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My Neighbour Totoro: First performance images revealed at Barbican Theatre

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My Neighbour Totoro, the stage adaptation of the Studio Ghibli classic, has released it's first look images, playing at the Barbican Theatre.

The RSC has unveiled My Neighbour Totoro's first look images from its production, currently staged at the Barbican Theatre in London. Studio Ghibli's stage adaptation is scheduled for a 15-week run, concluding on March 24, 2024.

Cast and creatives

The cast of My Neighbour Totoro includes a talented ensemble featuring Haruka Abe (Yasuko/Puppeteer), Li-Leng Au (Puppeteer), Boaz Chad (Puppeteer), Nino Furuhata (Kanta/Puppeteer), Andrew Futaishi (Puppeteer), Zachary Hing (Puppeteer), Susan Momoko Hingley (Miss Hara/Puppeteer), Yojiro Ichikawa (Puppeteer), Arina Ii (Puppeteer), Haruka Kuroda (Nurse Emiko/Puppeteer), Marian Lee (Puppeteer), Matthew Leonhart (Puppeteer), Mei Mac (Mei), Aki Nakagawa (Puppeteer), Kanako Nakano (Tsukiko/Puppeteer), Ami Okumura Jones (Satsuki), Michael Phong Le (Hiroshi/Puppeteer), Tobi Poster-Su (Puppeteer), Si Rawlinson (Puppeteer), Dai Tabuchi (Tatsuo/Puppeteer), Jacqueline Tate (Granny/Puppeteer), and Shaofan Wilson (Puppeteer).

My Neighbour Totoro London

My Neighbour Totoro London

My Neighbour Totoro London

This beloved 1988 animated feature film by Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away) is brought to the stage by its original composer Joe Hisaishi in this new adaptation by the RSC (Matilda The Musical), written by playwright Tom Morton-Smith (Oppenheimer) in collaboration with Improbable and Nippon TV. Directed by Phelim McDermott, the production boasts production design by Tom Pye, costumes by Kimie Nakano, lighting by Jessica Hung Han Yun, and movement by You-Ri Yamanaka. The show will also showcase puppetry created by Basil Twist and feature music from Joe Hisaishi’s iconic score in a new orchestration by Will Stuart, performed live with sound design by Tony Gayle and video by Finn Ross.

Get ready to witness an enchanting tale that delves into the whimsical realm of childhood fantasy. Make sure to book your tickets in advance.

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