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From Metropolis to Magic-Land, the perfect day trip to Disneyland Paris

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A day trip from Paris to Disneyland® Paris is the perfect way to experience the best of both worlds. Paris is home to some of the most iconic attractions in the world, while Disneyland Paris provides an escape into a world of magic and enchantment. Although it may seem daunting at first, planning a day trip from Paris to Disneyland Paris is actually quite easy. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your trip.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is everything you've ever wanted in a park and more. With the beauty of France combined with the best of Disney, this 40-minute ride from Châtelet les Halles station is an experience like no other that you cannot miss if you're visiting Paris! With its two theme parks, Disneyland® Park and Walt Disney Studios® Park, as well as many hotels and restaurants, there's no shortage of things to do at this destination. The Sleeping Beauty Castle is one of the most impressive features of the park--it's breathtaking. And don't miss out on the other attractions like rollercoasters, haunted mansions, and more that will make you feel like you're in another world.

Why take a day trip from Paris to Disneyland Paris?

disneyland day trip

There's simply nothing like the enchanting lights of Paris. But just a stone's throw away, lies Disneyland® Paris - and it is just as magical. Here, your imagination will come to life with excitement and adventure waiting around every corner. You'll make memories here that will last you and your loved ones a lifetime. So why not take a day trip from Paris to see this enchanting place for yourself?

Disneyland Paris vs US parks

There are several attractions and shows at Disneyland Paris that cannot be found at any of the other parks, making it a truly unique and special experience. Some of these exclusive attractions include Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, and Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain.

In the continuing celebration of their 30th Anniversary, Mickey and the Magician will make a triumphant return! Anyone with access to Walt Disney Studios Park may attend this show, however, spots are limited.

Another special feature about Disneyland Paris is its Sleeping Beauty Castle. The pink, beautiful castle serves as a gateway to Fantasyland and pssst... it also contains a dark and dingy secret room in the basement, known as La Tanière du Dragon (The Dragon's Lair)

There's something for everyone

Whether you're a die-hard Disney fan or just looking for a fun-filled family vacation, Disneyland Paris is the perfect destination. With two theme parks, many hotels, lip-smacking food, and a host of other attractions, there's something to suit every taste.

It's the happiest place on earth

Disneyland Paris is known for its magical atmosphere and happy vibes. From the moment you step into the parks, you'll be surrounded by sights and sounds that will put a smile on your face.

The Avengers Campus is now open

A dream come true for Disney and Marvel Fans! The Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris was built as an immersive experience to commemorate the park's 30th anniversary. You'll learn brand-new juicy facts about the Avengers fandom, allies, and foes, as well as be able to team up with the Avengers on their turf!

The rides are unbeatable

If you're a fan of roller coasters, you'll be in for a treat at Disneyland Paris. With some of the best rides in Europe, including the newly-opened Avengers Assemble: Flight Force at the Avengers Campus!

You'll make magical memories

A trip to Disneyland Paris is an experience you'll never forget. From watching the fireworks over Sleeping Beauty Castle to meeting your favorite characters, you'll create memories that will last a lifetime.

It's more affordable than you think

With a variety of ticket options and discounts available, it's easier than ever to visit Disneyland Paris on a budget. There are also plenty of free activities and attractions, such as shows and parades, that you can enjoy.

The Best Disneyland Paris Tickets Availabe

Top things to do at Disneyland Paris

Day Trip Itinerary

Here are some of the top attractions you cannot miss at Disneyland Paris

1Avengers Assemble: Flight Force


Disneyland Paris boasts a new, exciting ride for visitors- "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: FLIGHT FORCE". Inspired by Iron Man and Captain Marvel, this high-speed roller coaster sends riders hurtling into space to help defend Earth against alien attacks.

Height: 1.2 m
Where: Walt Disney Studio Park, Avengers Campus
Type: Big Thrills, Not To Be Missed, Disney PhotoPass™

2Pirates of the Caribbean


The Pirates of the Caribbean Explorer Rollercoaster boasts an interactive queue, amazing special effects, and a thrilling ride that takes you on a tour of some of the most memorable moments from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, including a clash between Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones. The experience is even more enjoyable when you dress up as a pirate! So make sure to don your best pirate gear before boarding the ride.

Height: Any Height
Where: Disneyland park, Adventureland
Type: Family Adventure, Not To Be Missed, Disney PhotoPass™

3Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Peril


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is full of all the excitement and thrill that you would expect from an Indiana Jones adventure. As you enter the temple, you'll be met by Indy's arch-enemy, Mola Ram. He's holding a flaming torch, and he looks dangerous! Indy is right behind him though, and it's up to you to help him catch up.

