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Naples to Sorrento Day Trip | All You Need to Know | The Definitive Guide

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The Amalfi Coast is a gorgeous stretch of coastline which harbors exotic sea-facing views with winding roads that make for a delightful visit if you are exploring the southern part of Italy. Holiday in Naples and discover the sheer beauty of the Campania region as you drive through the Amalfi Gulf from Naples to Sorrento for an eventful day trip.

A picturesque coastal town in southwestern Italy, Sorrento is dotted with antique shops that celebrate woodwork, lace merchandise and ceramic pieces. With its many shrines, roof-top cafes and restaurants overlooking the turquoise blue waters of the mediterranean sea, Sorrento makes for a picture-perfect holiday destination. Sorrento is full of lemon orchards, and the city is usually abuzz with the pleasant aroma of this citrus fruit - all the more reason to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed - the perfect backdrop for a relaxing Italian vacay!


Why take a day trip from Naples to Sorrento?


A day trip to Sorrento from Naples is the ideal vacation if you want to explore the romantic pace of Italian life surrounded by a blanket of hills and valleys. John Keats, Lord Byron, Charles Dickens, and Friedrich Nietzsche are a few literary geniuses of the English language who have found solace and inspiration from the beauty of this little town. The historical center of Sorrento is a beautiful place to wander around and to revel in the Mediterranean vibe.

The shopaholic in you can rejoice at the many souvenir shops selling pretty ceramic pieces, intricate woodwork that’s famously known as marquetry, and lots of lacework shops! To enjoy a serene sea view, head over to the many cafes and restaurants that have sea-facing seats and enjoy a glass or two of fine Italian wine or the local delicacy made of lemon liqueur - Limoncello.

Partake in the local cuisine at places like Ristorante Bagni Delfino, or Porta Marina Seafood and sample the traditional fare while you dine by the sea. Terrazza Bosquet and L’Antica Trattoria are some fine-dining establishments we recommend.

In the evenings, Sorrento comes alive with the passeggiata - a daily ritual in which Italian families dressed in all their finery take a stroll around the citadel, a little before dinner. You have to check out the Amalfi coast lemons when in Sorrento for these citrus fruits are so nutritious, flavorful and fragrant that even their leaves are used in the local cuisine!

How to get from Naples to Sorrento?


The distance from Naples to Sorrento is barely 30 kilometres and that makes it convenient for day trips while exploring the Amalfi Coast. Here are some ways you can make this commute from Naples:


If you’d like to travel leisurely with multiple stops along the Amalfi coast and admire the blue expanse of the sea, it’s a great idea to book a taxi to take you from Naples to Sorrento. Although they are priced slightly on the steeper end, the best thing about renting a taxi is that you can have as many pit stops as you like while you enjoy an espresso or chilled gelato on the highway.


Take the Circumvesuviana Private Rail Line from Naples Central Station and opt for any of the trains that reach Sorrento. The frequency of trains is astonishing, and the journey usually takes about an hour, making it easy to plan a day trip to Sorrento. However, once you alight from the train, you may need to take a SITA bus to reach your destination. Just remember that you can’t purchase tickets to this train online, and you will have to buy it at the ticket window or newspaper stands at the station.


Buses are a great idea to travel along the Amalfi Coast from Naples to Sorrento, and it will only take you an hour and a half to reach Sorrento. You can board the bus at Naples in any of the three stations - Napoli Centrale Train Station, Piazza G. Garibaldi, or Naples Airport, and this bus will drop you close to the railway station at Sorrento. Board a SITA bus from the station as it’s the starting point, and you’ll get a seat.

Rent a bike

It’s a great idea to rent a scooter or motorcycle to explore the blissful winding roads of the Amalfi coast; however, it’s better to be cautious as the roads are generally small and crowded. If you’re reasonably confident about navigating your way through the Campania region, then you may do so at the many rental agencies in Naples. If you’re visiting Sorrento in peak season, book your scooter well in advance!


Getting onboard a ferry is the most fun way to travel to Sorrento, and it’s also the most scenic. There are daily ferries that ply from Naples to Sorrento, and most of the ferries depart from Movo Beverello pier and are fairly regular in their service. The ferry operations are suspended very rarely due to rough seas.

