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The Best Broadway Plays Of 2022

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While the glitz and glamour of a musical are often considered the major draw for Broadway shows, there’s something to be said about the power of a good ol’ play. No frills, just a kickass plot and powerful performances. The Tony Awards, considered the highest honour in the Broadway community, also recognize how deeply ingrained plays are to Broadway’s DNA. This is why they have separate acting, production, and other technical categories for the best Broadway plays and musicals.

Some of the best plays on Broadway have grossed equal to (and in some cases more than) their musical counterpart in the last couple of years. For instance, Present Laughter, which premiered on March 12th 2017, has collected an astounding $9,863,493 within three months! In comparison, Groundhog Day, a stage adaption of the popular 90's time-loop comedy, grossed approximately $9,434,640 within pretty much the same time frame.

Clearly enough people enjoy New York City Broadway plays to warrant this little piece spotlighting the best Broadway plays of 2022. Here's our roundup of the top Broadway plays:

Best Broadway Plays NYC

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