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Known as the Eternal City for good reason, Rome offers timeless allure for visitors year-round (pun intended!). Its winters are mild, sparing travelers bone-chilling cold, while summers, though sweltering, provide a quintessentially European charm. Rome beckons as an ideal travel destination regardless of the season. Yet, determining the optimal time to visit hinges on the experiences you seek in this historic city. Explore this guide to discover the vibrant offerings awaiting you in Rome every month of the year.

Best Time to visit Rome - Know Before You Plan Your Trip

Rome, a city with timeless allure, welcomes visitors year-round. However, the optimal times to experience the Eternal City are during Spring (Mid-March to May) and Autumn (Mid-September to November). During these seasons, the weather is ideal for exploration, and crowds are thinner. If you enjoy winter and seek budget-friendly options, then visiting Rome during the winter season would be the most suitable choice.

Best Time to visit Rome - For Different Kinds Of Travelers

Best Time for Staying Outdoors in Rome : April, May, June, July, September & October
Best Time for Sightseeing & Museum Hopping : mid-March, April, September, October & early November
Best Time for Honeymooners : April, May, September & October
Best Time for Budget Travelers : November, early December, mid January & February
Best Time for Shopaholics : July to mid August & January to February

Rome Through The Year

  • High Season in Rome kicks off with the arrival of summer from May through mid-September, peaking in June, July, and August with heavy tourist traffic. Expect long waiting lines at major attractions due to the influx of visitors. However, the long, bright sunny days provide ample time for city exploration, while the soaring temperatures offer the perfect excuse to indulge in as much gelato as you desire.
  • Shoulder Season in Rome spans from mid-March through early May and mid-October through November. During this time, tourist traffic is slightly reduced, and the pleasant weather of early spring and late fall presents ideal sightseeing opportunities. Booking flights and accommodations in advance is highly advisable, as many savvy travelers are aware of the season's perks.
  • Low Season in Rome falls in the wintertime, typically from late November through mid-December and mid-January through early March. While chilly and rainy, temperatures rarely dip below freezing. If you can tolerate the cooler weather, this period offers thinner crowds at major attractions and comparatively better rates on accommodation and airfare. However, note that the holiday season, including Christmas, can bring a temporary spike in tourist activity during an otherwise slow period.

Best Season To Visit Rome

Rome is an eternal vision throughout the year, with every season adding its own special charm into the mix. Here’s what you can expect from the city during the four seasons.

spring in barcelona
Rome in Spring

Rome is simply enchanting during spring. The blossoming flowers, especially the pink azaleas strewn over spanish steps, the spring sun that enlightens the city’s landmark like a beautiful painting, the slight snip in the air that makes activities like walking tours and bike rides a leisure and the festivities of Easter and Rome’s birthday that calls out to tourists and locals alike.

summer in barcelona
Rome in Summer

Summer is the peak season for Rome, it’s hot, it’s crowded and it’s buzzing with activities. With around 10 to 11 hours of sunshine per day and almost no rainfall, the summer months see plenty of open-air events and concerts organised around the city such as the Festa di San Giovanni. Just make sure to pack sunglasses, sunblock and stay hydrated.

autumn in barcelona
Rome in Autumn

As the soaring heat give way to cooler temperature, Rome welcomes the season with multiple cultural events celebrating the art, music, theatre, food of the country, such as the Romaeuropa Festival and the International Film Festival of Rome. The comfortable temperature in Autumn along with the changing colors of the surrounding, makes the season best for pleasant strolls.

winter in barcelona
Rome in Winter

The winter winds do not slow down the pace of Rome. Though the flocks of tourists arriving does slow down, the ones braving the cold, in turn, earns great travel bargains and greater sightseeing experiences. Several festive markets are strewn across the city and just after Christmas, massive discounts are announced by almost every retailer, making winter the best time for shopping as well.

rome bucket list
Rome Bucket List

52 Ultimate List Of Things To Do In Rome

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Weather In Rome Year Round

The weather in Rome year round has been charted on a graph below. The Highs are depicted in red and the Lows in blue.

rome weather

A Month-By-Month Guide To Visiting Rome

Follow our detailed guide to pick a month for your Rome exploits.

