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A melting pot of culture and history, Rome is more than just a page out of the past. With art and poignant ruins dominating its ornate cityscape, Rome is now merely a stone’s throw away from Florence. An ideal day trip to Rome from Florence will consist of a lot of local sightseeing along with coming face-to-face with a whole lot of art and culture. A treasure trove unlike any other, you’re bound to come across masterpieces at every curve and crevice in Rome. Whether it is in the form of an architectural marvel like St. Peter’s Basilica or in roadside nooks serving wood-fired pizzas — a day trip from Florence to Rome promises to surprise you with every step you take.

Day trips from Florence to Rome - Tour Options

Day Trip from Florence to Rome

Florence to Rome Day Trip

  • A high-speed train experience from Florence to Rome
  • A skilled guide well-versed with local facts to assist you along the tour
  • Skip the line privileges in various monuments
  • Intimate group to avail a better experience

Arrive in style with a super-fast train experience to the ‘Capital of the Ancient World’ and spend your morning reliving the age of the gladiators. Enjoy the breathtaking Tuscan scenery along the journey. On arriving, look around the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel with skip the line privileges, and marvel at the stellar artwork across its sprawling ceiling. Traverse through the city of monumental ruins with your guide, and learn newer facts about Rome with every passing attraction. Proficient with local bytes, your guide will be able to tell you things not mentioned in a regular handbook. Walk down the winding roads before you comfortably head back from Rome to Florence in a high-speed train.

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Day Trip from Rome to Florence

Florence to Rome Day Trip

  • Embark on a Tuscan adventure with a high speed train from Rome to Florence
  • Benefit from our local Italian guide well versed in many languages and abundance of information on his home city.
  • Enjoy fast track access to the fables Uffizi Gallery with these tickets
  • Devour a delicious meal in an authentic Italian restaurant overlooking the Piazza Santa Croce in Florence.

In case you're in Rome and want to explore Florence, you're in luck because we have just the right tour for you.Consuming the beauty of Tuscan scenery, you will travel from Rome to Florence in just 90 minutes! Once in Florence, your local guide will escort you on a walking tour of the city that is the birthplace of Italian Renaissance. Walk along enjoying the art and architecture teeming the city and reach the bustling Piazza della Signoria which is where the magic truly is.Skip the line and walk into the Uffizi Gallery with your guide who will take you through each artwork in as much detail as possible. After this, head for a Florentine meal at an authentic Italian restaurant. Saunter back to the station for your trip back to Rome and devour a little more of the Tuscan meadows on your way back.

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Florence to Rome Day Trip - Know Before You Go

Before you proceed, here are a few things that will help you better plan your day trip from Florence to Rome.

Florence to Rome Distance and Tour Duration

The distance between Florence and Rome is less than 300 kms which is easily covered by high speed trains in an hour's time. Since there is a lot to do in Rome, you should begin early at around 7:00 AM to cover as many attractions as possible in a short while. Despite the time crunch, the tour progresses slowly, giving you enough time to grasp the knowledge imparted by our skilled tour guides. If you opt for the guided tour, it starts at 7 :00 AM and lasts for a duration of about 14 hours in total.

Guided vs. Self Guided Day tour

While a self tour allows you the liberty to spare enough time to every attraction, a guided tour involves the company of a skilled tour guide that will brief you to local bytes and facts.Rome has so many attractions steeped in history that touring all of these without a guide is almost pointless. Guided tours also have the added security of groups, and the luxury of socialising with other travellers. A guided tour often also involves several perks and added ancillaries as well. Apart from this, travel and food is taken care of since it is included in the ticket price.

Best Time to Visit Rome

Blessed with a pleasant climate, one can visit Rome at any given point in the year. But Rome does experience some crowd in the summer season (from June to August), as the climate is warm and there is no chance of an untimely shower spoiling your day plans. Other than summer, many tourists are seen flocking to Rome during Spring, as the season of bloom beautifies the city and makes it favourable for those willing to visit during the Lenten Season. Although less crowded, December in Rome is nippy, and not too crowded. However, be prepared to encounter rush around Christmas time!

Things to do in Rome - One Day Itinerary

Your day trip from Florence to Rome will brief you with several iconic monuments and attractions. Though it may seem surreal covering so many attractions around Rome in just a day, Headout guided tours conducted daily cover all of these with great ease and efficiency. Here are a couple of pit-stops that you will encounter on your way around Rome:

Sistine Chapel

The vibrant and vivid Sistine Chapel is best remembered for being a home to two of the most famous artworks of all time: Michelangelo’s ceiling frescoes and his Giudizio Universale.

Florence to Rome Day Trip
St. Peter’s Basilica

Recognised as the largest (and the holiest) church in history, St. Peter’s Basilica is perhaps one of the most influential sites of Christian pilgrimage, attracting thousands of tourists every year.

Florence to Rome Day Trip
Vatican Museum

Art enthusiasts can find themselves amidst a treasure trove, as the Vatican Museum consists of an eclectic collection of paintings, sculptures and other artefacts collected by the former popes of Vatican.

Florence to Rome Day Trip
Palatine Hill

Located in the lap of scenic beauty, tourists can explore Palatine Hill as the site of the very first archaeological discoveries. The hill is also considered to have a strong link with Roman mythology.

