castle

Another must-visit location on your day tour from London is the town of Windsor. Known for its lovely cobblestone streets, a lively High Street and the residence of the Queen - Windsor Castle - walking through this town is a stunning experience in itself. At Windsor, you will want to visit the inside of the WIndsor Castle, the world’s oldest running castle which was originally built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. Here the walls are adorned with works from the Royal Collection, the State Rooms are known for housing prominent world figures and St. George’s Chapel is renowned for hosting some of the most important events in British history. Take in the rich culture of the land and feel the spirit of the British Empire resonate all through this lively, delightful town.

How To Make The Most Of Your London To Stonehenge Tour

The second most important thing to consider on an out-of-town visit from London is time. If your time is limited, you might want to cover just one attraction completely instead of visiting multiple places for a more wholesome experience. Our Stonehenge London tours are the best to save on time.

However, if you have some time at hand it’s best to cover multiple sites. We suggest taking a coach trip from London for at least a day as some sites are more than 100 miles away. You also have the added advantage of choosing to go to attractions such as the Roman Baths, Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge and the Windsor Castle on these tours. Pre-purchasing your attraction tickets is ideal as tickets might sell out at your time of visit as most of the attractions such as Windsor Castle and Roman Baths only allow a set amount of visitors inside the grounds.

If you’re a tourist who has multiple days open or if you’re on vacation, then we suggest you cover as much ground as possible and indulge yourself completely into the rich English countryside. The South-West Coast is a stunning stretch of land where you can see the magnanimous Durdle Door.

Booking The Best London To Stonehenge Tour

The best way to ensure that you've gotten your money's worth is by booking your London to Stonehenge tours online. You have a variety of options to choose from, depending on your budget, schedule, interests, and more.
Here are a few benefits of booking your tours on Headout

  • Choose to book standard admission tickets or half/full-day tours. Standard admission tickets give you direct entry to the landmark, while half or full-day tickets – depending on what you've chosen, include essential benefits like round-trip return transfers, multilingual audio guides, or local tour guides.
  • Booking your tickets at Headout gives you the benefit of discount prices with additional 5%-10% cashback.
  • An added benefit of booking your tickets online is that you can escape the long waiting lines at Stonehenge or any other attraction. Due to their immense popularity, you can always expect large crowds here. Simply avoid the wait at the ticket counter by carrying your confirmed mobile tickets.

London Tours to Stonehenge, Bath, Windsor & More

If you're hungry for more visits to sites soaked in British history and culture, it's best to book a combo ticket. These day-long tours take you to fantastic spots like Windsor, Bath, Salisbury Cathedral, Oxford, and more.

You can always browse through more day trips from London and find the one that best suits you.

Best Time To Go For A Stonehenge From London Tour

Summer (June - August) is a beautiful time of the year and plenty of crowds flock to the nearby attractions from London during this season. However, these sites become more populated and crowded during the summer months. Winter (December - February), on the other hand presents its own challenges of insulation and comfort. Nevertheless, all sites are open throughout the year and a winter trip is definitely cheaper and less crowded if you’re willing to embrace the cold.

How To Get From London To Stonehenge

While choosing a tour that includes transfers from London would be ideal, you can also choose to travel by yourself to satisfy your wanderlust as you stop by the suburbs. Here’s how

By Train: There are no direct trains from London to Stonehenge. You can board the South Western Railway at London Waterloo station to Salisbury and the journey would take only 1.5 to 3 hours. You will need to get down at Salisbury Railway station which is a 35-minute drive from there to Stonehenge.

By Car: Driving is something everyone enjoys and driving through the less-frequented towns of Farnborough, Basingstoke and Andover are truly wonderful. The journey will take you 2 hours without any stops in between. From the city centre, make your way to the M4 and turn right onto M25. Drive on M25 until you reach M3 in Egham. Jump over to A303 and turn left onto 60 at Winterbourne Stoke Crossroad Barrows. You will reach the Stonehenge visitor centre in 5 minutes from there.

By Bus: The journey from London to Stonehenge via bus takes up to 3 hours. You can board a bus at National Express 035 towards Bournemouth at Victoria Coach Station. YOu will need to change to a bus at Meeting House Lane towards Salisbury and take a bus at New Canal to the Stonehenge visitors centre.


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