Rome in Oct

Rome in January

Average Temperature: 13 °C - 3 °C

Best Time to visit Rome

January, the chilliest month in Rome, kicks off with the excitement of New Year's celebrations and special occasions like La Festa dell'Epifania (Epiphany) and the Festa di Sant'antonio Abate (blessing of the animals). It's a low season, with the cold winds keeping both tourists and locals indoors, recovering from the December festivities. Consequently, visiting in January allows you to leisurely explore the city at your own pace. Moreover, Italy hosts its annual massive winter sale during this time, with participating shops, including high-end ones, offering remarkable discounts of up to 70% for a duration of 60 days.

Rome in February

Average Temperature: 14 °C - 3 °C

Best Time to visit Rome

In contrast to other months, Rome exhibits a tranquil ambiance in February. Despite the persistent winter winds, the city pulsates with the excitement of its annual winter sale, featuring substantial discounts. Festa di San Valentino, also known as Valentine’s Day, is celebrated with fervor, marked by traditional symbols of hearts and chocolates, as well as the sight of padlocks adorning bridges and unexpected locales. Couples can take advantage of special offers such as two-for-one tickets at all state-run museums and archaeological sites. Additionally, February hosts the annual carnevale, preceding Lent, which brings forth a plethora of events at the Piazza del Popolo. These festivities include choreographed horse shows, exhilarating races, captivating dancers, and enchanting costumed performers.

Rome in March

Average Temperature: 17 °C - 6 °C

Best Time to visit Rome

An italian saying, marzo è pazzo (March is crazy) aptly suits the weather of Rome in March. One day you might feel that spring and sunshine are making a comeback and on the next day you’ll realize that winter isn’t done yet. From Festa della Donna (International women’s day) to the commemoration of Caesar’s death, Rome observes a number of special occasions during the month. If Easter in Rome falls during the month of March, expect a high influx of tourists and locals visiting to participate in the festivities, otherwise the crowd is comparatively thin. Depending upon the day’s weather you can either enjoy you a hearty scoop of gelato or indulge in some heart warming traditional Roman dishes.

Rome in April

Average Temperature: 20 °C - 8 °C

Best Time to visit Rome

April in Rome holds a distinct charm, particularly because the city commemorates its birthday on the 21st amidst grand celebrations. As spring unfolds, the streets and parks of Rome transform into vibrant hubs adorned with blossoming flowers like roses, wisteria, azaleas, and poppies. Various events, including the Spring Festival, Rome Marathon, Roman Artichoke Festival, and Liberation Day, infuse the city with energy and excitement, making it a bustling metropolis. The atmosphere becomes even more electrifying if Easter coincides with April, adding to the festive fervor. Moreover, this month offers the delight of savoring delectable spring and Easter specialties, unique to this time of the year, tantalizing the taste buds with traditional flavors.

Rome in May

Average Temperature: 24 °C - 13 °C

Best Time to visit Rome

The pink azaleas on the spanish steps, the roses from the rose garden and the wisterias on the tree laden paths, Rome literally blooms out during May. Starting off the month right, Primo Maggio, labour day in italy is celebrated on May 1st with a free concert at San Giovanni. Before the storm of summertime tourist arrives, the city packs in some amazing cultural activities such as the Open House Roma, Rome Outdoor Festival and Notte dei Musei ( Night at the Museums). Not missing on the sports front the city also hosts the BNL Tennis championships at the Olympic Stadium and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Rome in June

Average Temperature: 29 °C - 17 °C

Best Time to visit Rome

As the temperature starts rising, the official high season for Rome begins. The city preps to entertain the locals as well as the inflow of tourists with a number of interesting events including Festa della Repubblica, its Republic Day, the Gay Village Festival, the Roma Estate Lungotevere and the Festa di San Giovanni (The Feast of Saint John). One of the perks of visiting Rome in June is that you can observe the city’s transition from spring to summer and can enjoy some of best ice cream(gelato) you’ll ever had. Though the flip side is that the accommodation prices and the crowds are on the higher side of the spectrum.

Rome in July

Average Temperature: 32 °C - 19 °C

Best Time to visit Rome

While July is the warmest month in Rome, the hot temperatures do not ditter the tourists from visiting the eternal city. In fact, July is one of the best months to visit Rome in order to experience some outdoor events such as cinema in the piazza, concerts in Teatro Marcello or the opera at the baths of Caracalla. The annual mega summer sales also kicks in around mid- July to enchant everyone further. Despite the long lines at the major Rome attractions and the scorching heat, tourists have a gala time as they can unwind in the perfectly warm night, looking over a great view, while sipping some great wine.

