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The perfect itinerary for a trip from Florence to Pisa

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Located 83 km to the west of Florence lies the old maritime republic of Pisa, home to many a historic churches, medieval buildings, sleek bridges over river Arno and of course, the fabled Leaning Tower of Pisa. If you’re in Florence for over 2 days and have managed to tick off the mandatory Uffizi, Accademia and Duomo tours, then we say why not squeeze a Day trip from Florence to Pisa? Taking a trip from Pisa to Florence is not just convenient due to the great public transport connectivity, but helps you discover a lot more of the Tuscan region and not to forget indulge in diverse amounts of wine, pizzas and gelatos! Let’s set off on a trip to Pisa from Florence and see all that there’s to do, shall we?

Day trips from Florence to Pisa - Tour Options

Guided City Tour of Pisa

Florence to Pisa

  • Enjoy the magnificent Italian countryside on a luxurious GT coach as you cruise from Florence to Pisa
  • Study the rich architecture and history of Pisa from our expert local guide
  • Indulge in authentic Italian Gelato from the best parlor in Pisa
  • Visit other sights of importance in Pisa like the Cathedral of Pisa, Porta Santa Maria, Pisa Baptistery, Piazza Dei Miracoli and Camposanto Monumentale
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Tuscan Adventure: San Gimignano, Sienna and Pisa

Florence to Pisa

  • Discover the treasures troves of Tuscany - Pisa, Sienna and San Gimignano.
  • Devour an Italian lunch in a countryside wine farm
  • Travel in a fully-fitted GT Coach from Florence
  • Have an expert multilingual local guide through the course of the tour detailing interesting facts and fables.

Want to learn more about day trips from Florence to Tuscany? Find out more with our one-stop guide here.

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Pisa Day Trip from Florence - Know Before You Go

Before you click go, here are a few things that will help you plan your trip to Pisa from Florence.

Florence to Pisa Distance and Tour Duration

Considering that it takes just 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Pisa via road, if you set off early in the morning, you can cover all the sights and be back by late afternoon. Guided tours start by 8 AM which allows for a sedate tour with occasional munch breaks. A favourable aspect about a day trip from Florence to Pisa is that it due to the close proximity , you can retire back to Florence and carry on with exploring Florence in the evening.

Guided vs. Self Guided Day tour to Pisa from Florence

While a self guided tour gives you the liberty to wander about each attraction leisurely, a guided tour involves the company of an expert local guide that will give you a better insight to all that you lay your eyes on during the tour. A guided day tour to Pisa also involves the security of groups, and allows you to socialise with other travellers with safety. That apart,there's always the luxury of being carefree during a guided tour as your travel and food is comfortably taken care of. Self Guided tours are a little more of a hassle but of course easier on the pocket, hence if you're on a budget , a self guided tour to Pisa is your best bet.

Best Time to Visit Pisa

Pisa is lovely throughout the year but our favourite time to visit Pisa is from April to May during the spring months. The crowds are less, the weather is pleasant and the greenery is gingered up more than ever. The summer months of June and September are peal tourist season, hence it's best to avoid travelling during these months. October to March constitutes the winter months and since winter is not too harsh except for the occasional rains, you can consider visiting during these months too.

Things to do in Pisa - One Day Itinerary

On your arrival, you will be taken through the picturesque town of St. Moritz in Switzerland, which is home to an array of iconic pit stops and landscapes. Here’s what you will come across during your day trip from Milan to Switzerland.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The most famous attraction in Pisa is the 55 meter tall Leaning Tower of Pisa also known as the "Torre Pendente". This iconic structure is anything but impressive despite being an 'architectural blunder'. To go atop, you are required to purchase a ticket and climb up 300 steps! Grab Skip the tickets to the Leaning Tower of Pisa for this exhilarating experience

florence to pisa tour
Pisa Cathedral

Also called the Duomo di Pisa, The Pisa Cathedral in its impressive facade and even more ornate interiors is a definite must visit while in Pisa. Moreover, entry to the Pisa Cathedral is free! This medieval Roman Catholic cathedral built in the Pisan Romanesque architectural style is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the seat of the Archbishop of Pisa.