Florence to Rome Day Trip
Arch of Constantine

Erected in the early fourth century, the Arch of Constantine symbolises the victory of Constantine over Emperor Maxentius. The arch Is popular for its age-old relics and statues that remain untouched even as of today.

florence to rome day trip

Colosseum is best recognised as a thriving symbol of Rome. Being the largest amphitheatre in the world, it could seat 55,000 spectators at once, and was also a site for several deathly combats between men and animals.

florence to rome day trip
Roman Forum

A spectacular labyrinth of ruins, Roman Forum was once a part of Rome’s glorious past. Today, tourists can stroll around taking glimpses of magnificent basilicas and remains of this ruined city.

florence to rome day trip
Triumph Arches

The Triumphal Arches erected in Rome were once built to commemorate military excellence. While Rome was once home to as many as 50 triumphal arches, only three of these arches stand even today.

florence to rome day trip
House of the Vestals

Once a beautiful, sprawling residence to the Vestal Virgins, the House of the Vestals now allows visitors to walk freely through the ruins to learn more about the lives of the chosen venerated priestesses.

florence to rome day trip
Sacred Way

Also referred to as Via Sacra, the Sacred Way was once a part of the traditional road of the Roman triumphs. The road acquaints you to historical ruins and temples that are considered important even today.

florence to rome day trip

Florence to Rome Transportation

Florence to Rome by Train

Over 80 trains shuttle from Florence to Rome and vice versa in a day , every hour or so. You can take a train from the Santa Maria Novella, Rifredi, or Campo di Marte train stations in Florence to reach Rome's Ostiense, Termini, or Tiburtina train stations. The first train departs Florence at 5:50 AM so you can start your day trip from Florence to Rome at early at 6 in the morning. There are high speed trains and slow trains ( cheaper option) so you can book either according to your budget and time available in hand. This is the fastest way to get from Florence to Rome, though buses are a cheaper option, by around 11 euros.

Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes

Florence to Rome by Bus

This happens to be the cheapest way of getting from Florence to Rome. You can take a bus from the Piazzale Montelungo or Autostazione Busitalia-Sita Nord bus station in Florence and arrive at Rome's Tiburtina bus station well within 3.5 hours. There are almost 30 buses that shuttle between Florence to Rome daily and the first bus for the day is at 2:30 AM. Some of the reputed buses that shuttle from Florence to Rome and vice versa are Flixbus, Baltour, and BusCenter. Thought buses are cheaper than trains, it takes more time to travel via road.

Duration : 3 hour 30 minutes

Florence to Rome by Car

The distance from Florence to Rome is about 290km, and with no traffic or wrong turns, you can have a great cruise on impeccable Italian highways. The only hiccup is that there maybe a few tolls on the way which will set you back by a few euros. Moreover, renting a car + diesel + tolls will all amount to this being the most expensive route to getting from Florence to Rome.

Duration : 3 hour 30 minutes

Florence to Rome Guided Day Tour

Aren't guided tours the best? There are many Florence to Rome Tours available and you can pick and choose any depending on your appetite for touring around Rome and budget of course. You can be in the comfort of your luxury coach, have an expert local guide at your disposal and cover all the significant sights in Rome within a day ! The best part is that most Florence to Rome Day tours are inclusive of a meal too! Sounds ideal right?

Duration of tour : 14 hours

Tips for your Day trip from Florence to Rome

  • Rome one of the most popular destinations in the world, which means it is perpetually crowded. Book guided tour tickets online to get a confirmed slot.
  • Plan your trip smart. Venture out to the touristy places during the afternoons or late evenings in order to avoid a swarm of tourists or an unpleasant experience.
  • Rome can surprise you with every visit. Try to opt for a road less travelled and discover the off-beaten parts of the city.
  • Renting a bike to move around will save some time and add a fun quotient to your experience as well.

Other Day Trips from Florence

Florence to Venice

Florence to Rome Day Trip

Arrive in a high-speed train journey after which you begin your excursion around Venice. Avail your hop-on hop-off boat tickets that can help you tour with ease and at your own comfort. Discover the city’s marvels via its winding canals and learn more about many architectural icons such as Campanile, Pizzazz San Marco, Ponte Di Rialto and many others from your list. Hop-in Hop-out unlimited times and sail at your own pace, without being time bound to a tour, and return back in a similar fashion during the end of your glorious Venetian adventure.

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Florence to Cinque Terre

Florence to Rome Day Trip

If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air after spending some time in Florence, explore the vibrant energy of the Cinque Terre region that is best recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Take a stroll down the whimsical setting and capture the enchanting cliff-side hamlets in your camera. Home to verdant cultivated terraces and exotic topographies, Cinque Terre promises to be a visual treat with every step you take. Treat yourself to a luxurious lunch overlooking the pastel houses before you head back to Florence in a comfortable AC coach at the end of a fruitful day.

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Florence to Pisa

Florence to Rome Day Trip

A GT coach tour from Florence to Pisa will unveil hidden treasures of the Tuscan territories and take you to the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, amongst many other attractions in the quaint city of Pisa. After clicking pictures galore at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, head to the Pisa Cathedral, Pisa Baptistery, Camposanto Monumentale and a few more famous landmarks around Pisa before stopping for some Italian gelato at the best place in town. After smacking the gelato clean, get back on your comfortable couch and head back to Florence. You can read more about the Florence to Pisa day trip here.

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