Rome in August

Average Temperature: 30 °C - 18 °C

Best Time to visit Rome

The fanfare of July festivals such as Festival di Caracalla, the opera under the stars at the baths of Caracalla, the Gay Village Festival and the Summer shopping sales extend well into the August. While the summer sun is still scorching a slight breeze sombers the harsh effects. However, Rome observes Ferragosto, The holiday of assumption on August 15, after which the italian’s leave for their summer holidays. As a result, much of Rome is closed for the last two weeks of August. Note that, the Gran Ballo di Ferragosto is observed on Ferragosto, filling all of Rome’s squares with live dance performances.

Rome in September

Average Temperature: 27 °C - 16 °C

Best Time to visit Rome

Though the tourist crowd thins comparably during September, the month is filled with exciting indoor and outdoor activities. Sagra dell’Uva, the grape harvest festival allows visitors to honor the grape; notably grapes, food and wine are sold at bargain prices. The Notte Bianca Festival (the white night festival) and the Arts and Antique Fairs celebrates the heritage of art and culture of the city. Most museums and galleries in the city offer new shows after the summer respite, inviting art lovers across the globe. While the summer wave is still strong, evening tends to be bit cooler with increased chances of rainfall.

Rome in October

Average Temperature: 23 °C - 12 °C

Best Time to visit Rome

The onset of Fall brings a bite to the October air, while the days are still warm, nights become comfortably cool. The green leaves starts changing colours, enveloping the city in the beautiful undertones of falls. Many outdoor sites are open later than usual as the pleasant weather gives the perfect setting for long walks and visiting such places. Inspired from the season, Roma Europa Festival hosts variety of music concerts during the month of October and November. The International Film Festival of Rome with all its A-list stars and the grand halloween celebrations further lures locals and tourists to enjoy the outdoors, before the winter sets in.

Rome in November

Average Temperature: 18 °C - 8 °C

Best Time to visit Rome

Rome in November is full of surprises, it can vary between pleasant, chilly and rainy days. The days becomes shorter as the temperature starts to drop by each passing day. Though comparatively low, November does receives its fair share of tourists, who are looking to explore the eternal city before the cold season sets in. Between the Roma Jazz Festival, the Roma Europa Festival and the Feast of Saint Cecilia (the patron saint of all musicians) November observes various live events by local and international musicians accompanied by mouth-watering cuisine. However, the best of all, November marks the official beginning of Rome’s favorite Artichoke season.

Rome in December

Average Temperature: 15 °C - 4 °C

Best Time to visit Rome

During December, Rome turns into a winter wonderland. While the snow is missing the festivities, the spectacular decorations donned by the city’s magnificent churches and old piazzas and the buzz around the town makes up for it. In addition, December offers the perks of cheaper accommodations and commute along with comparatively thinner crowd at major attractions. Submerged in Christmas spirit, depictions of the Nativity scenes are displayed throughout Rome and the Piazza Navona market becomes a hub for all things Christmas. Several public and private events are organised to ring the New Year, the Piazza del Popolo holds the largest public celebration, featuring music, dancing and fireworks. New Year's in Rome is an equally pompous affair with festivities all around and grand masses in most churches around the city.

rome bucket list
Rome Bucket List

52 Ultimate List Of Things To Do In Rome

Check out these must-do experiences in Rome and plan your itinerary like a pro!


When is the best time to visit Rome?

The best time to visit Rome is in the spring or fall. The weather is milder and the city is less crowded.

What are some things to do in Rome?

There are countless things to do in Rome! Visit the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, and more. Take a walking tour of the city to see the sights and learn about the history. Or enjoy some of the world-famous food and wine Rome has to offer.

What is the best way to get around Rome?

The best way to get around Rome is on foot. The city is very walkable and you'll be able to see more if you go at your own pace. If you're tired, there are also plenty of taxis and public transportation options.

What should I pack for my trip to Rome?

Be sure to pack comfortable shoes, as you'll be doing a lot of walking. A light jacket or sweater is also a good idea, as the evenings can be cool. And don't forget to pack your camera to capture all the amazing sights!

What is the rainy season in Rome?

The rainy season in Rome is from October to April. During this time, it's important to pack an umbrella and wear comfortable shoes that can handle wet conditions.

What are the most popular tourist attractions in Rome?

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome include the Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, and the Trevi Fountain.

Best Time To Visit Rome