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Visiting Paris in March – The Definitive Guide

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Paris. Think of the city and the image that immediately comes to mind is of the dazzling Eiffel Tower. While the glorious tower is the highlight of the City of Lights, it's not the only reason why you should be heading there. From the iconic Louvre Museum to the beautiful Notre-Dame, there are countless delights to behold in the magnificent city of Paris.

More than just the physical attractions that have made it famous, it's the vibe of the city that'll enrapture your senses. There’s no experience that can quite rival a leisurely walk with your loved ones through the magical streets of Paris, taking in all the historic architecture that dots the city. If all of this is making you excited for your own little adventure in Paris, we have the perfect Paris in March guide for you to make that trip.

What makes Paris in March a must-visit?

paris in march
Paris in March

Paris is a special place and no matter when you visit it, you’re bound to have a good time. But a trip to Paris in March brings along the perfect blend of convenience and beauty that’s generally so hard to find. Here’s why:

  • One of the biggest reasons why Paris in March should be on your radar is the weather. With an average temperature of 8.8 C, you can expect pleasant weather to welcome you to Paris. Striking the perfect balance between blazing hot and biting cold, the March weather in Paris makes the prospects of going around and experiencing the city even more appealing.
  • Another great reason why March is when you should visit Paris is that the city is generally less crowded at this time of the year. Most of the tourists flock the city during the summer months of May to July. March falls after the end of the holiday season and most families usually don’t plan vacations at that time. This makes March the ideal time for a relaxed, crowd-free trip to Paris.
  • Trying into the second reason, since March is considered off-season, you can expect less waiting around in queues for most tourist attractions. This might seem trivial but by not wasting time waiting for your turn, you’ll end up having more time to actually explore and experience what the city has to offer.

Paris Weather in March

March in Paris sees the offset of winter and the arrival of spring. With average highs of 13°C and lows of 5°C, the nights are still chilly in March, with days getting sunnier as the month progresses. Layer up so you can remove them if a warm day sneaks up on you!

paris in march - weather

Paris in March: Things to do


The Eiffel Tower

paris in march - eiffel tower

This one's a no-brainer really. Any trip to Paris, no matter the month, has to include a trip to the legendary Eiffel Tower. The fact that March means fewer people and less waiting times, is an additional bonus. Named after Gustave Eiffel, the engineer responsible for the tower’s conceptualisation, the Eiffel Tower stands at a height of 324 metres and happens to be one of the most romantic places in the world.

March Timings
9:30 AM - 11:45 PM, with the last elevator ascending at 10:30 PM


Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France,
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Disneyland Paris

paris in march - disneyland paris

Step into the magical world of Disney with a visit to Disneyland Paris and relive the childhood memories of your favorite characters. Enjoy the special ‘Frozen Celebration’ to indulge in exciting new experiences inspired by Elsa, Anna and her friends' journey. Get immersed in adventures ranging from live shows, musicals to Frozen themed illuminations and parade !

February Timings
Mon - Fri: 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Sat: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Sun: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM


Boulevard de Parc, 77700 Coupvray, France
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Louvre Museum

paris in march

Paris is like a gift that keeps on giving when it comes to attractions and places to visit and next up on your Paris agenda should be the iconic Louvre Museum. Housing over 38,000 objects from prehistory to the current times, the Louvre is officially the biggest museum in the world. The 72,735 square metres museum also happens to be the most visited art museum in the world!

March Timings
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Check here for daily timings


Musée du Louvre, 75001 Paris,
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Palace of Versailles

paris in march - palace of versailles

Take a delightful trip to the 17th century with a visit to the Palace of Versailles. The Palace was the designated royal residence of France at the time of its conception and now functions as a historic monument. Given its importance in French history, the Palace is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The most popular places within the Palace of Versailles grounds are the enchanting Hall of Mirrors and the breathtaking Garden of Versailles.

March Timings
9:00 AM - 6:30 PM


Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles,
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Seine Dinner Cruise

paris in march

After a day of walking around exploring Paris, taking a leisurely cruise on the historic Seine River sounds heavenly. Well, there are Seine cruises set up just for you to experience one of the most amazing Parisian boulevards. Usually lasting about 1.5-2.5 hours, the Seine Dinner Cruise comes with glorious add-ons like live musicians, wine, and even a delectable three-course meal.


Port Solferino, 23 Quai Anatole france
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Sainte Chapelle

paris in march - Sainte Chapelle

Another historic chapel you should visit during your March trip to Paris is the Sainte Chapelle, which translates to ‘Holy Chapel’. The chapel is a part of the Palais de la Cite, which functioned as the King of France’s residence until the fourteenth century. What makes this 1238-constructed chapel truly special is the fact that it houses one of the biggest 13th-century stained glass collection in the world!

March Timings
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


8 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris,
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paris in march - Catacombs

Add a touch of mystery and thrill to your French vacation with a trip to the haunting Catacombs. Underground tunnels that contain the bones of Frenchman from centuries back, the Catacombs are a welcome change from the grandeur and majesty that's on display everywhere in Paris. Discover the long-winded history that led to the creation of the Paris Catacombs with a guided tour of these tunnels.