florence to pisa tour
Pisa Baptistery

This dome-topped baptistery of St. John was built between the 12th and 14th century by master architects like Diotisalvi , Nicola Pisano and Giovanni. The Pisa Baptistery is Europe's biggest baptistery and also happens to be where Galileo Galilei was baptised. A quick round of the Baptisery is recommended while in Pisa.

florence to pisa tour
Camposanto Monumentale

A historical edifice in Pisa, the Camposanto Monumentale translates to monumental cemetery. This holy field has restored frescoes, funerary monuments and endless marble corridors making it one of the most beautiful cemetary grounds in Italy. A legend claims that bodies buried in Camposanto Monumentale will rot in just 24 hours. Spooky!

florence to pisa tour
Museo Nazionale di San Matteo

On River Arno's boulevard stands the Museo Nazionale di San Matteo displaying artwork taken from Pisa’s important buildings and palaces over a long period of time. Watch out for Masaccio's St Paul, Fra' Angelico's Madonna of Humility and Simone Martini's Polyptych of Saint Catherine.

florence to pisa tour

Florence to Pisa Day Trip - Transport Options

Florence to Pisa by Train

From Santa Maria Novella Train Station, Florence there are plenty of trains that run to Pisa Central, Pisa on a daily basis. There are 2 types of trains that shuttle this route- the fast trains with limited stops and the slow trains. There's barely a 15 minute difference between the two so either should do fine. The only glitch we see with travelling via train to Pisa is that Pisa Central is about 1.5kms away from the happening Piazza dei Miracoli which houses all the attractions. During summer, the 20 minute walk can be taxing, but if you manage to catch a cab or bus from the Pisa Central station, you should be good to go.

Duration : 1 hour

Florence to Pisa by Bus

There are regular coaches/buses that ply between Florence and Pisa. The 2 most reputed coach companies that are reliable and economical are Terravision and Autostradale. However, these coaches do not enter the city premises in either cities, hence you may have to catch a can or bus from the bus stop to get to Piazza dei Miracoli. We find Florence to Pisa by bus to be quite an inconvinient option and no comparison to the quick and efficient train route.

Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes

Florence to Pisa by Car

Since Florence and Pisa are barely 100kms away from each other, a road trip is very much doable. The highways barely have an traffic and both the cities are not crowded per se, hence driving won't be much of a hassle; except finding pay and parks close to each attraction. Once again, we say stick to guided tours or trains as renting a car + driving is definitely a pricier option. We would recommend using a GPS to move around as the exits on the highway can get quite confusing.

Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes

Florence to Pisa Tour

Aren't guided tours the best? There are many Florence to Pisa Tours available and our favourites are the Guided City Tour of Pisa and a combo tour of San Gimignano, Sienna and Pisa. You can be in the comfort of your luxury coach, have an expert local guide at your disposal and tour all the significant sights in Pisa within half a day! The best part is that both the above tours are inclusive of a meal too! Now, that's just perfect. Ain't it?

Duration of tour : 5 hours

Tips for your Day trip from Florence to Rome

  • If you're opting for a self guided tour, set off early morning to avoid the tourist hordes at Pisa. You can even get your touching - the - top picture of the Leaning Tower without too many people photobombing you!
  • If you're upto hit a beach after sauntering about Pisa, head to the sandy beach of Viareggio which is just 15 minutes by train from Pisa.
  • If you intend on going inside the Pisa Cathedral, make sure you're dressed modestly.
  • Comfortable shoes and light backpacks are recommended as there is a lot of walking involved.
  • Most guided tours are not inclusive of entry to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Make sure you book a ticket in advance online if you wish to go right upto the top.

Other Day Trips from Florence

Florence to Rome

Florence to Pisa
  • Hop on a high speed train and swoosh away from Florence to Rome for a day
  • Get Skip the Line access to the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, St.Peter's Basilica, Vatican Museum, Roman Forum Archeological Area and Palatine Hill.
  • Engage in a small group tour allowing a better immersive experience
  • Have a passionate art-lover as your local guide in Rome

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Florence to Venice

Florence to Pisa
  • Get high-speed round tickets from Florence to Venice and go on a quick romantic escapade. Venice from Florence
  • Get complimentary Hop On Hop Off Vaporetto tickets that will help explore Venice on a shoe string budget.
  • Go on a romantic Gondola ride along the Grand Canal and experience Venice in its true romantic glory.

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