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How to Spend 3 Days in Venice | The Perfect Venice Itinerary

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In Venice for 3 days? Here's a tailormade itinerary curated to explore the Floating City to its best. A melange of sightseeing, beach lounging, culture tripping and local attractions to make your trip memorable and worth your while.

3 Days in Venice - How To Spend Your Time

Venice In 3 Days - Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

A Slice of Heavenly Venice

Run Time

St. Mark's Basilica


Doge's Palace


Gondola Rides

Venice in 3 days-St.Mark's
Venice in 3 days - Doge's Palace
Venice in 3 days-Gondola
Your first day in Venice is as magnificent as can be, sprinkled with two of the Italian city's finest landmarks, St. Mark's Basilica & Doge's Palace, and a Venetian experience you don't want to push to the second day: a Gondola ride!

St. Mark's Basilica


Top 5 Venice Attractions

Historic Landmark

Guided Tours

Kick off Day 1 in Venice by visiting Basilica di San Marco, also known as St.Mark's Basilica nice and early in the day to escape the crowd. Situated on Piazza San Marco, this Basilica of Byzantine domes decked in gold ground mosaics and intricate designs is a sight behold. Built in the 9th century to bury the corpse of St Mark, this resplendent structure is a cosmopolitan structure layered in white marbles from Middle Eastern countries, a Greek cross layout, rippled stonework arches and elements from Byzantine architecture. If time permits, you should definitely climb up the Campanile di San Marco ( Bell Tower) for a fabulous aerial view of St. Mark's Square. Check out the St. Mark's Basilica tickets available online and peruse your options.

Travel Tips
  • Those in shorts and tank tops will not be allowed entrance.
  • Tote bags and backpacks are not allowed inside the Basilica for security reasons.
  • The interiors of the Basilica is illuminated only from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. on weekdays and during liturgical celebrations on Sundays and Holidays.Visit around this time to see the mosaics inside the Basilica at its shimmering best.
  • The ticket lines outside the Basilica can take upto 45 minutes to an hour, hence skip the line tickets + guided tour is strongly recommended for the best experience.

Doge's Palace


Top 5 Venice Attractions

Historic Landmark

Guided Tours

Right next door to the Basilica is the Doge's Palace, the seat of political and administrative power of the Venitian Republic from its birth to its end. The Palazzo Ducale as it is fondly called is a statement to the splendour of the La Serenissima (Venice). An architectural fusion, this monument is a refreshing blend of contemporary and primaeval eras. It boasts an array of Renaissance masterpieces, grand staircases, opulent rooms and monumental entrances, all of which will leave you breathless. It houses the largest canvas in the world produced by the famous artist Tintoretto. The walls of the chambers here are told to hold stories the world has rarely heard of. Peruse your Doge's Palace ticket options here.

Travel Tips
  • The best time to visit the Doge's Palace is in the morning soon after it opens, preferably on weekdays. This helps you beat the crowd and queues.
  • Photography is not allowed in most rooms, flash photography specially is strictly prohibited.
  • The secret itineraries tour is highly recommended for gaining access to rooms that are not a part of the usual guided tour.
  • An economical deal would be buying the Museum Pass which will give you access to the Doge’s Palace and 10 other museums in Venice or the St. Mark's City Pass which gives you access to the Doge's Palace along with a selection of churches, museums and more.
  • It is highly recommended that you visit the Bookshop and Cafe inside the Doge's Palace.
  • While the Doge's Palace is fully wheelchair accessible, the Secret Itineraries Tour, New Prisons and Armoury Room are not wheelchair accessible. Do take this into consideration while booking your tickets.

Gondola Ride


Top Venetian Experiences

Ideal for Couples

Make your way to the Grand Canal and choose a gondola ride of your choice. Snuggle in for a 30 minute romantic glide across the canals of Venice! Rest your legs and enjoy the most quintessentially Venetian affair while you're at it.The ideal time for a gondola ride would be early evening, around sunset. With the sky changing into hues of pink, the beauty of Venice's waterways is further enhanced, making your gondola ride exceptionally picturesque. Hiring a gondolier who will hum Italian melodies while rowing you around is a one of a kind experience. You could also opt for a romantic Italian dinner after the gondola ride to make your night more perfect than it already is. Peruse your Gondola Ride ticket options here.