March Timings
10:00 AM - 8:30 PM


8 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris,
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Paris in March: Events to Look Out For

paris in march events


5h March, 2023
Often considered practice for the Paris Marathon in April, the Paris Half Marathon is an equally exciting event. With over 40,000 participants, the event is one you wouldn't want to miss being a part of. The great thing about the marathon is its route. As a tourist, you can jog past all of the iconic tourist attractions including Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum and more!

paris in march events

Atelier des Lumieres

All Month
Marc Chagall’s life work is celebrated in an immersive digital exhibition at Atelier des Lumières. This unique retrospect showcases the artist's transition from Paris to New York, the capitals that had a lasting impact on his artistic creativity. See his work enriched with cultural references, experimental work of the 1910s and major post-war exhibitions.

paris in march events

Paris Martial Arts Festival

11 March, 2023
See the top martial artists in the world come together at the renowned Accorhotels Arena in the 12th arrondissement at the Paris Martial Arts Festival. The event will feature 300 experts displaying exceptional talent on an international level.

paris in march events

Cherry Blossoms

Throughout March
The onset of spring in Paris is signaled by the flowering of cherry blossoms in early March, creating a beautiful and vibrant scene. Walk around in the streets of Paris and enjoy beautiful landscapes at iconic locations like Tuileries Garden, Jardin des Plantes, and Champs de Mars.

Paris in March: 5-day Itinerary

Paris Essentials




Time zoneGMT+2


Country Code+33


Socket Type C & E


CurrencyEuros €

Paris Weather in March

The weather in Paris in March is cool but not quite sunny. There might be occasional rains as well, but nothing that’ll hamper your trip or experience all that much. Since most of your tourist adventures will be had during the day, you can relax knowing that most days are pleasant and it only gets really cold during the night. Still, if you’re in the mood for taking a walk post-dinner, it’s very much still possible given that you stack on some warm clothing.

Where to Stay in Paris

Paris is a big city and attracts millions of tourists annually. To cater to these varied guests, the city has every sort of accommodation imaginable, from quaint Airbnbs in the outskirts to shared, hostel rooms in the middle of the city. Our pick of budget-friendly hotels in the city would include, Hotel Paris Louis Blanc, Hotel Tolbiac, Art Hotel Congres, Ibis Paris Porte d'Orleans, and Libertel Gare du Nord Suede. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, we would recommend The Peninsula Paris, Le Narcisse Blanc, Hotel, Goralska Résidences Hôtel Paris Bastille, and Relais Christine.

What to Pack for Visiting Paris in March

Given the mixed weather you can expect in Paris in March, we would recommend a similar approach while packing for your trip. Since the weather oscillates between cold and warm, pack in both winter and spring clothing. Some essentials would include warm sweaters, socks, a light coat, light cotton shirts, shorts, scarfs, and an umbrella, in case you’re greeted with a surprise March shower.

Getting Around Paris in March

To enable a smooth commute for both tourists and locals, there are plenty of ways to get around in Paris. The city and its suburbs are divided into 6 zones, from which, Zone 1 and Zone 2 are the more important ones for tourists since they cover most of the city. The Paris public transport system includes the Métro (underground), tram, RER suburban express train, bus and Noctilien (night bus).

Out of these, the Métro alone is super-efficient and will take you anywhere you need to go within Paris city limits, and sometimes even beyond. The tram should be your pick if you have a lot of time to kill and want to soak in on the beautiful city with a leisurely ride. For tourists, buses aren’t that reliable and involve a lot of asking around for the correct bus route, but still, offer a good service.

Paris in March - Must Try Delicacies

paris in march
Savory Crepes

One delight you should definitely try in Paris are the savory crepes at Chez Alain. Sure, the wait for your order can be slightly painful, but trust us, it’s worth it! The crepes are made of buckwheat flour and packed with your choice of meat, cheese, and veggies. The perfect snack to power up for the next round of sightseeing!

paris in march
Steak Frites

Essentially, what you’ll get is a plate of crispy fries and juicy steak topped with a mystery sauce that’ll blow your mind. And yes, it’s this green sauce that makes the dish. Try the steak frites at Relais de l’Entrecôte.

paris in march

We get it. You might be thinking that Paris and burgers just don’t go together. Well, if you get the burgers from Le Camion Qui Fume, you’ll be proven wrong and how! This food truck, which incidentally started the food truck trend in the city, serves delectable burgers.

paris in march
Hot chocolate à l’ancienne

A steaming mug of hot chocolate is heavenly on a cold afternoon and we have just the place where you can get this pot of molten chocolate. Visit Angelina’s at the Louvre for their specialty hot chocolate served with a bowl of whipped cream.

paris in march

No list of things to eat in Paris is complete without mentioning macaroons and for good reason. This crumbly, sweet delight is a mainstay of Paris and you should get some from Pierre Hermé for that authentic taste.

Tips to Visit Paris in March

  • To make the most out of your trip to Paris, plan everything in advance. While being spontaneous is fun, it might become a disadvantage in a city like Paris with so much to offer. By not planning everything in advance and not booking tickets for places that require you to, you could end up missing some of the most special experiences the city has to offer.
  • Another great way to ensure that your trip goes smoothly is by booking tickets for attractions and places online. By booking tickets online, you not only know where you’re headed but can also save a bunch of money by taking advantage of the various discounts and cashback offers available.
  • The weather in March in Paris can be unpredictable in the sense that there’s always a possibility of a bright sunny day turning overcast within seconds. To avoid getting sick, pack a mix of winter and summer clothes. And if you forget to bring a particular item of clothing, there are plenty of local shops where you can buy whatever you need.
  • To make your trip unique, try booking a homestay instead of a hotel. This is a great option since you get to live with a local who knows everything there’s to know about the city and can help you out whenever required.
  • Take advantage of the off-season and visit as many attractions and museums as you can. Paris in March is not a very popular tourist month and the crowd won’t be overwhelming. Use this as an opportunity to experience everything the beautiful city offers without worrying about waiting in queues for your turn!


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