Height: 1.40 m
Where: Disneyland Park, Adventureland
Type: Big Thrills, Not To Be Missed, Single Rider Service

4Spider-Man W.E.B Adventure


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is full of all the excitement and thrill that you would expect from an Indiana Jones adventure. As you enter the temple, you'll be met by Indy's arch-enemy, Mola Ram. He's holding a flaming torch, and he looks dangerous! Indy is right behind him though, and it's up to you to help him catch up.

Height: Any Height
Where: Walt Disney Studios Park, Avengers Campus
Type: Family Adventure, Not To Be Missed, Single Rider Service

5Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain


Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland Paris is the place to go if you're searching for an out-of-this-world adventure. This high-speed roller coaster will take you on a journey through hyperspace with twists, turns, and surprises along the way. Whether you're a Star Wars fanatic or not, this is one ride that will leave you feeling thrilled.

Height: 1.20 m
Where: Disneyland Park, Discoveryland
Type: Big Thrills, Not To Be Missed, Disney PhotoPass™

6Big Thunder Mountain


Big Thunder Mountain is an exhilarating, wild ride through America's untamed West. Be prepared to hold on tight to your hats, because this roller coaster will have you feeling every bump! You'll race through canyons, mines, and even an abandoned town that once was thriving with civilization. Keep your eyes peeled for snakes, bats, and other critters that might crossed your path.

Height: 1.02 m
Where: Disneyland Park, Frontierland
Type: Big Thrills, Not To Be Missed, Disney PhotoPass™

7Hero Training Center


Train with Iron Man, Captain America or Spider-Man and show off some of your coolest moves! After that, head to the Disney PhotoPass™ self-service terminal to pick up your 180° multi-frame photo from Disney PhotoPass+ with the character you trained with.

Height: No Restriction. All Ages Allowed
Where: Walt Disney Studios Park, Avengers Campus
Type: Disney PhotoPass™

Disney D-Light

disneyland day trip

When the night draws to a close, the Sleeping Beauty Castle comes alive as the parapets and towers of the castle burst with special effects and spectacular fireworks illuminate the dark sky. There is a magnificent spectacle of colorful fireworks showering over the castle and laser lights cutting through the mystical fog.

Best time to visit Disneyland Paris

The best time to visit Disneyland Paris is during the summer months, from June to August. This is when the weather is at its warmest, and the park is open late into the night. However, this is also the busiest time of year, so be sure to book your tickets and accommodation in advance. If you're looking to avoid the crowds, September and October are also good times to visit. The weather is still pleasant at this time of year, but the park is not as busy.

Paris to Disneyland Paris: step-by-step guide on travel options

Disneyland Paris is easily accessible from Paris. Trains run regularly from the city centre to Disneyland Paris, and there are also plenty of bus and coach services available. If you're driving, the journey will take around 40-50 minutes depending on where your starting point is. Parking is available at the resort, and there are also plenty of car rental companies in Paris if you want to explore the city and then drive out to Disneyland Paris.

That being said, you can also purchase special tickets that include a train or bus transfer from Paris to Disneyland Paris.

Paris to Disneyland Paris by Train

To get to Disneyland Paris by Train, you can catch the RER A Line from Chatelet Les Halles station to Marne-la-Vallée Chessy Station, which is located about 2 minutes from Disneyland Paris. These trains are available every 7 to 12 minutes, so you have plenty of them to choose from!

The train journey takes about 40 minutes in total, and the first train leaves the station from Chatelet Les Halles at 5:18 am.

Paris to Disneyland Paris by Bus

Since there are no quick direct buses available to Disneyland Paris, your best bet is to opt of a Disneyland Paris Express bus.

Shuttle 1

  • Gare Du Nord- 8:20 am
  • Opera- 8:30 am
  • Chatlet- 8:55 am

Shuttle 2

  • Eiffel Tower- 8:30 am

Paris to Disneyland Paris by Car

The drive from Paris to Disneyland Paris is a relatively easy one, and should take around 45 minutes in good traffic conditions. If you're driving from the city centre, simply head onto the A4 motorway in the direction of "Metz/Nancy" and follow the signs for Disneyland Paris. Exit 14 will take you right to the resort, and there is plenty of parking available.

If you're renting a car, be sure to familiarise yourself with the local traffic laws before setting off. Remember that in France, you must drive on the right-hand side of the road, and overtake on the left. There are also a few toll roads in and around Paris, so be sure to have some cash on hand.

