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The Inheritance Broadway Reviews – The Review Round-Up!

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The Inheritance is a two-part play that first premiered at the Young Vic Theatre in London in March 2018. The play, staged in two parts that are three hours long each, is intended to be viewed sequentially. After an extremely successful run on West End, the epic play made its much-awaited Broadway debut on 27th September 2019 at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre. The Inheritance is the story of three generations of gay men searching for a purpose and community of their own; a place they can call home.

The show focuses on the lives of two couples, Leo and Toby and Eric and Henry who are going through the motions, trying to make sense of their emotions and figuring out themselves in a post-AIDS epidemic world. The almost 6-hour long play masterfully tackles human emotions and desires and asks the current generation what they owe to their forebears. The Inheritance is profoundly touching and wickedly hilarious and will leave you emotionally spent after it's done. Described in its press release as a new play, generations in the making, The Inheritance is the epitome of everything live theatre has to offer; tears, laughter, and hope! Let's take a look at The Inheritance Broadway reviews.

The Inheritance Broadway Reviews | What The Critics Think

Here are some of the popular The Inheritance play reviews:

“The play is both wonderfully funny and exquisitely poignant, but its real achievement is the deft hand with which it connects multiple generations of gay men, underscoring the importance of sharing stories and keeping the past alive. That binding tissue forms a dialogue between today's young gay men — who have embraced their sexual identities during an era of gay marriage and wide cultural representation, when HIV has become a more treatable illness — with older men who fought for gay rights and endured the scourge of AIDS. Or didn't.”
- The Hollywood Reporter on the 2019 Broadway production

“The play, so cleverly and efficiently directed by Daldrey as to all but eliminate whatever confusion might have come from the complex narrative fluctuations and character-shifting, has no shortage of high-impact scenes, including one in which young Adam, heretofore the very definition of callow, describes in grim detail a past encounter at a Czech gay bathhouse that went very wrong (if it happened at all)."
- Deadline on the 2019 Broadway production

“The show features a bright assortment of political and cultural debates, given spirited life by the baker’s dozen of male cast members and replete with of-the-moment name dropping. There’s even an amusing conversation about the enduring value of camp as a part of the gay sensibility."
- NY Times on the 2019 Broadway production

The Inheritance Broadway Reviews | Why You Must Watch The Show!

Just like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, The Inheritance is also presented in two parts which need to be seen together for the story to make sense. The London production of The Inheritance won the Olivier Award for Best New Play and expectations for the Broadway production are at an all-time high. This is also because the creative talents behind the Broadway production are the same as the West End production, bringing an unmatched authenticity to the whole thing.

A modern adaptation of E.M. Foster's work Howard's End, The Inheritance has been adapted for the stage by Mathew Lopez. Two-time Tony and three-time Olivier Award-winning director, Stephen Daldry has directed the masterpiece with set and costume design by Bob Crowley. The Inheritance features a talented ensemble featuring Jordan Barbour, Jonathan Burke, Andrew Burnap, Darry Gene Daughtry Jr, Dylan Frederick, and Kyle Harris. With an opening date set for 17th November 2019, The Inheritance is shaping up to be a truly remarkable time at the theatre.

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