Travel Tips
  • Consider buying tickets online for a hassle and haggle free experience.
  • Combo deals of Gondola rides with a dinner or tourist attraction work out to be more economical.
  • Shell out a little extra for a gondola serenade. It is worth the experience.
Day 2

A Dose of Venetian Culture

Run Time

Rialto Market


Musuem & Church Tours


Teatro La Fenice

Venice in 3 days-Rialto Market
Venice in 3 days - Churches & Museums
Venice in 3 days-Teatro La Fenice
Your second day in Venice is a lot less touristy- now that you've gotten accustomed to the beautiful city, let's dial up the culture factor. Take to the streets of Venice and mingle with the locals as you explore the Rialto Market, the must-visit churches & museums, and finally, Teatro La Fenice!

Rialto Market


Flea & Street Market

Cultural Landmark

Early-Morning Risers

On day 2, you are no longer a newbie in Venice. Start your day bright and early like the Venetians do at the historic Rialto Market. Sprawling on the western banks of the Grand Canal, this market is a hive of activity. You will catch a glimpse of venetian life while you're here ; going about their daily lives, selling or buying local produce. Wander through the fish (Pescheria) and vegetable/fruit (Erberia) market and soak in the vibrant atmosphere where you can find anything and everything from fruits and vegetables to herbs and dried products to stoles and carnival masks.

Travel Tips
  • It is advisable to go either early in the morning as vendors start selling their produce around 7:30 AM and by noon most of the fresh produce for the day is done with. Things start becoming slow around 1:30 PM and most stalls close by 2:00 PM.
  • The restaurants around here are open through the day, but if you want to walk through the stalls and lay your eyes on fruits, vegetables and other produce that you may never have heard or seen of before, you should make it here in the morning.
  • To reach the market via vaporetto (water bus) take waterbus number 1 and stop at "Rialto Mercato".
  • This market arena houses a fish market too, hence the smell of fish is strong around here. If you're uncomfortable with this smell, a visit here can be incommodious for you.
  • The Rialto Food Market Tour which a walk around the market with a local guide,food & wine tastings and a short local Gondola Ride across the Grand Canal is highly recommended to experience the Rialto thoroughfare.

A Venetian Experience: Guided Walking tour

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Grab lunch near the iconic churches
The Gritti Terrace | Al Giglio | Club del Doge

Museum & Church Tours


Guided Walking Tours

Art & History

The city of Venice has a plethora of churches and museums that are breathtakingly beautiful and rich in history; and it is only fair that you visit a few to leave the city a little more in love with it.
To foster economical tourism, Venice has a couple of passes that bundle a few options together so that you can visit more and save money at the same time. The Chorus Pass is a church only pass that gives you admission to 16 prominent churches around the city. The Venice Museum Pass is another option for museum fanatics. For those interested in museum trailing and consuming copious amounts of Venice’s past, this one’s a convenient choice. The last pass the city offers is the St. Mark’s City Pass which allows admission into the Doge’s Palace, 3 museums and 3 churches of your choice, the Teatro La Fenice, Querini Stampalia Foundation and Venice Casino; at a validity of 7 days from first usage. Those looking for an assortment of activities during their stay, this is a prudent choice. These passes also help you skip the line and gain priority access hence saving you time and energy.

Travel Tip
  • It is advisable to carry a hat, water and apply sunscreen to protect yourself from the afternoon sun while exploring the museums and churches of Venice
  • Pick and choose the one's that you'd like to visit before hand and map out the travel from one to the other in order to save time and energy
  • Do not try and squeeze in too many museums/churches in 1 day as you will be forced to rush through which will ultimately kill the experience
  • It is advisable to take a 1 day vaporetto pass in order to save time and avoid standing in ticket lines.

Teatro La Fenice


Venice Opera House

Italian Theatre

Historic Landmark

Conclude your evening with a visit to the exquisite Teatro La Fenice and experience the golden era of Italian Opera in this Baroque Opera house that has once hosted world-renowned maestros like Verdi, Donizetti, Abbado, Muti and Chung, Rossini, Mirella Freni, Luciano Pavarotti and Bellini. The name La Fenice translates to "The Pheonix" and is a perfectly fitting moniker for this opera house that has been rebuilt from ash twice over during its existence. First in 1836 and again in 1996, this opera house was reduced to ashes in a mysterious fire. Soak in the opulence of this wonder; the plush seats, the stuccos and gold plated ceilings and walls, the Baroque elements and gilded private balconies while you're here.