Where can I eat in Disneyland Paris?

Here is a list of must-visit eateries in Disneyland Paris with our recommended must-try dishes:

Capri Restaurants-Bagni Tiberio’s Restaurant

Stark Factory is a counter-service restaurant where the pizzaiolo may perform a culinary show. Vegetarian meals, salads, and fresh pasta are also offered on the menu. As part of the dessert, a tribute to Thor's favorite foods from Marvel Studios' "Thor" will be served, paying homage to his love for all things Norse. Try the Italian Dry-Cured Ham Pizza and The thunder cake here.

Capri Restaurants-Bagni Tiberio’s Restaurant

Pym Kitchen is a unique science-themed restaurant where all the dishes are made with special Pym Particles. These particles, inspired by those used by Ant-Man and The Wasp, allow us to create everything from scratch, including miniature versions of popular foods like pretzel sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, and cakes! So come on down and enjoy some superpowered eats! Try the Giant Burger and Subatomic Burger here.

Capri Restaurants-Bagni Tiberio’s Restaurant

In this larger-than-life eatery, pull out a huge champagne cork and take your seat at the top of your jam jar lid. Here, enormous cocktail umbrellas, cookbooks, and cutlery provide a rat's eye view while you and your little colony enjoy Rémy's distinctive cuisine. Try the Ratatouille and Brie de Meaux here.

Capri Restaurants-Bagni Tiberio’s Restaurant

This restaurant, based on a pirate theme, is famous for its exotic seafood and Creole cooking. Try the Grilled Beef Tenderloin and King Prawns and Banana Baked in Rum here.

Capri Restaurants-Bagni Tiberio’s Restaurant

Pizzeria Bella Note in Disneyland Paris is a must for any pizza lover. The menu offers numerous traditional and gourmet pizzas, as well as pasta dishes and salads. Try the Three Cheese Pizza and Tiramisu here.

Capri Restaurants-Bagni Tiberio’s Restaurant

This restaurant is ideal for anybody who loves a good old-fashioned cowboy BBQ. The menu features all of your favorite Western dishes, such as barbecued ribs and chicken, as well as some unusual choices such as buffalo stew. Try the Barbeque Ribs here.

Where can I stay in Disneyland Paris?

Exhausted after a super fun day of adventures and rides? Stay back at one of Disneyland Paris' beautiful hotels! Here are some of our recommendations:

hotels in Capri
Disney Hotel New York® - The Art of Marvel

You'll get the greatest Marvel experience imaginable at the Disney Hotel New York® – The Art Of Marvel. One of the world's largest publicly viewed collections of work from more than 110 artists from across Europe and abroad, including 50 pieces that are only available at Disneyland Paris, is housed in the hotel's Marvel gallery, located in the Art of the Journey Exhibition.

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hotels in Capri
Disney Davy Crockett Ranch

Davy Crockett Ranch is a 19th-century American frontier-themed campground at Disneyland Paris named after the well-known folk hero. It provides the perfect rustic and rural atmosphere to wind down in style with your family after an exciting day exploring Disney World, is only a 15-minute drive away from all the action. The bungalows are cozy spaces that will have you refreshed and ready to take on tomorrow's adventure.

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hotels in Capri
Disney Hotel Santa Fe

For anybody looking to be close to the action, the Hotel Santa Fe in Disneyland Paris is a fantastic location to stay. This hotel is located in the center of the park, and it provides guests with a variety of wonderful facilities. The rooms at the Hotel Santa Fe are large and comfortable, and they include a number of special features.

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Insider Tips for your Disneyland Paris day trip

  • For easy access to Disneyland Paris, buy Shuttle Tickets or take the Express Train.
  • Keep in mind that you'll be doing a lot of walking, so choose comfortable clothes and shoes over style. And if you want to really stand out, consider dressing up like one of the characters for the parade--you're sure to get noticed by all the other characters!
  • Get a complete schedule and programme for the day. It's critical to have precise timing since they do change frequently, so knowing when shows will start will assist you in scheduling your day.
  • It is always a good idea to carry some packed food with you as an easy and affordable option.
  • To get the whole experience, stay for at least one night at Disneyland Paris, and leave the next morning. This way you'll avoid all the evening rush while going back home.
  • Any suitcases or bags larger than 55cm x 40cm x 25cm are not allowed inside the Parks. You can store your luggage in the facilities located outside of the Parks.
  • Always pre-book your tickets to avoid the long lines at the entrance.

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