Guided Tours

Exploring the Amalfi coast is guaranteed to be fun, but if you’re vying for a relaxed and leisurely tour, then we’d recommend opting for a guided tour. The perks of going with a guided tour from Naples to Sorrento is that the transportation is taken care of and you’ll have a guide on board to explain the many sights and scenes. The best part about a guided tour is the fact that you’ll be covering all the crucial landmarks in different places and have the right allotment of time as well. Most of these tours also include lunch or dinners at some famous restaurants, meaning you get to sample and savor the best of Italy with these!

Best time to visit Sorrento


While Sorrento retains its medieval charm throughout the year, summer sees a large tourist influx. The best time to visit Sorrento is in Spring (between late March to mid-June) when the lemon trees are blooming and the scent of citrus permeates the air. The relatively warm weather makes it a real treat to enjoy the enchanting Italian coastline.

October marks the start of the fall season in Sorrento, and while some days are cold, it’s an excellent time to plan a trip to Sorrento from Naples as there are plenty of wine festivals to indulge in. People are usually well dressed in Sorrento, and it’s an excellent place for you to dress casually when you’re visiting the sights here.

The attractions you can’t miss in Sorrento

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Museum Correale

An archaeological treasure trove, Museum Correale has a brilliant collection of Neapolitan paintings and portraits. It houses a citrus grove and the terrace overlooks the Gulf of Naples. This museum is famous for hosting several concerts and operas in its golden rooms seasonally.

Georges Vallet Archaeological Museum

Situated at the neoclassical Villa Fondi di Sangro overlooking the bay of Naples, Georges Vallet Archaeological Museum has an interesting assortment of sculptures from prehistoric ages to the Roman era. Old marble busts, terracotta vases, glass containers are a few finds that are housed here.

Sorrento Cathedral

The Sorrento Cathedral is dedicated to the service of the Saints Philip and James and is believed to be standing on the ruins of an old temple dedicated to Jupiter. The church was built in the 11t century and re-designed in the Romanesque style in the 15th century. The intricately carved pulpit and inimitable craftsmanship of the ceiling and lend it a regal air, making it a must-visit cathedral in Sorrento.

Piazza Tasso

Named after the famous poet Torquato Tasso, the Piazza Tasso was built around 1866 and is the main square of Sorrento, featuring a prominent statue of Saint Anthony. There’s a deep gorge that looks picturesque and was created by old volcanic eruptions and carved by rivers below this piazza.

Corso Italia

Corso Italia is the main shopping center of Sorrento and is usually packed with crowds throughout the day. As vehicles are banned from entering the length of this road during evenings, the street comes alive with local gift shops and street-side hawkers advertising their wares. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get to experience some live music in the historic city.

The Museo della Tarsia Lignea

The Museo della Tarsia Lignea is a famous museum in Sorrento that has an extensive collection of woodwork crafted by the finest artisans through the history of Sorrento. You’ll get to see many modern designs in the exhibits that include furniture as well.

Know Before You Go - Handy Travel Tips

  • The coastline of Amalfi is known for its cuisine, so be a true Roman and indulge in all things Italian - right from the traditional recipes, cheesy pizzas and exotic portions of pasta to paninis and the ever fantastic wine!
  • Make time to enjoy coffee variants at the roof-top / terraced cafes which give you a good view of the pristine sea and where you can simply enjoy being present and reveling in that moment!
  • Italy is famous for its gelatos, but don't go by its appearance; if you see bright colored attractive gelatos, run from there! Pure, chemical-free gelatos aren't brightly colored but they're divine.
  • The limoncello is a sweet-sour liqueur that's also used as a digestif and not just wine. They're rampantly available, so taste them before buying some that you really like.
  • Drinking water is usually quite expensive around here, so it's best to carry your bottle and use the free drinking water fountain to refill it when needed.
  • Sorrento sees plenty of visitors and is a rather safe place. Still, as with any other famous tourist landmark, pickpockets are relatively common in crowded areas, so be vigilant about your belongings at all times!
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and explore the alleyways of this town to your heart's content. You'll be surprised at the number of boats bobbing up in the turquoise waters and the many shrines that you'll run into in the central city.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreens and scarves are a must regardless of which season you're traveling to Sorrento in warmer weather.
  • Italian restaurants and cafes often add cover charges on your bills, so don't be surprised that your total amount is more than expected. This is usually for the bread that is served before you order - which is not complementary! The cover charge or coperta is generally between 1 to 5 Euros.
  • You can usually purchase your train tickets online as well as at the ticket counter, but don't forget to validate your ticket from among the many machines that are placed in the stations.
  • Most of the public restrooms charge you for keeping things clean, so don't be surprised to see a person operating these.


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