Travel Tip
  • To avail the free audio guide device, you will need to hand in a valid ID proof which will be returned when you give back the device.Credit cards will not accepted as an ID proof
  • If you're interested in Italian Opera, catching a show at Teatro La Fenice is highly recommended.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed inside the box during the show. Should you purchase any during the interval, you are required to finsih them before stepping back in.
  • It is highly likely that most opera shows are book out days in advance, hence if you are truly interested in attending a show, consider buying tickets in advance.
Day 3

A Day of Fun Under the Sun

Run Time

Murano, Burano & Torcello Islands


Lido Island

Venice in 3 days-Islands
Venice in 3 days - Islands; Museums
Venice in 3 days-Islands
Alas, you have reached the final leg of your 3-day trip to Venice! For day 3, we have a shot of sun-kissed excitement in store for you, in the form of island-hopping! Between Murano, Burano, Torcello & Lido, you'll have a mighty fun day of nautical-themed enjoyment!

Murano, Burano & Torcello Islands


Island Hopping


Spend your last day in Venice Island hopping! Amongst the countless islands in Venice, Murano, Burano & Torcello are 3 major islands in the northern part of Venetian lagoon and are an absolute treat.

You could start off with Murano, a fisherman island and the biggest of the the 3 islands, world famous for its glass factories. After visiting the Glass Museum and Chiesa di San Pietro Martire jump back onboard your vaporetto and enjoy a half an hour ride to Burano.

The eye popping coloured houses are sure to steal your heart while you’re here and so will the intricate hand tatted Burano lace. In Burano, make sure you drop by the Museo del Merletto ( Burano Lace Museum ) and the Church of San Martino Vescovo.

After Burano, make your way to the Torcello and enjoy the grassy, secluded island decked in Byzantine mosaics and marshy muck lands. To put to perspective how secluded this island is, there are just about 75 inhabitants in the island! Walk around The Devil's Bridge and Cattedrale di Torcello (Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta) and make your way back to Venice late in the evening.

Travel Tip
  • Consider purchasing a one day ACTV pass the day you visit these islands which gives you unlimited use of the vaporettos across Venice and unlimited use of ACTV Mestre land bus service in Venice and Mestre + land buses in Lido.
  • While you're in Burano take the footbridge to Mazzorbo and visit the lovely walled vineyard.
  • Purchasing a Hop On Hop Off Ticket is likely to enhance your experience especially if you're a solo traveler. Meeting like-minded travelers and discovering the Museums Islands of Venice and the pristine Lido beach is assured fun.

Lido Island


Island Hopping

Family Friendly

Boutique Hotels

Lido is a narrow strip of beach on the Venetian lagoon and was initially established as a seaside resort destination and is ever since has been a popular beach with marvellous views. If you're on the search for things to see around Lido, you could visit the Tempio Votivo Church (a war memorial of Venice), the Ancient Jewish cemetery ( can be visited only with prior appointment) and if time permits, you could visit the picturesque southern village of Malamocco. The Hop On Hop off Venice has a stop at Lido, hence should you opt for the Hop On Hop Off Boat Tour to see the 3 islands and Lido beach, you will save a lot on transport.

Travel Tip
  • If you prefer stay away from the hustle of the city, you should consider staying on Lido island which has a fantastic selection of boutique hotels and is very well connected with the rest of Venice via vaporettos. It is closer to the airport as well.
  • If you're up for exploring Lido in a span of 2 hours, you can rent a cycle and ride around the island. Most rentals give you a map as well, making your cycle trip all the more fun.
  • Winters near this beach can be quite harsh, but the rest of the year the climate is quite pleasant.

Venice Hop on Hop off Boat Tour

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How To Spend 3 days In Venice Under €130

Looking to explore Venice on a budget? Head out with us and we'll show you how !

Day 1 : Basilica di San Marco, Doge's Palace, Gondola Ride
Day 2 : Rialto Market, Museum & Church Trailing, Teatro La Fenice
Day 3 : Murano, Burano & Torcello Islands, Lido Beach



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